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4/7/2015 c8 PelirrojaBiu
Such a powerful chapter! Anne's doodling was golden, I love how many times the "Anne Blythe" option was repeated. But "just Anne" by the end of the list was the best of all - her desire to remain herself being pivotal. Question is, can she be herself with Roy...
Gilbert is brealing my heart, first the scarf and then the letter from his Mum... I love how her character (or every character of this story) was reflected in that letter. Selling Domino is one thing, but the orchant! Gilbert must have been in such a state, reading that letter.
Diana is a darling, trying to be a loyal friend and be exited about Roy.
4/7/2015 c8 Edkchestnut
Okay, there are so many things that I loved about this chapter. I love how Gilbert came to bring back Anne's scarf because he has given up hope and all of Kingsport knew he had it and had been wearing it all winter. Sigh. I also love how Stella is so honest about her feelings about Roy. She never really said a lot in the books but one thing that always stood out to me was her argument with Jimsie about Anne being so lucky. Stella called it like it was. I adored the way Anne kept writing Anne Blythe like she just couldn't stop, it's as though even her fingers are trying to tell her something. I also really loved Gilbert's mother's very caring letter and her only concern being for her son. I am kind of aggravated with Diana, though, because she is such a bad secret keeper. I can understand Anne's reluctance to tell her things because she was so sure that she told Fred. I imagine that, even if Anne never said it, this definitely changed their friendship. Still loving this, keep up the great work! On a personal note, I really appreciate the emails and can completely understand you writing by the seat of your pants. Sometimes, that is the only way to go. Keep it up!
4/7/2015 c7 PelirrojaBiu
Fantastic entry as always. Christine knows her mind and that's what is amazing about her. I loved how Gilbert wrote about her missing her fiancee - such a different conclusion to what we get from her own words! Stella is a darling.
4/7/2015 c8 19Alinyaalethia
Stella is excellent. She reminds me of Pym's Mildred. I keep expecting her to begin an entry lamenting cups of tea, though she probably dif and I missed reading it:) I love the way she has of laughing at Roy, he's just 'all a bit much' as the Anglican Inquisition is wont to say. The scene where he unpicked that stone from Anne's shoe was funny -but I did feel for her. What must she have been feeling then? Rather a mix of things I guess.

And as ever I loved the letters. Mrs. Blythe was everything you want in a mother, she didn't hover or interfere, but was open and communicative and radiated love for her child all at once. I loved her account of how they came to sell Domino, it belonged in Miss Read -I kept picturing Mrs. Curdle's fair coming through Avonlea. So now we know why Gilbert buries himself in studying, and I'm glad it isn't all because of Anne.

But Dianna's letter was just the right note to end on. Poor flustered lamb, rushing about with only six weeks to spare and desperate for that book! But she shouldn't need it too much -what button are they up to now? I did like the chattiness of her letter too, mich gentler than. Christine's gossip, but you can still see there's little in Avonlea that Dianna misses. I suppose she can't if everyone is scrutinising her -she must be hearing all sorts. And I especially liked the way we see how Fred has altered her closeness to Anne, they will always be friends, but now it's Fred she can't keep a secret from. So wags the world away, and I'm looking forward to your account of the wedding.
4/7/2015 c8 J
Another delightful chapter. How do you do it? I think I told you in a previous review that these diary entries are so satisfying to read. Could it be that I actually enjoy reading these diaries more than Montgomery's book? (Answer: yes)
Stella is an absolute gem. She really has got everyone sussed hasn't she? No wonder Stella doesn't like Roy if she's caught Priscilla giving him the eye - that was an unexpected little detail. Nice. Although I think she's observant enough to know there's no substance to him either. Now you've given us this particular take on Stella, it makes sense that she's the only one Roy's charms didn't work on.
Gilbert returning that scarf after all this time, he really has admitted defeat. Now I'm wondering how he will go for another year. Although it looks like his chat with the dean is providing one of the answers to that. And encouragement from his mother - she is just gorgeous. I'm guessing we're seeing the beginning of him giving up everything else to throw himself into study. No work-life balance there! Typhoid here we come...My favourite line: "You don't know what tragedy is." Poor darling. Oh, couldn't you just cry?
And dear old Anne is slooooowly coming around with her "Anne Blythe" doodling. Sheesh, how did it take her so long?
Diana is a treat & I enjoyed her spelling as always. Guide to the Gentleman made me laugh hard! Can't wait for Diana's wedding. I know Bertha gave us a beautiful account, but I'm sure you can find something more for us to enjoy.
4/6/2015 c8 2BrightRiver
Long time reader, first time reviewer. You must have a lot of fun writing this. I adore the whole series and my heart feels heavy knowing it will be coming to an end soon. But having said that I cannot wait for the next entry.
4/6/2015 c8 5rebeccathehistorian
Oh my gosh, this was an excellent chapter! I loved how you portrayed Anne in this chapter. To her, it feels normal - even though she doesn't want to admit it - to just be Anne Blythe, to be herself even though she's sharing Gilbert's last name, but with all the others, she feels that she has to be the *wife* of someone and that she can't be her own person.

