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11/9 c81 bladesbane
Just went on a re-read of this because I had a long train journey, to find a pleasant surprise in the form of a re-write, Stories great as ever :P

have you ever considered posting this on spacebattles or sufficientvelocity? I find that I very rarely check or ao3, and I know Im not the only one, so you might find some others who would be interested there.
11/8 c44 Lordsunshine64
no matter how many times I read it, "coming to find she that liked to eat with families" hits me.

it's such a good line that says SO MUCH.
11/6 c81 Yoyo T Bone
me hoping that is this the final timeline even though I damn well know about timeline x N 54:
11/5 c41 3ConstructiveWriter
I think the pre-edit version of this chapter worked better. We could easily infer most of Kisuke's motivations without the explicit confirmation. We were being shown things, rather than told things.
11/5 c81 12Tildessmoo
As awesome as the idea is, I'd actually rather see what happens if no one ever figures out how to share memories across loops, or at least if it takes a while to figure out. At least one round of figuring out how to explain the whole conspiracy and resistance to everyone would be pretty interesting.

Also, I was rereading the whole story when you posted Achtzig, and I kinda latched onto the whole "imperfect zanpakuto" thing, and now I want to see what happens when a magical girl gets an asauchi. I also dearly want to see Homura's shikai. (I get the feeling bankai might take more than 52 loops.)
11/4 c28 3ConstructiveWriter
While I rather like the addition of more of Kisuke's internal thought process, the bit about "this was his lever" seems a bit jarring. Maybe it's simply because it's new or personal preference.

The other additions in this chapter were great.
11/3 c63 kalandrawow
the newer more metaphoric benihime is a wonder to behold gotta say
11/3 c81 drunkenlullabies90
xn1 "looks back at first chapter" xn54 nearly half a million words and at least 53 more timelines before we get back to the beginning. i hope you've got a time skip (pun totally fucking intended) planned other wise this is looking to be something like 10 million words. this chapter was great though and looking back at the first chapter like i actually did i didn't realize how sad it was reading about homura introducing herself again and that was just to urahara, im dreading the next roll back because i like ichigo and homura's current relationship as well as her and toshirou's and them being reset is gonna suck. keep up the awesome work and thank you for the story
11/2 c81 Lina esrevnI
Wow seeing another chapter so soon is amazing, I'm very happy to see it and I can't wait for more.
11/2 c81 Sage of Wind Dragons
im going to laugh when Kisuke tries so hard to do the memory thing and Maryui just casually reveals he keeps his own back up brain. like you know he did it by such horror and evil stuff but still.

anyway! it sbeen a while till Ichigo did an ichigo.
as well as the Shinigami being a MILLITARy which I like, Renji is renji, but he is an officer as well as a decent guy.

quite cuiorus on the greif and despair bit everyone got hit on with bad memories... and the carefull management for everyone was quite interesting.

although honestly right now having homura always keep a camera on her person would serve just as well, just for observation. far to intimate and private for her even if it would help...
well unless delicate electronics get fried in the time travel.
if own souls cant go back like greef sides, could manufactured ones like mod souls survive? hell you could use Kon or some other mod sol build by Kisuke to give Houmra a constant companaion and a data information thing.

have to test that eventually.

still! Like that it took TIME after being hit by that and getting unsettled and working with it, also how alarmed and haggered Kisuke is... yikes.
and that analysis with Toshiro! and Yamomto giving orders … daww… but ha quite interesting really.

gradual reveals for everything though even if not go into detail!

Rangiku being the elder women the gals can talk to could be quite important, she handled Orohimes funk pretty well. Big Sis!

still. also good job on that framework power and threat scale wise with the witches, while I HATE power levels, im more then fine enough with RANKS which can serve as ranges.
also putting into perspective, that was a low vasto lorde WORKS.
I think ive already said how well you handle the sheer power skill, durability and ENDURENCE of the magical girls, making them powerful and skilled and surprising for one that age, but they arnt nearly at a point that is so outside the box they blow others out of the water, and its by CHOCIE of delbirate hamstringing the Incubator wants it to be done.

cause while I can do that starving out thing for strong a magical girls, normally it doesn't want that in the first place, so lays limiters like constantly needing to keep their soul fresh and all.

and not even begin to imagine how condensing their soul would destroy growth spiritually and physically for the gals.
the Incubator is a human soul eater, which is a good thing to remember.

anyway good job on gradually bringing in more people but it being RELEVANT and good new perspectives and have things to think about and TALK about... good stuff.

funny on the Rukia thing as well the oh yeah we do! cause not all that natural at this faking thing.
anyway Toshiro friend analysis of concern so great! and Ukitake frank talking that lays it out neatly is WONDERFUL in his calming I get people and your concerns type of way. good stuff! even a good on the reminder why this is all so dang DANGEROUS.

good work all around really.
11/2 c74 2V01dSw0rd
“While SERVING AS Shihoin’s subordinatehow would Toshi know this, he wasn’t around thenhe would’ve mentioned that fact, right?)
11/2 c66 V01dSw0rd
“Yoruichi TOOK off to wander the apartment”

I can see Kiskue helping Homura feel more in control in future timelines by giving her advice on how to approach his other self (like telling her about the cameras)
11/1 c81 26SixPerfections
Well, seems like a very transition-y chapter, but was very glad to see it no matter what!
11/1 c61 2V01dSw0rd
11/1 c81 4DschingisKhan
This raised many more questions than it provided answers. Especially at the end, there. And yet it's still so good! I may very well have to do a(nother) full reread, if only because I love what you do. Some day, I hope to capture characters as well as you do...
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