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4/1/2015 c6 Astrakelly
I would love to read more and OMG I kinda like Christine she really is Phil's evil twin, I really want to see them go head to head or even better Philippa wanting to but seeing Anne be gloriously snarky and handling herself rather well either way I am happy:) anyway great as always and hurry up with more please:)
4/1/2015 c6 2KatherineBrooke
That part where Gilbert and Anne were the only ones laughing when that man fell asleep…. brilliant. See? They know each other so well…. they should be together! Open your eyes Anne! Loved hearing about how Gilbert decided to buy the necklace. Christine is just as I have always pictured her… a perfectly molded princess on the outside and a perfectly selfish and devilish individual on the inside, and very good at hiding it. I think describing her through letters was an excellent choice. Great chapter!
4/1/2015 c6 J
Well, this was a hoot from start to finish. I hardly know where to start! Hysterical paroxysms, cellos between knees giving Gilbert an eyeful, pearls in cleavages, seances & money. Everything that I hoped for & everything that Anne is not. I laughed out loud so many times & found myself quite liking Christine in spite of myself. Brilliant as always. I'm loving your enhancement of the story. And thanks so much again for such a speedy update. You always make my day.
4/1/2015 c6 4Bertha Willis
I ... I ... I didn't want to, but, arg, I kind of like Christine. Not just because I think you've done a good job of developing her character (which you have) but because I have had friends of that ilk from time to time - never good friends, but certainly people whose shallow, in-the-moment outlook and veiled nastiness amuses me. I know Gilbert told Anne in AoI that Christine was never very interesting, but ... I think this all fits. She wasn't interesting to Gilbert in the way Anne was, she was just an amusement.
Some things I liked in particular: her ability to turn on a "sweet" persona when necessary, the well-endowed comment, the special tea comment, the hysterical paroxysms, and her observations about Gilbert, Anne, and Roy and his ilk.
Gilbert's entries pretty much broke my heart - at least the second two. To have bought that necklace and turn around and see Anne with Roy. (And Roy in a cape! Terrific touch, along with the evidence that he did enjoy Anne's gift.) And his pondering after the reception - poor boy! As usual, it's the little things that really got me - "A gold chain of such fineness, like a strand of Fairy's hair as someone I knew might say" - that KNEW instead of know, ach, right at my heart! At least he'll someday learn that Anne never laughed because of Roy!
4/1/2015 c6 Edkchestnut
Wow, I've always hated Christine and you have managed to expound on that. So, great job! I am curious about what Gilbert really thinks of her. Is he paying any attention to her, at all, or is he just kind of in his own world. I ask because, at the end of AoI, he tells Anne something like "She is one of the most genuinely kind people I've ever known." I always wondered about that. Also, why did he keep her photo(as we see in Anne of Ingleside)? Why did he share a philopena with her and why was she so convinced their relationship was more than it was? I love the fact that he is pining for Anne and that he wants her to continue to laugh, even if he can't have her. I love Gilbert! I also love that Roy wears a cape. I can so picture this and it makes me laugh. I really enjoyed the part where Gilbert and Anne laughed at the man catching fire, so cute. I would love to see more moments like that. Also, I really want to know what Anne thinks of Christine. So, in short, you are still doing a fantastic job and I have a lot of questions. Keep up the good work!
3/31/2015 c5 Guest
Good grief, but they deserve each other. I never really thought about Roy's side of things - I was too busy feeling sorry for Gilbert - but that's exactly what he would be thinking (or non-thinking).

I loved Stella's deadpan remark. Of course Anne Shirley would be so deep in romance that she doesn't notice when something is NOT romantic.

