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for Firebird Scratches, TMNT 100 Themes Challenge!

3/17/2015 c7 21n00btmntfan
LOL! "We don't even have the bird!" This did in fact lighten the mood! Thanks for that. That reminds me...I need to exercise today... :p
3/17/2015 c4 n00btmntfan
Step 1: Wake up.
Step 2: Notice the notifications light on your phone is flashing.
Step 3: Open email.
Step 4: Read fan fiction.
Step 5: Be depressed.

Seriously, not the most cheerful way to start one's day.

This is beautifully written, and so sad. It reminds me a little of Sharon Glass's poems about her father dying. You really capture the different ways people deal with grief, and each of the turtles' reactions is very believable. I liked this.

Now where's the Prozac...?
3/16/2015 c3 n00btmntfan
This was totally adorable! I think the reason that so many people write about this theme is that 1) nightmares are universal and 2) Mikey just seems like the type, doesn't he? :)
3/16/2015 c1 n00btmntfan
Aw! Adorable! Where did you get this list of prompts?
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