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3/21/2015 c2 7DianaStorm09
I really enjoyed reading these letters to Gilbert. I admire how you manage to give each character their unique voice and maintain that voice throughout RD1, 2 and 3. Thank you for including Charlie Sloane - Seriously, pencil measurements!? How do you come up with this good stuff- I was laughing so hard!
It was very bittersweet to read the dear good folks of Avonlea not knowing about Anne and Gilbert's "fall out", compared to those encouraging ones from the girls of Patty's place. Most of all I loved the letter from Gilbert's parents though, they came across as such down to earth (no surprise there) and you managed to bring out their love for Gilbert. It was very touching, and was a great addition to the excerpts of the letters between Walter and Bertha Shirley in the previous chapter! Very much looking forward to your next chapter!
3/21/2015 c2 Guest
Another great chapter. I loved reading everyone's letters to Gil. I love your novel ways of telling Anne and everyone elses' stories.
3/20/2015 c2 5JennWithAPenn
I didn't even notice it was all in italics til you mentioned it. So no, it didn't bother me. Well this chapter just screamed of Katherine, because there must have been ten (just counted, I was right!) different writers and they all had their own tone. Which is something you are always so good at giving to them. One of the things I love about this way of telling the story is that each chapter ends up being so different. And here is an example of telling a powerful story through all these simple letters... they really were simple, old friends wanting to catch up with Gilbert, mostly, yet it told us so much. First just the obvious fact that he's been neglecting his correspondences made my heart hurt for the lad, and part of that negligence probably comes from just a general glum, I know what it's like to neglect the pen when I'm down, and boy does he have something to be down about. But the other part is him throwing himself into his work, probably as a response to the stress of it all. And the other thing I could see through the letters was how cared about he is, how dear and important he is to everyone, which was a touch I loved. And at the same time I can only imagine how hard they must have been for him to read. Some mention her out of ignorance to what happened (Mrs. Blythe's "ten shades of red,") but in the case of Fred, Stella, Priss, and I'm assuming Diana although I couldn't really tell, it's hard to walk the line between mentioning her and not mentioning her, pretending it didn't happen versus not pretending. In the end, I like what what Stella mentioned: "notice I will not pretend that Anne does not exist." Because I think them avoiding her name entirely would be even worse.

I particularly enjoyed Minnie Mae's letter, perfect job of that! And Fred just seems like such a true friend. I liked the business as usual aspect combined with a really sincere request that Gilbert be in his wedding. I'm sad Maud didn't expand upon those two bit more in the books. In AotI felt like suddenly Gil/Fred were BFFs whereas I hadn't picked that up early in the series. I do agree with him about pleasing Fred above Anne in regards to being best man, and I'm glad we know he chose that in the end. Loved "still hoping you get yours, ol boy," but above that: "You will love again." Can I say that I loved Stella so much more by the end of that letter? Which leads me to Priss, and her comment about not being able to sleep without Stella... they really have grown quite close haven't they, and I hope we'll eventually get some real in-depth entries about those two and their relationship. Okay let's see what else. Oh yes, "5-7 inch range-generally 7" I literally laughed out loud at that one, but I'm sure you knew I would. The return of Sloanishness, I'm so glad you were able to sneak it in ;) And I see you've worked Sarah in anyway, I think that was a wonderful way to do it!

Okay, have I missed anything? Oh of course I have, quite literally in fact: the glaring absence of a letter from Anne. As I scrolled down I kept wondering and wondering if there would be one but there's wasn't. And I think that spoke more loudly than any words of hers ever could. Thanks for a refreshing, different sort of chapter!
3/20/2015 c2 PelirrojaBiu
Couldn't choose my favourite letter if my life depended on it. Fantastic, though the picture of Gil reading all of them is not a happy one.
3/20/2015 c2 Guest
Hey!I really like this! Its pretty good! I just wanted to know... Didn't Anne tell Diana ? And wouldn't Fred know through Diana? 3
3/20/2015 c2 Guest
Loved the different people! And as much as I hated it... I also loved that Anne was missing... I wanted to read her... But it made absolute sense that she wasn't there... But I wanted to read her... But... Well you get the idea!
So glad... Diana and Fred and Pris and Stella and Charlie and all the old folk... Minnie May and Gilbert's parents were a nice touch :) Charlie's delightful. Its very sloanish!
3/20/2015 c2 19Alinyaalethia
I so enjoyed reading this! The italics werent a trial at all, but then that's from one whose just finished a half epistolatory story,so perhaps I'm not your desk judge. But tonally this was exactly what we needed. Between the sunshiney day we are being treated to and the voices you wrote, it really felt like dimmer.

