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for As N Approaches Infinity

Still hopeful for the next chapter. Take your time and I hope you are doing well.
7/7 c84 4J flood
7/4 c75 Rodenmar
Ukitake gets angry enough for a girl he never before in hia life to scream at Yamamoto
7/4 c74 Rodenmar
This is quite rich. They're all depending on Urahara to solve things and yet he's getting absolute shit 24/7. Did the Kanames forgot that he gave them protections for free? Kyoko is a known volatile element, she is going to cause problem sooner or later. Do any of these idiots knew the resources and energy he's using to help?
7/4 c70 Rodenmar
Rather than helping...it seems like time-capsule girl is more of a detriment to the situation. Smart as Kisuke my ass.
6/29 c36 6Narty Naz
The fact that Homura still needed to loop 54 times after meeting the shinigamis doesn't fill me with confidence. Hopefully my worries are misplaced.
6/5 c82 2V01dSw0rd
I’m waiting for the timeline where Kohaku teaches Homura how to enhance her munitions with Kido

I have a feeling the latest timeline occured after they figured out how to pass on memories to past selves, especially likely facilitated by Homura carrying their Soul Gems in her shield when she goes back. Helped by Madoka, of course.
6/4 c79 V01dSw0rd
I thought they were avoiding naming ‘Hollows’ in public?
6/3 c68 V01dSw0rd
“Goddess of positivityyou couldn’t help yourself, could you…
5/18 c31 Mernom
That ending is such a PERFECT moment for a Magia drop.
2/2 c84 Guest
Take your time man this is so good tho all the characters are so in tune with there story
1/27 c84 ScruffinMcguffin
Amazing story so far, cant wait to read more!
1/18 c84 3semsas
When I first finished PMMM, all I could ever think was, 'Poor poor Homura, you are a broken a little girl. I wish I have the power to be there and protect you,'

I had this void in my heart, wishing the girls, especially Homura, to have a happy ending where she could finally live her life normally with her friends and didn't end up as a...demon goddess or some shit? Anyway, as far as I am concerned, PMMM is fictional. But PMMM have such a powerful writing, at least to me, that makes me really symphatize for the characters.

Alas, your fic is the most satisfying route I had read. It is the very salvation the PMMM main casts desperately need. I sincerely hope you could bring this story to a satisfying resolution. Until then, stay safe, and I wish you good luck with everything you are trying to achieve in real life.

After all, you are one of the writers that inspired me to write, though, I'm still a shit newbie.
1/18 c84 4J flood
you doing ok?
1/17 c84 Zekiel Ash
I fell in love with this fic, it's such a beautiful work. I never knew about PMMM outside of a tl:dr of what's it about and the most famous scenes of it and yet you made me click with all of them characters, picture them and grow attached to them.

Honestly, I can't put into words how do I feel about this story outside of it being magnificent. Hoping to see more chapters in the future, take care of yourself man
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