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12/2 c44 major wallace
Nice work
10/10 c44 Guest
Great story. It’s very interesting to see how they are living normally now and I would enjoy reading more about that. Also, I’m curious about Dr. Halsey and how her story plays out. Overall, awesome job!
10/7 c44 3justthere90
I love your story. Cortana and John are so well written and everything about it. I just love it. I already thought it was great back then and was so happy when I saw that you kept writing. I would scream for joy if the two of them really got such a happy ending in the game. XD
You have a nice writing style and I also found it interesting when you wrote about the other characters. It was exciting from start to finish. All I can say is that I would be happy to keep reading Halo stories from you.
10/7 c8 4Meito Uchiha
I'm confused, Pelicans are not supposed to have slipspace or even space for Cryopods.
9/28 c6 3ScrubLordSupreme
Man I really just read "Thanks to Cortanas growing knowledge of the spaghetti language..." I should probably go to bed
9/17 c1 1DanteSparda1959
I love this story, the first time I read it was when it was translated in Spanish, and I read until the end, well at least until the part that was translated, but then I saw how the story ended, and I wanted to pick it up from the beginning, unfortunately the Spanish version wasen't there, I would like you to upload it again at least to where it left off, thank you for writing this story and congratulations for your new book
9/12 c44 RandomGUy
I Sense after rereading this part an oportunity to crossover with your Fred/Veta fanficfion series
8/21 c18 garnicacarlos123
Bueno, aquí leyendo por tercera vez aver si me perdi de algo :")
8/15 c45 RandomGUy
Two things.
1. Somehow this Made me remind the Shire theme from Lord of the Rings
2. This Is John's heaven. Would be cool if he admited he wanted to see blue team or the arby
8/15 c43 RandomGUy
I am here again.
Lost this fic and found It again.
Loved the ending.
Evil cortana kinda hurt you know? And not enough Time with the arbiter and blue team.
For me this Will be what the chief saw in the cryptum.
Or what he Will live when he dies
8/15 c28 RandomGUy
Now when he mentioned those numbers the Halo music sounded in my head
7/27 c45 garnicacarlos123
Aun no leo el capítulo 45, pero desde ya, te amo!
7/26 c45 1TexasDrifter
I remember eagerly waiting for the next chapter of RECOMPOSE to come out. You made this a great addition to FanFiction, and I wish you success on your new book. I'm writing a fanfic myself, albeit very slowly due to my work and my motivation, but I hope its at least a quarter as good as this. Its not about Halo, and nor is it as epic and grandiose as RECOMPOSE, but its something. .
7/12 c43 garnicacarlos123
Me enamore de esta historia, solo quisiera un poco mas de su vidad familiar
7/12 c44 a7xfanatic11
Congratulations on getting published! I hope you have many successes!
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