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for Redmond Diaries -the third year

4/9/2015 c9 Edkchestnut
First off, I am really looking forward to the honeymoon. I have a feeling it will be high-larious! Now, onto this story. Anne kills me. It is so obvious that she loves Gilbert, there is no way that she does not know it. Now, she's just making a fool out of herself. Also, I loved how she could completely picture him naked but Roy was always wearing that ridiculous cape-that was pure gold. You know the Gilbert in her dreams was like "Really, Anne, you've got to be kidding." One of my favorite things about your stories, though, is Gilbert's all consuming love for Anne. I always felt like he really loved her and wanted the best for her. I also always felt like his heart really was broken and he never would love anyone else so I am glad to see you representing that so well. His love for her is palpable and real and I can actually feel it coming off the page. Great job on that! You are doing a tremendous job and, as always, I look forward to more. Keep it coming!
4/9/2015 c9 Guest
How my heart aches for anne and Gilbert. Your writing is so evocative and brings to life so much of Gil's doubts and pain. If I didn't know that Anne will realize her love for Gil and that they will be happy I'd cry a lot more than I've already cried!
4/9/2015 c9 J
My dear, dear k-with-a-k! I am beside myself at this chapter. This was glorious. If you feel like my reviews might have been written by you, then perhaps it's because you are magically writing the details of this story that I always wanted, and some I never even knew I wanted until you wrote them! All right, I'm trying to calm down enough to write a coherent review for you...

First of all, Anne's memory of the asylum. Even in AoGG, this was hardly ever alluded to or spoken about, except in passing really. How much of her character is explained by understanding how this experience must have formed her, and how much she relied on her imagination for her happiness, not real life. Having "nothing that belonged to me except what I dreamed." I know that's the whole point, it's always been the point, I've always known it's the point, it's so obvious, and I feel like a bit of a dunderhead even saying this, but her diary entry here, on the eve of Diana's wedding, has explained it all so poignantly - how could I never have fully realised that perhaps that experience was really why she took so very long to come around to her feelings for Gilbert?

From that to the fig leaves! So many echoes here - "it cannot be unseen" - I still can't "unsee" Gilbert's description of Charlie's hairy bare butt from earlier, happier days. I'm glad Anne managed to acknowledge that Gilbert looks good in a fig leaf, and that he would be standing naked before her long before Roy had finished swirling his cape. At least she's not totally delusional anymore. But it's obvious that Roy's many distractions are perhaps not completely distracting her anymore either. "Reminders, absences everywhere" was a killer, and "Gilbert's dress" - holy cr*p, what's it gunna take, girl? And oh, was she really afraid that she would address it to the wrong man...? If only she had sent it then, she might have saved us all a lot of heartache...

Oh my Gilbert. He just loves her. How much more can that poor boy take? Now he also understands that she had "nothing to hold on to but dreams" and is slumping into the depths of his self loathing. I have to list a few of the moments that really got me. "How little I know of true suffering" "I can't stand another minute of their scrutiny" "I only made her laugh" "I'm never going back" ouch, ouch, ouch!

"The gate." Enough said.

