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for The Shadow of Angmar

5/28/2023 c23 ItzJoe
brilliant so far, my only gripe is that is seems you are leading more towards harry being a wizard like the istari, in my opinion gandalf and his ilk arent wizards, they have power for sure, but that comes from them being elemental spirits/angels, true wizards have the ability to manipulate and twist and change reality around them, whereas gandalf is basically a walking glow stick
5/23/2023 c37 Sisyphus Incarnate
just wondering if this one is abandoned or not? really love your work
5/21/2023 c37 4Goliatth
(I apologise for any grammatical mistakes or errors. English is not my native language and I read with a translation tool).

Wow. I haven't read the Tolkien and Harry Potter saga, but I have seen the movies. However, it makes me want to read them after reading you.

I've become completely addicted to your story. I usually find it hard to get hooked on stories without a romance in the background (and I'm finding it hard to read het romances at the moment). Either I need romance with the main character or not at all...But you've done it. It's a very good balance of character development and action. And I love it. Harry's gift for potions (which would make Snape turn over in his grave) and very original. It builds up slowly during your plot, in a logical and sensible way. I also like the background plot you've slipped into your story, and I can't wait to see Harry's destiny revealed to us bit by bit.

The world building around it is also superb. I saw in the first few chapters that you had encountered some bad reviews on this. Honestly, don't listen to them. Your descriptions are superb and the surrounding story gives so much context to situations that we will read about later with Harry. And then, you NEED a context. It gives so much more depth and a sense of immersion. (Plus, you write so well.)

And that last chapter with the death brush with Daewen? Just, horribly sublime and thrilling. My heart stopped. I was like, "No?! She's not gonna die?! Noooooo."

All in all, I can't wait to read the rest and I can't wait to see the resolution of this story. I think you guys had it figured out for 300k right ? (I have a feeling you'll go over. *chuckle*)

Anyway. Thanks again for the wonderful sharing and story. I felt carried away into another universe that makes me want to discover many more. Don't give up and don't leave us in the dark ! (I want to know if Harry finally decides to let himself build a house in Tolkien's universe and who is the god/being who is apparently on his side. And then I want to know if he will eventually defeat the Balrog or purify it, or whatever. And, and...WANT TO KNOW THE END. XD)

Thanks again. :D
5/20/2023 c35 Midori-Hige420
nooooooo thorin :(
4/30/2023 c37 ThunderSphinx
Easily the greatest LotR crossover ever made and certainly one of the best HP crossovers. Still hoping for an update. This is still awesome no matter how many times you read it, and I have read it many times.
4/28/2023 c37 miss-direct836
An absolutely stunning work full of immaculate plot, worldbuilding, and characterization.
4/24/2023 c36 Rayga
YES! This is the real Galadriel and the Lady that we all need. Not some disgusting crap they make her in amazon's rings...
You nailed her character perfectly. Overall in you entire story you describe and write powerful and wise characters perfectly. I really love these talks between Harry and all Istari, Elrond, Celeborn, Galadriel. It really does feel like reading Master Tolkien.
Great job man. I hope you return soon
4/17/2023 c37 rowenasheir
Please keep writing this story!
4/16/2023 c25 rowenasheir
Eardstapa is very similar to aardstapper- aardearth and stapper walker earth walker would be the direct translation in Afrikaans!
4/11/2023 c37 7jfrost22792
If you ignore the last two chapters (36, 37), this is still the most well-done crossover for these two settings I have seen on Fanfiction or elsewhere. While it's likely been abandoned, or the author simply doesn't have the time right now, it's still well worth the read.
3/29/2023 c11 realfan16
tf. the woes of not knowing canon makes me uncertain of the exact direction of this story TT_TT but hearing the story is planning to span over 1k of years tells me that hopefully Harry won't be a weak ass lil shit 1k years later...right
3/29/2023 c15 realfan16
can we get over this magical weakness already? i realise fighting the elder demon or whatever can't be easy but should the process be so underwhelming?
3/29/2023 c9 realfan16
Finally! a bloody(literally lol) wand. Was gonna stir crazy if i had to go thru more against
3/21/2023 c31 Guest
Please continue the story. This is the best one I have read so far such attention to detail such eloquence.
2/26/2023 c37 cameron1812
I am not sure why I have tarried so long in getting to your work, but it was worth the wait. Thank you. This touches me deeply.
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