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for Redmond Diaries -the third year

3/18/2015 c1 4Bertha Willis
Before I say anything else, let me just express how excited I am that you have taken this on - and so quickly after the last one. I almost squealed when I saw it.
Now moving on to more important matters ...
I could feel Anne's sadness and discomfort in the first bit. I'm not sure exactly what it was, because the words weren't necessarily sad in and of themselves, but it just felt so lonely, especially in Anne knowing that she would never be somewhere where she could see herself in those that came before. I loved her impressions of Mount Holyoke, particularly the bit about Phil's father missing the mother's music if it were gone.
Phil was perfect, as always. I love her insight into Anne and her annoyance at Gilbert for ruining her fun. And how she shows her depth in that deep down, she does want to feel more for someone than she does for her victims.
But the best part of this, of course, was Anne finding her roots in that little yellow house. I've always loved that part of the book, as brief as it was. How special it must be to find out for certain that you weren't always forgotten and overlooked, that even if you didn't know it you came from someone and something bigger than oneself. You more than did that justice for me. I'm rereading the book along with your chapters, and I now think in some ways the trip to Bolingbroke was a bit of a turning point for Anne's character development, particularly coming on the heels of losing Gilbert. So thank you, as always, for giving me a new perspective!
3/17/2015 c1 7DianaStorm09
Yohoo, you are back, and so quick. Thank you so much for continuing this story, I honestly can't wait for your next chapter as I always wished to have the part with Mrs Blythe extended. It was obvious that her change in behavior towards Anne hurt our heroine, but I always wondered how disappointed Gilbert's mother must have felt. More than that, Gilbert is her only son after all, so as much as I love Anne, I sure hope Mrs Blythe is making her very uncomfortable.
But first things first: This chapter was so beautiful, I read it last night in a bout of insomnia but didn't trust myself to review it at that time. The description of Phil's home, Phil's parents, the books, the WHITE piano, it was like you were painting an image. Very well done. And in all of this splendor, you managed to bring across Anne's sadness and loneliness. The most exquisite detail I loved was including excerpts from Walter and Bertha Shirley's letters, very sweet. Thank you!
3/17/2015 c1 5JennWithAPenn
Can I start with the end? Is that okay? Because I am going to. I never knew so much could be put into the little scene where Anne visits her old house. First of all, the way you gave voice to Anne's parents in a way no one else has, and Maud certainly never did. Suddenly they weren't just two ghosts of long ago but a real couple in love. Their words to each other were precious to me and so I can only imagine how much more precious they must have been to Anne. The way her father talked about embracing her mother and unborn Anne at the same time, the way her mother just felt that green was right for their baby, the insistence on the e. Ugh, I just think of how much Maud glossed over Anne's past and doesn't even touch it. It is so right that she would imagine what her life would have been like if she had grown up with her parents, and how would it have changed her, would she have siblings? The feeling of being lost, or the absence of her history... walls covered with pictures of relatives sharing her features. But what really gave be the shivers when she felt as if her parents spoke to her. What a magical moment, and it confirmed what I was already thinking, that maybe Anne never knew the love of her parents (until those blessed letters, thank you K!) but she has so, so much love in her life. Because people who are made of love will find it overflowing in return. What you have done here is just gorgeous, Katherine! The way it made Anne ache for home at the end, it was perfect. Thank you.

Poor Anne though, why does it seem that whenever something major happens to us and we just need some time to process and accept it, it seems to always coincide with a period out of the normal routine where there are people everywhere, things to do, events taking place? And we just can't get that time. And I am of the same opinion as Anne... sometimes you just need to brood. You just need to let those feelings consume you for a while, or else how will you ever deal with them? I feel keenly how the loss of her relationship with Gilbert has beaten her down. It just shows what a big part he is of her life... he's a part of her. And maybe she doesn't know yet how that puzzle piece fits, but the fact is that he has entered into her soul, the way only a few real special humans do for each of us. You can also see it in Phil's comments, esp when she said if she felt even slightly that way for one of her beaus, she'd marry him in an instant. I just loved her spin on everything, as it lightens up the chapter a bit in the middle, which brought perfect contrast to those powerful Anne parts. Speaking of Phil, why am I not surprised that she blames Gilbert for souring her fun? How selfish of him to propose ;)

Lastly, thanks for the description of Mount Holly, in that way you make everything so unique. Halves of houses, Phil leaving things from one half in the other, discordant racket. And I particularly enjoyed Anne's speculation that if Mr. Gordon ever woke up and didn't hear that music, he'd miss it. I agree with her. So glad you decided to embark on this journey!
3/17/2015 c1 Guest
Can't wait for the next chapter! Phil is such a sensational ochery little cat! She's funny! And I don't want to ask you to inflict yourself with sloanishness or Pye-ness... But can you? They're funny!
3/17/2015 c1 Erika
This is a great start! I'm so glad you enjoyed the reviews of your last two stories. They are wonderful stories, and I've re-read them again and again. I can't wait for your updates!
3/17/2015 c1 18Alinyaalethia
Worry not, Nova Scotia had electricity from the mid 1800s and electricity company's ( at least in Halifax) by 1881.

Thank you for the glimpse at those letters, they were a beautiful thing to read, there was such love and tenderness in them. I loved Phil's Philishness, mixing those two halves of the house together. And Anne is right about brooding sometimes being necessary. I'm sure St John has shown pretty effectively what comes of not pausing for brooding. Altogether a lovely beginning to RD3 and I look forward to more:)
3/17/2015 c1 Edkchestnut
Wow, this chapter actually brought tears to my eyes. I could feel Anne's loneliness and homesickness and the way that she felt the love of her parents. I was always glad that Montgomery allowed Anne to find something of her parents in Bolingbroke because it allowed her to know that she was loved and wanted and not just some nuisance that she had been brought up to believe. I always felt that Anne's real childhood was probably much worse than Montgomery actually wrote about and her imagination was her coping mechanism. I am so glad you decided to continue with the story and, as always, will look forward to updates. I am glad that you will be talking about Mrs. Blythe in the next chapter because she is so rarely mentioned in the books. Keep up the good work and please update, again, soon.
3/17/2015 c1 Guest
Always amazing and beautiful.
3/17/2015 c1 PelirrojaBiu
Such a wonderful surprise to find this first chapter this morning. It was gorgeous and beautifully written and so moving!
3/17/2015 c1 Guest
Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing the story! Oooh, the excitement! I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you do with Roy, Christine & meeting Jonas. Gilbert did describe Christine as one of the nicest girls he'd ever known, and Roy was charming enough to win over Aunt Jamesina. Could everyone have been so wrong about them? Thank you again!
3/17/2015 c1 GoDons
So happy you've taken up the3rd year of Redmond Diaries. A lovely start. The glimpse into the letters back and forth between Anne's parents...beautiful. And I think a certain young man with hazel eyes may be the reason Anne was melancholy. Looking forward to Mrs Blythe making Anne feel very uncomfortable...she deserves it.
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