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for The Shadow of Angmar

4/6 c37 Argos
Hi dear author!

Hoppe you are doing well!

I remembered this story after a long time and came to see if there was any update.

Is this abandoned? I really wish you have not given up on this.

Hopefully waiting,
4/6 c8 1Skull Crimes
this type of writing feels a little to flowery for Harry, he is learning a new language and yet the way it is written makes you feel like he has been speaking it his whole life, also they don't fit what a teenager who has just been tortured would sound like. But anyway good work notheless
3/22 c37 0richierich0
Ha! I somehow missed these last two chapters before the three-year gap and just assumed I'd read everything posted. I have just re-read your fantastic story again and discovered this wonderful conclusion to your story's second arc. Best LOTR fanfiction that I have ever read. Thanks so much!
3/4 c37 TheMostPeculiarSerb1995
I still hope that one day this story will be finished...
2/14 c28 Guest
'Man of the Stag' is asexual and boring
2/14 c27 Guest
Harry's Asexual?
2/13 c37 Killerpickle
Has this been abandoned? Please don't say its so...

If it is can you please update its status
2/12 c1 Nagmossie
please come back
2/1 c37 1Beta117
I guess this story is abandoned which is a shame cause its one of my favorites on this site
1/30 c37 ReddFoxx
I don't remember the last time I read a story like this one. I hope you will some time return to this story and share more of it with us.
1/25 c1 LennyFaceSupplier
httpsdiscord. gg/aCtqGer5
1/21 c37 7Muminpappan
I really hoping to see more of this
1/16 c37 FrazerMedia
A story that I have re-read many times since first being posted, I still hold out some hope that the aurhor is doing well and merely a day away from completing it.
1/13 c37 Guest
Amazing story. Beautiful progression of Harry's skills and wisdom, and balanced with the wise canon characters like Saruman Galadriel. Hope we see more of this one day:)
1/10 c37 1HeavyAlchemist
This has been a great reread and then catching up. I'm very curious about what lies ahead in Harry's future. There are some things I didn't expect, but overall, I'm still enjoying the story. Hope you're doing well and can't wait for more chapters to come
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