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for Redmond Diaries -the third year

4/12/2015 c10 Guest
Hey :) you're my favourite author in the whole world sometimes. I'm in a place where I find it hard to dream... But your stories teach me how to again a little bit. Please will you write RD4. I couldn't leave them here like this ... I need to know that they have their time ... Please ...
Thank you so much for everything... I really do have quite a bit to thank you for and it would to rake to long to list every one of those things... But you've given me the story behind the story of my favourite childhood books. You've taught me what fanfiction can be. You've made me feel and youve made me laugh.
Thank you :)
4/11/2015 c9 Amybf19
Oh poor Gil! My heart breaks for him!
4/11/2015 c10 PelirrojaBiu
It was such a sweet chapter and so in character! Diana was hilarious, first forbidding him to carry her over the treshold (and those memories of feeling crampy after sitting on his lap!) and then being so keen on forgoing the red-current wine!

That bit about Fred's sounds reminded me of Untie the Knot and then about its infamous pond chapter with Anne and Gilbert :)

30 buttons! See, you write somehing so simple, yet it's so full of sensuality!

But all laughts aside, it was beautiful and so "theirs"...

Gilbert's speech broke my heart. I have never thought about him having a speech at the Fred's wedding, but it does make sense. Fantastic.

RD4 needs to happen or I will combust. Thank heaven I still have about 8 chapters of your other masterpiece, Call to Arms, to keep me occupied.
4/11/2015 c10 2KatherineBrooke
Diana's journal is just great! Love how she gets going and then needs to be brought back to what she was originally writing about. I'm glad that there's real love between Diana and Fred, you can really sense it in her writings. Really funny about how Anne likes "to linger outdoors so much." Gilbert's speech was perfect, and I think I know why he had to write it all out. But the best part was that last line. A shadow for what's to come? Looking forward to RD4!
4/11/2015 c9 PelirrojaBiu
There are so many things I loved about this chapter... I do think the third part of Redmond Diaries is the best one so far, even though I loved the lightness and humour of the previous two.

Anne "waiting to be known" and "feeling so alive" in her body! Wow! You write her sensual awakening so beautifully, without any hedious and boring archaic romanticism. And thanks for reminding me of Walt Whitman, it's too long since I have been blushing like Diana over his poems! :D

"Gilbert standing there in nothing at all wondering why the fellow is taking so long" - hilarious.

I love how they both indentify the Island with each other, seeing each other everywhere (they even mention the same parts!)

"I only made her laugh" - nothing "only" about it, Gilbert.

But my absolutely favourite moment was when she realises that Gilbert saw her as his match... Brilliant.
4/11/2015 c10 7Formerly known as J
Can you believe it, someone else had already taken "J" when I signed up ;)

I love that you finished this third year with Diana and her married Journalette entries. Because clearly, this story isn't finished yet - you know you will go on with RD4. I may well expire from apoplexy without it!

Now, back to Diana. Between her Journalette and previous letters to Anne, I love her more than ever now. So much to enjoy, but I think my favourite may well have been "Happens all the time." And I may also have developed a new interest in Fred-Fred - was it really like another arm? Ha! But seriously, *thirty* buttons was just wonderful. And "a whole farmyard inside him" hilarious!

And oh, even Diana could notice how "lean and spare" Gilbert was, and his nerves (not really about the speech, I suspect). A little bit of a raunchy speech, at that, by the sounds, Gilbert. But it was the looks between Gilbert and Anne that broke my heart, while he spoke of the patience of Job. Why, Maud, why must you put us through another entire year of this? Argh!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Katherine, from the bottom of my heart, for all of these diaries so far. You have given this saddo so much joy reading them. I am looking forward to your genius RD4 entries...soon, I hope. :)
4/11/2015 c10 14mountainrivergirl
Diana is hilarious. "A whole barnyard!"

