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1/14/2017 c32 55WyldClaw
Oh wow
1/12/2017 c34 WyldClaw
That was so descriptive
1/12/2017 c37 WyldClaw
Oh wow
1/12/2017 c39 WyldClaw
That's awesome
7/17/2016 c38 Guest
7/15/2016 c38 joyfish98
Ah another update! I love this story it's a take on the Pokemon world you don't see very often,and I enjoy the historical bits thrown in.(:
7/15/2016 c24 WyldClaw
Go melody
7/15/2016 c19 WyldClaw
That was a spine tingling chapter
7/15/2016 c16 WyldClaw
Oooooh! Frawley shouldn't have taken that geodude
7/15/2016 c12 WyldClaw
That was so Coool
7/15/2016 c9 WyldClaw
That was incredible
7/15/2016 c7 WyldClaw
That worked out well for both men
7/15/2016 c5 WyldClaw
That was sweet
7/15/2016 c4 WyldClaw
7/15/2016 c3 WyldClaw
That's so awesome
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