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for Redmond Diaries -the third year

9/8/2016 c10 4itsadreamanditsabitofadance
I sort of disagree; Gilbert has been truly in love with Anne for a very long time or he would not have been such a good and understanding friend, or so devoted to her, or so bad at keeping his control that he proposed accidentally! I agree it was quite sexual, perhaps, but he definitely really loved her. But seeing her again, I could definitely understand that that might be shocking for him.
BTW, I love your stories so, so much!
9/7/2016 c5 itsadreamanditsabitofadance
uggh Roy you cheesy bastard
9/7/2016 c2 itsadreamanditsabitofadance
*sobs* I wish he hadn't left Anne-she must have abandonment issues somehow, although I understand why he had to go...:(
8/6/2016 c9 4OriginalMcFishie
My heart is breaking reading Gil's diary.
2/11/2016 c10 Anna
I powered through chapters 11-30 of Anne of the Island last night so that I could read this story today! Your work is fantastic, and I especially liked Gilbert's entry after the wedding (so heart-wrenching!), the Whitman, and the way your story can make me sigh and laugh and frown sympathetically and have so many other feelings from entry to entry without the transitions feeling abrupt. Now to read the last of the book so I can move on to year 4!
8/7/2015 c1 8seastar97
I loved the ending! How poetic. This is perfect.
6/1/2015 c6 Halinah
"No one puts a finger on Delilah but me, she declared"! OMG, just like Anne with her old bag when Matthew was taking her to Green Gables!

Christine is a pure delight, as is re-reading of the entire RD series. With each reading it gets better and better :-)
5/19/2015 c9 3JD SPARKS
Once again, your fic has kept me up way past my bedtime! It's always so good, and I always just want to read one more chapter! I'm going to have to save the last one for tomorrow because I won't be able to function at work if I keep going. But oh my god, this chapter was great. So many emotions! Poor Gilbert! I completely wanted to cry in his last entry after the wedding! Or the returning of the scarf, any moments where he's giving up. Your are so good at pulling on all my heart strings! But I'm a glutton for angsty drama, so thise are my favorite moments. I seriously can't get enough. Like Anne's tree branch. :)
5/18/2015 c2 JD SPARKS
Omg! Haha no, you didn't! Laughing out loud and totally grossed out by Chalie's letter! Your fic adds a whole new meaning to "Sloaneishness!" Love it!
5/17/2015 c1 JD SPARKS
Omg, haha. I was so eager to start Year 3, and wanting to not end the night distress and in tears over the last chapter of the 2nd year, but ended up being nearly in tears over Anne's discovery about her parents and their letters! But it was a sweet ending though still sad to think about. Still not as sad as thinking about Gilbert's face when Anne destroys him. Dang I get torn up just thinking about it again to write this review! Great start to the next year, love getting more Phil, can't wait to read more, but unfortunately not tonight. I need sleep. :)
4/16/2015 c10 18Alinyaalethia
That last line was gorgeous. I love that part of AoI and was pleasantly surprised to find it here. You've done well keeping the ending on topic, and it was worth the wait for that glimpse of Diana and Fred. Their uncertainty felt very credible and the tea -how glorious to see that motif turned on its head. A lovely and sweet ending to a story more than worth it. As for continuing -it would be cruel and unusual to stop one. The Marschallin cat and I are enjoying reading these diaries far too much for that:)
4/13/2015 c10 Edkchestnut
Wow, this was really something. I just had to re-read it because the first time I glanced through it I was surrounded by people and could feel myself beginning to blush and laugh and knew I had to put it down. I thought it was very sweet, especially Gilbert and Anne during Gilbert's speech and how he was looking at Anne the whole time. Even though he was supposed to be speaking to those two, it was obviously something he wrote about himself and Anne. As far as Di-Di and Fred-Fred go, that was really too much. I am glad it got better, though. It would be awful to have a whole lifetime of fingers in the ear. I am really looking forward to year 4 and hope you can do it real soon. Keep up the good work.
4/12/2015 c10 5rebeccathehistorian
I liked this chapter. I was extremely happy at that last sentence - so much so, that I gasped with delight when I read it.

Can you please write RD4? I need some more of this. I'm enjoying the Redmond Diaries series enormously.
4/12/2015 c9 rebeccathehistorian
I loved this chapter.

I felt sad when I read that Anne felt that Diana was leaving her. And oh my gosh, that Walt Whitman poem would definitely not be welcome in Avonlea! I'm kind of surprised that Anne said that a book like that would be welcome on the hallway table, essentially, in Kingsport, but then again, it is a city … so I guess it would.

Oh gosh, Anne, you really are in denial. The whole idea about Adam … wow, until that last little bit about Adam (when she was talking about Fred), I was thinking that she was talking Gil but maybe she didn't know it. And the whole thing about her feeling halved because Gilbert isn't there in Avonlea … I'm just thinking, Anne, you're in love with him. You're in such denial that you don't even realize it! And I can tell, Anne is definitely starting to think (if she hasn't already) that maybe Roy isn't the right person for her after all. Heck, she tries to reassure herself!

As for Gil, I love what you're doing to him. He's changing, I know he is. Even though this is an extremely trying time for him, he's becoming an even better man than he was before. Yes, this is putting a massive emotional strain on him, it's one of those, even though it's a failure, it's a personal success in life internally, if that makes any sense? Even though I know what happens in the end (because I've read the book), the ending of Gil's diary entry (where he says he's never going to come back to the Island) broke my heart and made me want to scream, "Nooo! Nooo! Come baaack! Come baaack!"
4/12/2015 c10 Astrakelly
Good glad you didn't mind/don't mind:) wonderful as always, I am now picturing certain Fred/Diana scenes in a very romance novel type way which is kind of impressive( my guilty pleasure is reading romance novels occasionally)

Hope to read more soon:)
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