But did she have to get rid of Gilbert's postcard?
3/30/2015 c5 Bertha Willis
Even though you gave me a little Roy preview, I was completely unprepared for how magnificent this would be! You have captured the character so thoroughly that I can barely read his entries without giggling and rolling my eyes, as I would at such a person were he to exist.
I loved so many things. First, Roy's transformation from lovelorn to love at first sight was spectacular and really illustrates his need to be "worshiping at some shrine." Then, Di and Ria - I fear my little daughter thought I had lost my mind I was laughing so hard as I read that line.
But my favorite parts, as usual, were the Anne-Gilbert interactions. Gilbert's seeming disinterest in Anne was so sad but also so perfectly fitting with the book. Actually, it really made me feel more than the book even did the deep hurt Anne would have felt to have so lost her friend. As usual, you made another "click" for me in this one: Anne wasn't hurt only that she lost Gilbert but that, unlike her imaginary suitors, he was making no pretense at lifelong devotion to her after her rejection. She was just as hurt that he didn't seem to miss her as she missed him.
Given that, I think the biggest knife to the gut for me was when she took Gilbert's card off her wall and replaced it with Roy's silly little rhyme. And I loved that Anne already knew the long-stemmed roses didn't fit in her darling room.
3/30/2015 c4 2KatherineBrooke
Oh, I do adore reading Phil's entries. They really make me smile, and she has such a Phil-ish sort of voice. Love it! So sorry for the delay in the review… have had a rough week.
3/30/2015 c5 KatherineBrooke
Okay, you do a fabulous job with Roy. Just how I imagined him, and just the kind of romantic fellow that Anne dreamed about meeting, too bad there's not much else too him (as Anne will eventually find out). Anne's entries are so Anne-ish and as a reader you can see those under currents of love for Gilbert so clearly that you wonder how in the world she could miss them herself. Well, here's to the learning experience! Now for Gilbert….
3/30/2015 c5 19Alinyaalethia
Roy I don't know, will indescribable do? I can't help liking him at least a little even if he writes as much nonsense as he talks and can't tell Victorian from Romantic poetry ( I don't suppose I coukd either if all my energies were going into /writing/ like one of those Victorian poets...good grief!). What's so clever about this is that we can see not only why Anne fell half in love with Roy and also why she grew tired of him. Lehar's Hannah (I was rewatching the Nerry Widiw earlier do may have it on the brain ) had it about right, I think, 'too much sweetness rapidly cloys.'

The out of place roses were glorious, as were all those literary allusions, and Gilbert's snub. How is it I am at once sympathetic and wanting to shake him? Of course I loved those fleeting glimpses of Priss and Phil, but mostly it was a luxury to watch Anne come alive again -I don't care if it's the result of misguided fantasy, it was better than good to see her sparkly again. Well done for so perfectly capturing the difference in her!
3/30/2015 c2 13Lilies of Avonlea
Charlie Sloane! Writing a letter to Gilbert and all he can think of are measurements, push-ups, sweat, and floor boards!

Minnie May was killing me. She'so just so set on Gilbert keeping his horse. Perhaps Charlie would like to buy a few of her teeth for more rings?

I find Mr. and Mrs. Blythe sharing a paper for a letter was so sweet and funny.

Here comes Christine! Thanks so much for more drama Roger.

This was fun to read and now It's off to the next chapter.
3/30/2015 c5 PelirrojaBiu
Your updates are the highlight of my day. Fantastic chapter. Roy is so ridiculous one almost feels sorry for him. Great job as always.
3/30/2015 c5 Edkchestnut
I am so glad you made fun of Roy. I feel that Gilbert will make fun of him, too, and am looking forward to it. I also really felt for Anne after Gilbert's snub, even though she deserved it and wonder did it hurt Gilbert to hurt her? I am still really loving this story. I hope you will post, again, soon. Great job!
3/30/2015 c5 Guest
Roy is amaaazing! So much fun to read him! I bet it was fun to write him too! He sounds like a stuffed up pompous pious mooning man! He sounds like a prince! He sounds like a human! He sounds like actual Roy! The funniest thing I've read in so long! It was so nice...
And Anne, its nice to know that she feels things and messes up the way I do...
3/30/2015 c5 Guest
Again you have written wonderfully. I must admit i am always sad when Anne and Gilbert are apart. I feel so sad for Gilbert.
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