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for The Shadow of Angmar

11/24/2023 c6 l30rusty
loving the story
11/10/2023 c37 1Evo-Kun
Love the story so much! Reviewing in hope og updates
11/5/2023 c37 7Frostfyre7
Still hoping, desperately, that you plan to keep updating this :D This is probably top of my top 3 all time favorite fics... :D

(Not that I'm one to talk, given my own dead-fic guilt, but...I can hope!)
11/3/2023 c18 evattude
Great chapter
11/3/2023 c3 evattude
Great chapter! Hope he can heal himself
11/3/2023 c2 evattude
Another fantastic chapter! Can't wait for him to be able to speak in the language he wants
11/3/2023 c1 evattude
Great chapter!
10/30/2023 c1 2000str
this kind of writing style is really boring
10/17/2023 c1 Ulrich217
Love this fic, i hope that you are well and maybe will continue it one day
10/12/2023 c36 Apollodorus13
800 years and hes still an idiot neglecting his martial skill for his magic and traveling and yet, he has no new powers or skills with his wand to show for it and because of his continuing stupidity, a lot of characters died. Dope
10/11/2023 c18 Apollodorus13
What is he talking about not having a weapon? What good will come from waiting on training, does he want to be useless all the time? Or is this just more of his stupidity about how his only weapon is magic? Its been like 10 years at this point and hes basically useless in a fight. He doesnt train in fighting, he doesnt meditate, he doesnt even work on his stamina.

I dont know if you dont realize how annoying of a character youre making him out to be, because he complains so much about multiple things but youve only shown us very few times where hes actually working to improve himself in tangible and actually helpful things but instead, its a lot of him whining and wallowing about his lack of wand.

The story and the other characters are all great but your MC is utter shit so far. Will continue to read hoping it gwta better
10/11/2023 c17 Apollodorus13
I get that he wants to leave asap but if he actually spent his time mastering his powers and sharpening his battle skills with a staff or blade, he would have an infinitely better chance at surviving another confrontation with either the witch king or the balrog
10/11/2023 c16 Apollodorus13
He really is such a whiner
10/11/2023 c13 Apollodorus13
Years and hes still wasting his time with the crutch of a focus. Cant wait until he gets his head out of his ass and realizes the power is his own to control. Not a stick
10/11/2023 c10 Apollodorus13
Great story but more and more its easy to see what a Whiny Child Harry is
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