Here's hoping some of my raving did make sense. You have really outdone yourself this time. I am in awe at your talent. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've said it before & I'll happily say it again. You are a genius.
4/8/2015 c9 5JennWithAPenn
Umm... umm... umm... Well shoot, Katherine, now I need a box of tissues, or perhaps better yet, to go and continue on my own story where the two of them are finally together. Because I don't think I can bare this agony much longer (read: you're doing marvelously, keep going). All I want is to tell you every line I loved, but I'd merely be quoting the entire story back to you. There were oh, so many lines that jerked here, shall I try to pick a few out for you?
-The same boots year after year with the toes curled up tight when they got too small.
-Adam does... this and that (I felt Anne's loss of Diana acutely here)
-There's no point in pretending I don't want to put Gilbert's name there
-Gilbert was the first to see me as his match.
-Only I am afraid I will address it to the wrong man
-I can't let go. Please God, help me.
-I only made her laugh
And the most emotionally rattling of all: "How have I passed all those years thinking only of how Anne would want me to live, yet still falling short of the man she could fall in love with?" Oh, dagger in my heart, Katherine! Or should I say, Gilbert's? I felt all of his sorrow seep through the page and it was so moving... it was almost uncomfortable but by that I mean it was some really wonderful writing that took me there.
And a little bit for humor: Gilbert certainly suits his bit of green... and turkey red long-johns and turkey red faces. And of course what I loved the best, which was not at all humorous, was Gilbert standing with nothing on, wondering what was taking Roy so long (the essence of the difference between those two, which you've already exposed lat chapter). Just the whole being more concerned with what Roy was wearing vs. the throes of passion... thinking about standing bare before him yet not able to imagine him standing naked opposite her as an equal, while in the meantime Gilbert's there unbidden no problem. Might have seemed like a touch of humor but it really wasn't-it was powerful.
But there was so much more than even these lines I have mentioned. Anne's bit about the apple, and choosing intelligence over childishness, seemed to be a theme of the entry, with her telling Gilbert how she longed for days of old, her wishing for the times when she and Diana simply killed off men they found difficult, etc. That poor thing is all out-of-sorts. I really like that she's coming into touch with just what Gilbert means to her. And even if she doesn't understand exactly how just yet, she's finally admitting to herself that he is the reason she feels out-of-sorts, at least on the island.
Let's see, what else. Her ruminations on the orphanage were so sad, and I always like to get a glimpse back into her past, since it still is a part of her and Maud always just glossed over it. I like that Gilbert went and saw it... further adding to his awe of her and how she kept her dreams and spirits afloat. Oh, and the Gilbert dress... I liked that. What I get most from Anne's entry is how much Gilbert is a part of her, and she seems to have realized that too, especially in the way she can't think of anything in Avonlea without thinking of him. I also liked the comment about being alive in her body, and it also ties to the longing she has for Roy to make a move! And Gilbert's self-loathing was very well done as well. Ugh, the angst! You may be writing these chapters like the wind but don't think for any second that you've sacrificed quality for quantity, because each of these is as masterful as the next. And you're really making me feel for them, and to that I say, bravo!
4/8/2015 c9 2KatherineBrooke
I'm almost in tears! Gilbert's entry was nothing short of heart wrenching! Oh, it just drips of the agony he is feeling, although they both do such a good job of covering up their feelings and leading the other to read the situation wrong. Never going back to the Island? Oh Gilbert, that is such sad and terrible thing to decide! And Anne! Wake up girl! Can't you see how much you think about Gilbert? Why is it you can picture Gilbert naked but not Roy? I think your subconscious is trying to tell you something and you're not listening! Well with Roy and Christine it sure makes the picture a lot more confusing. But oh! The part about choosing a place for lovers! Believing that he might still have a chance, and then having those hopes dashed! Ok, I'm as bad as Anne now with all my exclamation points! (There, another one!) This was So Good!
4/8/2015 c9 7wishwars
I cannot tell you how much I loved Anne's portion of this chapter except to say that I read it three times. I have said over and over again how amazed I am at your ability to capture Montgomery's characters and their voices and as much as I've loved and appreciated all your sections, this one is by far my favorite. Every word sang or sighed of Anne. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making Anne come alive again for me and in a way L.M. herself couldn't accomplish in her form. The story you've crafted is amazing, specifically in your ability to recall details, both Montgomery's and your own, and to parallel and contrast the events you portray in differing characters. Wonderful. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go read Anne's section again.
4/8/2015 c9 14mountainrivergirl
Ahh! You write heartache so beautifully. You give them such an understanding of each other while also having them miss the other's feelings toward themselves. That's all I have to say because "Poor Gilbert!" And "Poor, blind Anne" cannot be my reviews for a year and a half of story.
4/8/2015 c9 4Bertha Willis
First of all, I am so immensely flattered that I don't know what to say - I really didn't think you meant to leave the wedding alone, and I know you would have done a beautiful job on it. However, I have a feeling the wedding night antics will more than make up for that ;)
All that aside, I do love, love, love what you did here. It was so bittersweet and sad and hopeful and confused - just the perfect emotions to go along with this chapter.
Anne's entry was oh so good. I love how she's getting a bit more introspective and honest with herself, while not quite ready to let go of her ideal. I obviously loved the bits of imagining first Fred and then Gilbert in the fig leaf and how she found it so easy to conjure up Gilbert but couldn't imagine Roy at all. Of course, the Charlie and Billy - ahhh - wonderful reminder of that rd1 moment with Charlie and the apron! You weaved so many beautiful lines into her entry (I'm a big fan of alliteration and putting lists in threes as well). Realizing how Gilbert saw her as who she was while realizing that Roy saw her for who he wanted her to be. And understanding that Gilbert was like her other half without realizing what exactly she meant by that. Loved the descriptions of Christine and how she's Anne's opposite in all ways, good and bad. And "Gilbert's dress." And thinking that she'd send those lovely Whitman lines to the wrong (right?!) man. My favorite line: "others seem to have always had a secret hankering for flared hips and a velvety bosom!"
Gilbert's entry ripped out my heart yet again, poor, poor boy. I loved the symmetry in him thinking of Anne in the same places she thinks of him. And it was brutal to think of how low he thinks everyone thinks of him. I like that he's getting some perspective on Anne and her life, but it breaks my heart even more how he could think Anne would want to marry Roy because of what he could give her, and even more so that he thinks he never wants to return to the island!
I can't wait to see what Diana thinks of her wedding night!
4/8/2015 c9 astrakelly
oh sweetie those last few chapters were lovely, reading this chapter I kept wanting to hug both Gil and Anne, seriously can they have happiness yet? like real raw passionate love that we know they will eventually have? *le sigh* anyway cant wait for the next chapter! I will deffently have to look up that poem
4/8/2015 c9 Erika
I'm currently miserably sick with the flu, and this update was a very nice treat amongst all the hacking and sniffling.