I loved Priss's letter especially because it caught the flavour of summer in a university town, even if she was on the Island. The confusing down time for loneliness, the shore, the stuffiness of attics (I spent many canadian summers in one being stifled -could never do it now), all of it exactly right. And Stella sounded much livelier than before but still like herself. I can't explain better than thst -do, do, follow them to White Sands!
3/20/2015 c2 Edkchestnut
I thought this was very cute although I feel sorry for poor Gil. Everyone mentions Anne to him even those that know what happened. Also, please let Minnie May have Domino, not Nettie Blewett. I think that Gilbert would have been won over by her love of the horse. Great job and keep it coming.
3/20/2015 c2 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
What a treat to have a burst of Sloanishness as leven to all the recent heart ache! Love this. And love that your creative juices are flowing, the frequent updates are a real treat.
3/19/2015 c2 2Enna Energe
I was so excited to see this update in my inbox! Thank you for updating so quickly! I'm afraid I'm in the middle of a bad "Anne-fever"; I just recently read "The Blythes are Quoted" and Ms Wilson's "Before Green Gables" (both for the first time) as well rereading "AoGG," "AotI," and parts of "AofA" and "AHoD." And still I'm desperate for more! So thank you very much for indulging my weakness.

PS - Your Charlie is the BEST.
3/19/2015 c2 2KatherineBrooke
Totally love this idea of telling the story through letters to Gilbert! So original (like all your stuff). Fred is fabulous and nice to see him have a backbone and ask for himself instead of letting the bridesmaid ruin his day. Good for him. But, oh, that letter from Diana must have stung. Poor guy. Josie, Josie… I'm sure Gilbert had a headache after that one, if he could finish. Priss and Stella were lovely dears, and Minnie-Mae was a hoot. Charlie… was very Charlie, and I loved that he made a brief return. A little comic relief in this part of the story is a must, and Charlie seems capable of providing that. Mam and Pup… very sweet. But I'm sure Gilbert felt the sting when his mother mentions Anne in that way. And here it comes… the appearance of Christine. I'm sure when he read that postscript he just shrugged his shoulders and went with it. Great chapter!
3/19/2015 c1 KatherineBrooke
I was so happy to find a new story started! I adore this idea of yours and am always fascinated by what you come up with. This was very Anne-ish and lovely to see her discover herself. The part where she "hears" her parents telling her, "You have always known love. You were borne of it, you are made of it, and you will go on discovering it." Chills Oh, but why can't she recognize it? I suppose that will be a hard lesson, but once learned not to be tossed aside and forgotten. Phil, for being so indecisive, is really quite perceptive. You do such a great job with her character. Bravo!
3/19/2015 c2 4Bertha Willis
That poor boy, can't escape Anne even when he stays off the Island! I love the letters. I wondered what kind of approach you'd use for those chapters. Each letter was so different than the last in style and tone.
I think Fred's was my favorite - so hard to read from my grammar fanatic standpoint but so believable and understandable for a person in his position. I liked his style, and how he didn't particularly care what Anne would think of the matter. I also really liked that Gilbert had told Fred what happened before Anne told Diana. The books made it seem like Gilbert and Fred likely were good friends, but with no real illustration of that besides being paired up going for subscriptions for the Hall and Gilbert being Fred's best man. This definitely gave it a little more depth. (I hope we find out at some point when Anne does tell Diana and how she takes it.) Minnie May also was an excellent addition.
My heart hurt for Gilbert reading Diana's and his parent's letters, and I couldn't help but wonder why he would continue boarding alongside Charlie Sloane (though I was glad for the return of his stilted style, for sure). Josie's letter was hilarious. And I'm glad to see Priscilla's and Stella's letters; I always figured Gilbert must have made pretty good friends with the other girls to continue visiting Patty's Place the third and fourth years.
3/18/2015 c1 HMA
As always, your writing is beautiful and the characterization is spot on...I'm so glad you decided to continue!
3/18/2015 c1 bunnybee
yes, yes, yes! Loved this chapter. You are so amazing at fleshing out AotI! I loved your letter excerpts from Walter and Bertha, your retelling of the yellow house scene brought a tear to my eye, truly.
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