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9/28 c41 49foxtail
I love the way you are sending the best way to prepare for what's coming up in the future. I hope to see a sequel to this story. Keep up the writing can't wait to see more.
9/18 c32 CatScratcher
I like this story but the SI is kind of buying into his own hype
9/18 c41 Knight121198
Spacedock 1 design of space station is definently going to turn heads, one recommendation though have David design and build a Super star destroyer as his flag ship, build it in secret, it should be ready by the time the Shadow war get really going.
9/17 c41 8Andromedanaea
I found this chapter hard to follow. Too many timeskips without explanation about what happened between. the Early chapters were too slow, now you are too fast.
9/15 c41 10Just a Crazy-Man
Bravo hard to believe it over
9/14 c41 21edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
9/14 c41 4moops
So happy to see this chap. Cant wait to see if he tries to sneak some tech into bab4 with sinclair
9/14 c41 Hadrian.Caeser
Now this is a large one. Love it
9/14 c41 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
good to see the babylon project going with a new station
loved the line to the commander about losing another station
6/23 c40 Bullemor93
I have read all 40 of your chapters and I don't know anything at all about your character's except for their names and apparently he has a wife that has had what seems like 2 lines of dialog. But I know a lot about your ships and how magically they all got built even though you skipped 13 years worth of character and world building. I would say that you have spent more chapters talking about ships then you have from the mc point of view. Altogether you write well and you explain a lot about ships which seems to be you passion but you need a lot more work on building up your character's and world building.
6/22 c40 49foxtails
I'm so happy to see a new chapter and glad to see you're alright and writing again.
6/22 c40 10Just a Crazy-Man
6/22 c40 Hadrian.Caeser
Thanks you for updating again
6/22 c40 4moops
Sweet chapter. Been waiting for more. Thanks
6/22 c40 21edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
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