You are kidding when you ask about RD4, right? You can't quit now!
4/11/2015 c10 5JennWithAPenn
RD4? Nah, I think I'll be fine if you stop here...
JUST KIDDING! If you DON'T do RD4, well, well, then I will do it myself, and without even half the wit and cleverness!
It was very fun to hear from Diana here. I've said it before but it bears repeating... I've always struggled on getting her just right and I love the way you portray her, so in keeping with the Diana in my mind. Firstly, I loved the glow of being a newlywed. *Our* table, wifely falsehoods, downy hair, trading ragdolls for big and bulky boys. I enjoyed all of the little kwak-isms here... a whole barnyard, you say? And endurance indeed! And of course, the "another arm" comment had me in stitches. Then two hours on her hair and she wasn't about to have it mussed up... it's just so fun to see the world through Diana's eyes!
I liked what she said about finally understanding Anne's queer little aches and no wonder she likes to linger outdoors. It was silly but at the same time explained so much about both of them. I also liked the bit about Anne threatening to dunk Diana in the well... I was picturing that exchange in my head and imagining the things head-strong Anne was saying.
And of course, there was Anne and Gilbert. Gilbert's speech was both comical and sad to me... and when he said that last line, I hoped he was still able to believe it. You're right... it's angsty and tough right now but that makes it oh, so much better in the end.
Oh, and I've just remembered the other big thing I was going to say. I love how very un-hollywood your lovemaking is, first with UTK and now with this. The scenes you write come across to me as very real-life, not glammed up. I just love that Fred went upstairs and Diana didn't realize she was supposed to follow... the finding him asleep on the bed and crawling in, unsure of what to do, only to discover that Fred was awake the whole time! With the tea-making and the talking, and neither of them really being sure how to start. It was perfect, in my opinion.
Well then, I look forward to RD4? With the way you're going, I trust we'll have it soon? Thank you once again for writing this!
4/11/2015 c10 4Bertha Willis
Oh, Diana's description of Anne and Gilbert looking at each other while he read his speech sent shivers down my spine. What a lovely, hopeful moment. I like that it stood out to Diana amid everything else she had to be thinking of!
I don't know how you come up with these things: threading a needle in the dark, like a finger in an ear. Oh, giggles galore! Those poor dears - I don't think I could have stood to live in those buttoned-down days!
But, it was those few lines at the end about what Gilbert said and how he and Anne looked at each other that will stick with me. How he needed notes and how his hands trembled and how their feelings for each other were right there on the surface - "And I remember thinking that perhaps it wasn't right for them to stare at each other like that when Anne had a beau who sent her alpine flowers all the way from Switzerland."
That verse at the end! Such a lovely reminder of what's still to come.
And now, as to whether you should do RD4 - you sure better now. I don't know that anyone comes for the angst, but the angst is real life and it's what makes literature worth reading - stories that are all happiness and rainbows and where things tie up so easily aren't real, and you've made the feelings and worries of the third year in the book come through so beautifully. Now, there is some angst remaining, but it's all worth it for the payoff at the end, and I can't wait to see what you do with Anne's literary triumph and the Gardners' visit and the lilies and the dance and the necklace and Roy's proposal and whatever happens to Christine and Phil's wedding and of course those last two chapters!
4/11/2015 c10 Erika
Ha! Anne and her "queer aches" from the woods! Just think how Anne would blush if she read that!

This was lovely. Funny, sweet, and very real. I cannot wait for Year 4.
4/11/2015 c10 21MaryChapel
Awww! Thank you! Sweet ending. :)
4/10/2015 c9 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
Sob, sob, sob! Weeping for Gilbert here.

Achingly wonderful. Anne, Anne , Anne, how can you not let yourself know that it is Gilbert that you love? It is so deliciously painful to see them both inching towards greater understanding of one another and themselves, and yet both still so far from arriving at the right understanding at the right time.

You are a wonderful writer and this is an inspired series. I am so glad I am along for the ride.
4/9/2015 c9 M.R
Achingly gorgeous
4/9/2015 c9 Astrakelly
Hi so I realized just now that I called you sweetie in my last review and I feel like I should apologize, I've been reading your stories for so long it just slipped...not makeing sense, hope I didn't make you uncomfortable with mt endearment
4/9/2015 c9 18Alinyaalethia
Oh this was breathtakingly beautiful. I read it first contemplating the garden, and then out-of-doors on a newly mown lawn, and how well you capture that first return to freedom after months of life indoors, of work and greyness and cold. But 'when I was a child I had no childish things to give up' -was there ever a more telling line? That said more than anything ever could, about Anne's early childhood. It brought home all thing things it should have been but wasn't -what a blessing then she had her dreams, and no wonder she is loathe to give them up, even the idealised romantic variety. And no wonder she's discombobulated on the Island. A world without Gilbert and she's about to enter one without Diana, or at the very least, they are about to be separated by a kind of rubicund. Either of those on their own would be difficult enough but both at once...thank you then, for that wonderful last glimpse of shared girlhood, the two friends together reading Whitman late into the night and having something to laugh over.

Which of course has brought me to Gilbert. 'I only made her laugh' -what a line, and what a virtue. The quality of one last time he gave all their old haunts was bittersweet, but on the other hand, it was good to see Gilbert trying to give Anne growing space. She needs it if she's ever going to untangle her own mind. And he'll be worlds better for it to.

It's about now Ralph would be threatening Alice with the moon, isn't it (I'm trusting you to know the Honyemooners)? And thank goodness for that, because after this chapter with all its soaring and swooping, I think we'll need it :)
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