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for The Shadow of Angmar

3/19/2015 c2 xDarklightx
I like it.
3/19/2015 c2 kada7
Awesome. I really like that your Harry is not magically all-powerful, and you are showing the dark side of Middle-Earth.
3/19/2015 c2 FaraamKnight
Great new chapter, when will the next chapter be posted?
3/19/2015 c2 C.M.Alm
damn, more please!
3/19/2015 c2 ww1990ww
I wonder what harry will now do since if I guess corectly he is immortal. Maybe he will try to establish his own kingdom? With Numenorn achivemnets from the time of the last king? Funy thing Numenorn in his last fasy where in path of industralization. So imagine Harry having 1k years of rulling as king with advanecd tech. Sauron forces against ion or plasma canons?
3/19/2015 c2 1Pric3y
I bet your really looking forward to using Sindarin haha! ;P
Hopefully Harry will find the ingredients to fix his teeth
3/19/2015 c2 Ranglar
Loved it, please continue, I can wait for the Fleur story you mentioned on DLP
3/19/2015 c2 Noble Korhedron
Oh man - poor Harry... *glum*
3/19/2015 c2 Ranmaleopard
This is just interesting I can't wait for more!
3/18/2015 c1 1Still Not Dead Yet
As unprepared as she is, I get the feeling she's going to be stuck with Harry much longer than she expects.
I have to ask; is it that Harry can't die, or is it that he simply won't until he is ready to?

I look forward to your next update!
3/18/2015 c1 alec-potter
Interesting start.
3/17/2015 c1 177Firehedgehog
very niiice
3/17/2015 c1 Freaked Wotan
I rather enjoyed this first chapter, I'll be patiently waiting for a continuation.

I really like your LotR/HP crossovers (and your other fics as well ), both The Power He Knows Not and "Fabulous Elves and Where to Find Them" are great reads. I have no doubt that I will enjoy this fic as well, even if it's darker than the others.

I wish I could offer you some constructive critism, but I really can't think of anything to say, so I just figured I would give you my words of appreciation instead :)

Keep up the great work :)
3/17/2015 c1 nad destroyer
Huh your definetly going with something different here. I'll understand if there is no romance and I'm really glad this will be a longer fic. The last one... I liked it but I just prefer my stories to be longer. I'm so very glad that this is not a slash fic though. I'm getting tired of how many there are.

Wish I could leave a more meaningful review but I'm having brain farts at the moment no matter how many times I reread this chapter. I'm a bit lost as to how Harry will recover his vitality in the future. Like the chapter though.
3/17/2015 c1 Lorindol Tinuviel
I love your style of writing. I will not say it's exactly the same as "The Power He Knows Not" since obviously you would have learned a lot since then ;). You have an amazing eye for detail, being descriptive of the everything that is and happens outside of the main storyline. For example: when introducing a new character you would introduce him by his title, but also by letting us see a glimpse of what he's thinking about the situation/the person/his thoughts about home, etc. I'm so bad at writing that i would never think about that. Your writing style is very eloquent, just as i would remember/expect of Tolkien. I like the length of your chapters too. Just like in your previous story, every chapter isn't just bone, it actually has some flesh to it (Dutch saying, sorry if it doesn't exist in English :p ). What i try to say is, every chapter is able to still our hunger/curiosity for what is going to happen in the story, while still being able to maintain the suspense. This doesn't necessarily mean the plot advances. There just needs to be development. Filler chapters where the plot doesn't advance but where relationships are explored further, reminiscing of the past, contemplation of recently passed events offering the characters points of view can accomplish this too.

This story is definitely more mysterious than the last one. You got me on the edge of my seat. Will Harry go to Rivendell (since he's headed for the Misty Mountains), or perhaps even Moria... Is Harry immortal just as the elves? Is it good or bad Harry? Is he more powerful than in the last story? Does he have a staff/wand or is the Master Of Death capable of landless magic? Questions no doubt that will be answered in the coming chapters.

In short, I think this story is a rough diamond too. You can cut it into something beautiful no doubt. I'm looking forward to the next chapters with much impatience. (And if this story is going to be as good as "The Power He Know Not", i guess it's worth waiting a bit longer than what i'm used to :p )

PS: Terribly sorry for a couple of reviews you missed from me on "The Power He Know Not". I'll try to be more faithful this time, although no promises :)
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