Oh Gil. Poor, poor Gil. I felt so bad for him while I read his diary entry.

And Mrs. Blythe's letter! I was saddened when I heard that Mr. and Mrs. Blythe had sold Domino (I thought Gil was being an idiot) but I gasped when I read that they sold the orchard. They sold the orchard? They *sold* the *orchard*?! That's like the Blythe equivalent of Anne saying to Marilla that she's not going to take the Avery scholarship and go to Redmond and instead stay home and take care of her! I'm still astonished by the fact. Ok, ok, I understand why and it makes sense that they sold it because by now it is absolutely clear that Gil will never be a farmer … but still. It grieved me to hear that they had done that.

(P.S. - I want to let you know that I've read almost all of your work, katherine-with-a-k, and I've enjoyed almost all of them. As for this particular saga, I've been reading it since somewhere in the middle (or towards the end) of RD 1 and I've absolutely loved it.)
4/6/2015 c8 7DianaStorm09
This is hands down my favorite chapter of RD3, not just alone for that letter from Gilbert's mom, but it was my personal highlight in this chapter. Thank you so much for giving her a voice. Such a strong and down to earth woman, can I get in line to request her for my mother in law? This letter of hers gave me goose-bumps, the honesty with which she addresses the sale of Gilbert's horse (my heart broke for Minnie May), those letters from Professor Reid, the sale of the orchard, that unfailing love and support for Gilbert and his studies-she's one wonderful half of the Blythe parents. Now, I get why his parents may differ in opinion on how to address the proposal Anne turned down, and I love how you bring up that she was John Blythe's second choice, and how well she deals with the gossip and thus gives her son a good example to do the same.
Diana's later once again reveals the sweetness of her character, and while it would have beenso much easier for her to "side" with Gilbert and ignore that new man in Anne's life, she is genuinely interested in finding out more about Roy.
I also loved Stella's diary entry, she's not to be fooled by anyone, I really like her character. That little scarf anecdote was great- you revealed how detached Roy is from seeing the real Anne if he can't believe that the scarf was hers.
Lastly, thanks for Anne doodling and trying out her potential new name. Anne Blythe sounds and looks really nice, as Anne will find out for herself some day.
Thank you for this gem of a chapter!
4/6/2015 c8 Amybf19
Awesome entry!
4/6/2015 c8 4Bertha Willis
Oh, you make me blush with all your compliments, Miss K! But I know there is a 99.9 percent chance after I read your account, I'll slap my forehead over some little spin you put on it that I'll wish I had thought of myself.
Now as for this chapter ...
I think I said last chapter that I love Stella. And I love her even more here. What a shrewd little observer, to see so clearly through Roy and Anne and Gilbert (and Priscilla, for that matter)! I love how she wanted to make Roy feel foolish but didn't want to make Gilbert feel any worse than he already did.
And, dear Anne, coming a little closer to figuring things out all the time. I like that A) there are more Blythe names on the list than Gardner names and B) Blythe was the only name she didn't put a Mrs. in front of. As someone who still hates when anyone calls me Mrs. even after years of marriage, I fully appreciate the need for one to be able to remain herself after marriage. Please tell me if I'm off base with what you were going for, but it feels like that's the only name she could take on that wouldn't require her to lose herself to someone else's life. (And I love that she ended the list with just plain Anne - just filled my little feminist heart!)
Diana is too delicious for words. I always wondered if her mouth wasn't quite as zipped as Anne thought it was. I love how she can barely stop going on about Anne and Gilbert and gossip long enough to ask about Roy. (And boy oh boy, I assume that line about city fellows would be quite the knife in the side to poor frustrated Anne! hehehe) She must figure out the whole baby-making process fairly easily, since little Fred comes along in due time ;)
And, of course, I've saved the best for last. I started out feeling so horribly for poor Gilbert, finally giving up that scarf and having to see Roy sitting at Patty's Place. Though I do wonder what Anne did with that scarf when she got it back ... Gilbert's entry was both heartbreaking and hopeful. What a blessing it is to have good professors who aren't willing to pull punches. And good parents who are willing to sacrifice for their child's future. Mrs. Blythe's letter was just perfect, the perfect sentiment of a mother - wanting more for her child and wanting him to be happy.
4/5/2015 c7 21MaryChapel
Good job! The characters come through clear and bright. Well done!

