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for The Shadow of Angmar

2/6/2023 c24 RFTL80
Bad ass fight scene. Love the story so far.
2/1/2023 c37 Captain Norway
is this ever gonna be updated?
1/26/2023 c13 Ltbutterfly287
Personally I feel the plot is going far to slow and I’ve grown tired of the introductions of languages and constantly making more people. The story since the first chapter has just felt stagnant to me and personally I’m just finding it hard to enjoy.
1/17/2023 c22 Seran58
Can I just say FUCK THE ELVES!
Why can't there be a single story where the elves aren't better then humans in every conceivable way? I am so sick of their plot-armor level skills I want to throw up. This story has been good thus far and I can only hope that Harry finally ditches them at some point.
1/6/2023 c26 Guest
What would be the one word that would cause so much pain for the dark lords, second in command, I think it was hope.
1/4/2023 c4 Guest
His views and beliefs about the wand movements are not consistant with Harry Potter... By this point he has been using wand for 7 odd years and when going on the hunt he has used many a spell without wand movement. So all he reqiured at this point was will, imagination, determination and magical power... Practice enough times and he might get some results.. HP magic doesn't work like you seem to describe here ... The meanings behind heat and warmth and other bs isn't how HP magic work... Its simple in a sense... You want to do it... You provide the magic... Will imagination and determination... Dont go bsing about meaning of things and realising the nature of spells and all that... Thats LoTR magic... He's Harry. Let him be Harry... Dont make him LoTR wizard.
1/1/2023 c10 kristinamanga
saruman qui parle comme Yoda...
12/29/2022 c1 Brittabritt
I reread this every so often it's so good. I really like that the main character actually effects changes, so refreshing to see that. I hope you haven't given up on it. Thank you for sharing this with us!
12/25/2022 c3 alefrosier
I don't like it when the authors turn the MC into a deformed freak, I know it's an attempt to make the story more realistic, but I'm reading a medieval fantasy story if I wanted realism I would read the newspaper or history book.
12/13/2022 c37 TheUsual
I'll never stop waiting
12/7/2022 c1 Guest
You believe the witch king, who was Sauron's slave at that point, would have tried to summon Morgoth? Why? Sauron may have once been Morgoth's servant, but those two were so different (Morgoth hated and wanted to destroy everything, while Sauron wanted to rule over everything) that it does not make any sense that Sauron would have had any interest in getting Morgoth back and becoming his servant again. Morgoth had not played any real part in that world's history since the end of the First Age, whereas Sauron was (despite that small setback of losing his body) on track to becoming the dominant power in Middle Earth: The elves were slowly leaving, the dwarves weren't particularly interested in fighting Sauron and the vaunted blood of Numenor had almost faded into myth. What would have been left to oppose his rule, if he was just patient enough? Just some humans. Why bring Morgoth back and ruin that perfectly good thing Sauron had going there? Trying to bring Sauron back into a body would have made a million times more sense.
12/1/2022 c1 Daemon-blackJackson
Mais uma vez me encontro relendo essa Fic maravilhosa, mas dessa vez é diferente resolvi comentar rsrsrsrs. Achei maravilhoso esse inicio ele prende bem a atenção do leitor deixando a pessoa ansiosa para saber mais. Espero que antes que termine tenha alguma atualização. Meus cumprimentos. Sou do Brasil :)
11/30/2022 c1 hallaba
Please tell me this piece of gold isn't dead. I get that it must take unbeliavable abount of time for the research and thought that went into this, and for that, thank you. But such a masterpiece cannot be ended before we even reached the hobbit portion of the story. By the Valar.
11/25/2022 c4 thatcher577
I thank you for the chapter.
11/25/2022 c3 thatcher577
I thank you for the chapter.
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