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4/3/2015 c7 5JennWithAPenn
And here we have it... Roy is already beginning to lose that shiny sparkle in Anne's eyes. Not that she realizes it, but you can tell she is lonely and out of sorts. The fact that he left her on her birthday for the exhibition was spot-on. And here I was thinking "Gilbert would never do that," and then immediately we had the entry where he was angry with Roy. "How can he prefer to look at a painting when he can have the real woman in his arms?" Oh goodness, I loved Gilbert even more than I already did after that line, and that's saying something because you know I looove Gil. And what the most ironic, as was your clever design, was at the end when Roy talked about the blind man being all alone, and how Anne would never do that to him. And here he didn't even see that he was doing it to her... *shivers.*
This chapter really contrasted the two boys (which I'm assuming was your goal.) The lingering at the gate (I cringed when she said "as Roy reminds me," so sad), going to the exhibition, and especially the way he wouldn't touch her the way she wanted him to. Roy's head is so obsessed with anything "romantic" (poems, art, expensive gifts) yet he knows nothing of love. And it seems Anne is starting to realize that those two words are by no means synonymous. Or that perhaps the kind of romance she longs for isn't the superficial kind, but the romance that comes in simple pink enamel hearts and a boy trudging through several feet of snow to pay her a visit.
And her moment in the tree (you WOULD make it in a tree, wouldn't you Katherine?) was one of those organic, human moments that we don't really talk about (Anne said that herself) yet I felt it was so natural and said so much about her. When I think about all the passion/emotion locked up inside her, it's a shame Roy doesn't have the key, nor the want to use it. And that moment, coupled with the way she sees Phil/Jo, Priss/Stella, must just make her think that there has to be something more.
Oh and I haven't even mentioned Christine yet. Goodness she is such a livewire and I love getting her perspective on Gilbert, on art exhibitions, on babies (uck, that was quite the opinion! said so much about her and fits with AoI), on everything! Although it seems to be getting to her that her fiance hasn't made an effort (which naturally, Gil doesn't understand either). Great job again, Katherine! (Um, did I use too many parenthesis here?)
4/3/2015 c7 13Lilies of Avonlea
No matter how Josie-ish I find Christine I can't help but get sucked into what she writes in her letters She seems nice most of the time, but then there are those flags I get. The ones that make me warry of her. So yes I like her.
As for Royal, though... Roy, I officially hate you more than I ever hated Fitzwilliam Darcy in the beginning of Pride and Prejudice, and that dear boy was quite a lot of hatred.

All of Avonlea must know because of Charlie gold tooth ring (I still can't forget that) Sloane!
4/3/2015 c6 Lilies of Avonlea
I don't know whether I like Christine or not. She's not quite like Josie, but I did get that vibe sometimes.
4/3/2015 c5 Lilies of Avonlea
Notice how Roy is already a bit possessive? "Oh, dear Umbrella. Your mistress may curse your treachery, but you are as Cupid itself for bringing my lady to me." He is kind of naive and self absorbed, even if his words ARE pretty.
4/3/2015 c7 Edkchestnut
Wow, that was something. I am still really hating Christine and now, I am not just intolerant of Roy, I hate him, too. So, once again, great job! Thank-you for explaining the philopena and that poor Gilbert is just oblivious to how horrible Christine is. I have always wondered. I am also glad that Gilbert is still thinking about Anne all of the time and not being tempted by Christine, at all. I don't think the real Gilbert ever would have been, either. I am looking forward to Anne and Christine's meeting and hope Anne will reign victorious over the witch. Great job and keep up the good work!
4/3/2015 c7 4Bertha Willis
I've started typing this five times but don't know where to start. This all felt so, so right. I love Anne's growing realization that a perfect gentleman might be a little too perfect - certainly brings to mind a quote from the coming chapter about wanting someone who could be be wicked but wouldn't. And I especially love how Stella has the whole thing figured out. I really like her. Anne's, umm, experience with the branch also seems quite fitting for the tree worshiper she is. The poor thing, surrounded by love and lust and wondering what she's doing wrong. (And oh, the dear, not quite allowing herself to know what she's hearing in the next room!)
Christine continues to be a delight. No wonder how she grew so, how did Anne put it in AoI, "matronly" in later years. I love the philopena dare and the way it intertwined Anne's and Gilbert's stories. Christine putting Gilbert in front of a nude redhead, delightful evil minded girl - makes me like her even more.
But my two favorite things were Gilbert's anger and Anne's longing for the Island and memories of moonlit strolls and long, lingering goodbyes. I felt so horribly for Gilbert - the poor guy can't seem to catch a break, to have Roy come up right as he was looking at that painting and thinking of Anne. I especially liked that he mostly was angry that Roy was there at all rather than spending the evening with Anne, even though he didn't want him to be with Anne. That her happiness is still so important to him is so beautiful. The contrast between him and Roy is so well illustrated here - Gilbert thinking of Anne when he looks at the painting, Roy thinking of only the painting and then of Anne only in that she could take care of him.
And as for how Avonlea knows Gilbert proposed to Anne ... might I hope that you're hinting at another Charlie Sloane entry?
4/3/2015 c7 Erika
I can't tell you how happy I was to read this. I was actually longing for an update. And this didn't disappoint. Very sensual.
4/3/2015 c7 J
Oh, Katherine, this was simply wonderful. That the moments Anne loved of Jo's proposal hint at her eventual realisation of her feelings and Gilbert's proposal to her - cutting off the right arm, unable to speak for feeling, dreams of growing old together. Maybe Anne is finally growing up now? Maybe she is - Anne and the beech tree was a bit of a surprise, and the sounds from next door, scandalous!
And of course Roy is at the 'Gentlemen's Review' for the art, which is way more important than Anne's birthday: writing a sonnet was enough. And to come back after & not linger at the gate (like she did with someone else) AND not kiss her! It really is all about him, isn't it? And his cape! I forgot to mention last chapters how much I love that he has a cape! That is gold!
I'm enjoying the little insights into Christine. Children interfering with her music & I wonder if she really doesn't "do" love? Gilbert recognised the look, so I'm hoping there's more to tell here, and perhaps does she fall for Gilbert (she is only human, after all)? Thanks for explaining the (in)famous philopena memory. ;)
Now, our lovely Gilbert. I quite like that Christine is bringing out the mischief in him, and he could even be surprising her. Who would ever have thought that I would enjoy him & Christine together? How much Gilbert hated Roy's description of that beautiful painting 'every creamy, writhing inch of her' ooohhh, when Roy had Anne, yet not wanting him to have Anne. I like the idea of angry Gilbert. Grrrr!
Anyway, I must stop now. Thank you so much for this surprise additional treat for my long weekend! AotI is getting better & better for me. I adore this.
4/2/2015 c6 5JennWithAPenn
From the very first line, I knew Christine was going to be a treat to read. It really is impossible to reconcile the Christine of AotI with the Christine of AoI, so your depiction of her as a two-face is really the best explanation for it. And your Katherine-ness seeped from this chapter (not that I am comparing you to Christine, haha!) But I could just tell you were having the time of your life thinking of what snide comment might come next. You are right in your reference to Phil's evil twin... she's got all the snark of Phil yet none of the sweetness, and more ill-will, promiscuity. Phil is unknowingly condescending while Christine is a diva and she knows it. And, broken record alert, here you've gone again and created yet another personality. What I loved most about that first entry was when she met Mrs. Howarth and she was saucy to sweet in a split second. And I loved her description of Gil to Phoebe (Michelangelo's David but rather more well-endowed... that was a drink-spitting moment, thanks for that nugget). Well our Gil must be intrigued, to say the least. It will be interested to see how his opinion of her changes through the rest of the story.