Anne is so obviously conflicted and confused. My favorite part was her imagining Roy unbuttoning his beautiful clothes, but Gilbert is already naked and wondering what is taking so long. And Gilbert, poor Gilbert. It's hard to imagine him having so much self doubt and worrying about what people say so much. Her rejection really reached the core of him.
4/8/2015 c8 5JennWithAPenn
This is real life right here, Katherine. And that's what excited me so much about your diary idea initially... just how real things would be. Not a fairy tale, not one of Anne's novels, but thoughts on paper about the joy/pain/mess of life. And that's absolutely what these past few chapters (and the whole thing, really) have been to me. Firstly, that Gilbert finally found it was time to give back that sweater. I do feel badly that Roy was there; how hard for Gilbert. And while I don't think he'd quite yet decided to move on, it certainly needed to be out of his possession. In fact, anything of Anne's would be better left out of his possession for the time being. And I can imagine Anne being on the point of engagement probably tortures that mind of his. It's no wonder he's slacked on his studies... that was painful stuff to read. "What do I care about that now? you know nothing of tragedy." ooh, my eyes are watering K, no joke! Just the idea that without Anne he has nothing (or at least that's how it feels to him right now). And those words would be one thing coming from poetic, lives-her-emotions Anne. But it's a completely other thing to read it from philosophical, collected, goal-driven Gilbert. Which beings me to that letter of his mother's. Oh, I do forgive her meddling, in fact I just love that lady. Especially with that bit at the end about not throwing away opportunity and repeating his father's mistake, and not listening to the gossipers (which made me feel for her, as well, but I'm glad she's of a sound enough mind not to heed them). I think her advice was very much from the heart and comes from a place of love. I didn't see it as silly Mrs. Bennet-ish over-imposition but simply sound, truthful advice from a mother to son. That really was wonderful of his parents to sell off the orchard, although I do think it's true-it would have needed to happen eventually. Nevertheless, as farmers it's a big deal for them to try and help him through. I see Gilbert throwing himself into his studies now... channeling his emptiness/sorrow into working, working, working.

Oh and then that Diana bit at the end-ever the supportive friend, isn't she? Although I've always said her fondness of Royal was rather passive, and here it seems the same. How like her to ask Anne to discreetly get her hands on a copy of that book! I see Anne walking boldly into the throes of passion whereas Diana wants to research it first ;) I think it's true that it would have been better had Anne been married first! And I just love Di's anxiety over making the babies (and here I thought that was the easy part). Oh, have I forgotten Anne's bit? I'll admit Gardner sounds rather plain. And I felt the, err... direction... of her entry was very natural, sort of the same way she can't ever remove Gilbert from her vision of her house of dreams. I loved how short and simple you kept that! Oh goodness, and here I've also forgotten Stella... need I even mention that that last bit about "at least I would if I believed in destiny" really wrenched my heart as well. Goodness, you sure can pack a lot into 3,000 words, miss K!
4/8/2015 c8 Guest
I just love Diana! & Gilbert makes me feel sad. His steadfast love for Anne!
4/7/2015 c8 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
I am loving this do much.

Stella is adorable and acute. She really has got Roy's measure. She was always a bit under developed by LMM, you have woven so much more around her, yet given her more reason for remaining slightly apart. Consequently her observations are so telling.

Like many others, I thought Anne's doodling was worth a thousand diary entries. When will that girl WAKE UP!

This series continues to delight. I am so pleased you are in a position to update as often as you are. Following this story is a real treat.
4/7/2015 c7 2KatherineBrooke
Just realized I didn't review when I read. Let me seeā€¦ Anne is almost too much! She sure is living in fantasy land, I'm glad she's getting it out of her system before she realizes how shallow Roy really is and how much depth there is to her relationship with Gilbert. I suppose we all go through a phase of learning. Love that Christine's entries are done by way of letter, you've rounded out her character in a way that you really don't get to see in the books. I would've hated to be her father! How insensitive of her to have Gilbert get her into that exhibit and then leave the poor "blind" man to fend for himself. Glad he's not showing any signs of wanting to let his heart go in that direction. Glad he's still infatuated with Anne. I bet he just wants to punch Gardner in the jaw.
4/7/2015 c8 KatherineBrooke
Such a delicious chapter with all the gossip and bits. I especially loved the letter from Gilbert's mother. One of the nicest things about this story is how you seem to wrap up all the loose ends? How did Gilbert pay for his education? How could he afford to start out right after college? What all did the Cooper prize entail? You've done a fabulous job explaining all these questions and leave us with a very "real" picture of how things could have been. I've always hated when a story was so impractical you couldn't overlook it; Not here, everything makes perfect sense. I wonder how Anne felt at getting her scarf back? And when she realized who had it all the time? And why he was returning it then? Looking forward to the wedding...
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