4/4/2015 c7 7DianaStorm09
Katherine, I apologize for not keeping up with you - thankfully to your devoted readers you manage to update more often than I have a chance to review your work.
Your talents to develop these characters of whom we only knew tid-bits through LMM continues to astound me, you did such a terrific job on both Roy and Christine. You continue to write a darling Gilbert Blythe, I loved his self-depreciating account of how he get Christine into the Gallery, no big deal at all. His anger at Roy for not spending Anne's birthday with her, for not seeing how lucky he is he can hold the woman Gilbert would die to have in his arms, broke my heart, as much as Anne's attempt to find excuses for why Roy doesn't spend her birthday with her and why those good-byes at the gate aren't taking as long as you would expect.
I also liked the little hint here of the Priscilla-Stella love story, and how it triggers Anne's own recollection of her "sexual awakening" and her own growing desires.
Have a Happy Easter weekend!
4/4/2015 c7 Guest
I feel like Gilbert. Except I don't want to step on Roy's hat I want to stop on Anne's. Preferably while she's wearing it. Simply to knock some sense into her head and tell her that to get her head back on her shoulders, and to stop behaving like, a fairy tale stupid insipid airhead who knows nothing about what real people are. I wish Roy would dissapear. I wish Anne would understand
4/4/2015 c7 Guest
I feel like Gilbert... Ecce
4/4/2015 c7 19Alinyaalethia
Thank goodness for Christine, Gilbert and the philopena. Yes I really mean it about Christine. She might be for and catty and gossipy, but God help me she knows her mind and I needed that, because that first entry of Anne's made me come all over in gooseflesh. She wasn't herself, Katherine, this is why Roy is so wrong for her - I was reading her trying to write herself into the conviction that she didn't mind Roy going out on her birthday ( without her!), trying to not mind not lingering at the gate but 'I suppose that must be my Island upbringing.' How can she possibly, when Phil and Jo surely linger at gates? No, actually, I do understand, but it was very excellent, very uncomfortable reading, and it persisted right up until that moment at the end where she's actively striving to be Di, Phil, anyone but herself -I don't know if that's what you were going for, but if do, top marks.

After thst I was only too glad of Christine bring so utterly, determinedly herself, even if part of that self might or might not to 'do' love. Gilbert getting her into that gallery was very much a Gil thing to do, and whatever he might feel towards Roy, I do like seeing and knowing that he still kept the sense of humour I love him for, even when he was wishing for Anne.
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