And then of course there was the other half of this... Gil's jealous moment. Ooh, when he saw her at the jewelry store was painful, but his last entry... oh the angst! Firstly I loved the story of his buying the pendant, and it was such a Gil thing to do, and I think the way the box burned in his pocket, and the pain he felt when he saw her fancy necklace from Roy around her neck... it's the perfect example of how he feels so plain and poor next to Roy who can give her her diamond sunbursts and marble halls. That jealous moment at the end was so hard to read... I appreciate that he imagined the specifics because that's always what I felt he would do... imagine specific little moments he wished to have, yet did not. The sweeping of hair across the neck, hair tangled in bristly jaws, but of course the most powerful: does she look at him the way she doesn't look at me. Ah, Katherine, tear my heart out! But of course that last line was what got me most of all. "Let him make her laugh..."

-She always did know what she wanted. I just never believed her.
-Prince of purple hearts
-What did you think I was going to say, Miss Phoebs"
-Oh, and the cello. The fact that Christine plays the cello and acts as if it is her child is just perfect. I know we've discussed it before, and the reality fits as perfectly as I'd imagined.
-More please! Esp more Christine and Roy...
4/2/2015 c6 14mountainrivergirl
But I don't WANT to like Christine! Although I don't believe Gilbert would have been around her so much if she were a truly awful person, she was so catty in Anne of Ingleside that I've never been able to see her another way. I'm interested to see what her journey is.

Hysterical paroxysms, ha! I can't see Gilbert buying that, since he's usually a skeptic. So bizarre that it would be okay to go to a doctor for that, but not to kiss a man or show your ankles.
4/2/2015 c6 19Alinyaalethia
Well here's a miracle for you to begin the triduum with -you've made me like Christine , and that takes work not because Gil is supposed to go about with her but because she's always evoked for me that exasperatingly damp soprano of Webber's (it's her name I think, it must be, they haven't anything else in common). But you've made her vivacious and lively and likeable for herself, even if she is a terrible gossip. After all the pent up feelings of the diaries her ability to laugh at life is a breath of fresh air, and she does write a most readable letter. They read so much like little snippets of student life, the grandeur and the absurd side by side, it is all highly reminiscent of my own time in halls and student get-togethers.

Gilbert played her a nice counterpoint. After all Christine's levity it was good to be brought soundly back to earth. 'Someone I knew...' But of course he feels that way about Anne now he's cut her out of his life. What struck me most though was the way he conjured up Anne putting on that necklace, all those little details of her closeness to Roy, the way he highlighted his absence from her life, it was beautiful to read, and I shan't forget it in a hurry.
4/2/2015 c6 Noirin Rose
I loved what you did to Christine, you've turned her character on its head for me and it works so well and is so much better. You are a genius...This gets better and better!
4/2/2015 c6 PelirrojaBiu
OMG, if Christine isn't turning out to be my favourite character! She's hilarious! Most fanfics focus on her being a villain, so kudos to you for the courage of making her an actually cool person!
I think the best thing about your writing is how INTERESTING it is. So many writers want to be old fashionably romantic, which is always either artificial or at best boring. Your works here are good enough to stand on their own, AoGG universe or not.
4/1/2015 c6 Erika
Her fiancé's name is Hartley, huh? So you don't imagine that she eventually marries that man? Interesting...
4/1/2015 c6 2Enna Energe
Wow. Your Christine is far crueler and more daring than I imagined! But then she was pretty awful in "Anne of Ingleside," so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.

...No, on second thought, given the abortive teas and seances and hysterical paroxysms, I should be surprised! Once again, you have brought new color to secondary characters. Very well done!

And, Gilbert, poor Gilbert. Even in heartbreak, he wishes good things for his beloved...
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