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3/29/2015 c5 J
Ooohh, Katherine, you really are a genius. So, so much to love here.
First of all, Roy. It is absolutely perfect that he is everything that Gilbert is not - the perfect contrast rebound (even if Anne is in denial about her feelings for Gilbert). One minute pining for Miss Jago-Jones, the next declaring Anne Shirley is the sun. I'm loving that he even speaks & behaves like something out of Averil's Atonement!
Of course Anne is thrilled by a dozen long stemmed roses, even if they didn't belong in her room, and Stella's remark was hilarious. Roy's flowery compliments were certainly not the sort that she would ever hear from Gilbert, even if he had given her a million roses.
And darling Gilbert. It was a master stroke that now he is the one shrinking from her touch. I smirked at Anne thinking of 'all the presents all the co-eds' gave him. Agony to read that Anne could suppose he let go of her easily. Fancy taking his starry card off the can she be so dense!?
I could go on (& on!) but suffice it to say that I thank you for another beautiful chapter. Anne & Roy deserve each other indeed! It makes this saddo so happy ;)
3/29/2015 c5 GoDons
I think Anne is about to find out how silly and foolish her notions of love aare. I've liked the clues you've included here, KK, that her relationship with Roy is doomed to failure, eg, the flowers not quite fitting in with all the other things she has in her room, Roy's inability to remember any of Anne's arguments the night she read her Tennyson paper...and if I remember rightly, they actually met on a horribly rainy day at the pavilion, according to the book, so that should've been a big warning sign to Anne that even nature disagreed of this pairing. Roy is one of my least-liked characters in AoGG cannon. Such a sickening romantic with no sense of humour in him at all...but as Anne reflects later on in AotI, how can you expect a "dark, inscrutable hero" to have any sense of humour? Looking forward to elegant, unentertaining Christine making her entrance next...
3/29/2015 c5 2Enna Energe
Seriously, you have me bursting with laughter. Her "unforgettable talk about Wordsworth"! How ridiculous. How lovely.
3/29/2015 c5 5JennWithAPenn
... I am speechless, Anna. Speechless! Allow me to gather myself a moment...

How many times can I tell you how I loved this? How I loved your Roy? I feel I can't even express it. The poetic way in which he speaks... I am sitting here wondering how you could have possibly thought all of that up.
"umbrella... You are as cupid"
"unassuming edifice now birthplace of my dreams"
"nevermore do I roam the night"
"I a poor night on his knees in thrall to her"
His poem!
I would go on but I would only end up quoting the whole chapter.
I am so glad you included that first entry from him, brokenhearted and never to love again. It's so fitting, esp because we know he was engaged before, and it also fits with the way he lives his emotions. Then a month later and he never knew what love was before that day! And he really does seem out of a book himself, I like the way he is constantly referencing fictional characters. And I know I've already mentioned his storybook way of taking. I also love how he saw her two days before they actually met, and is smitten immediately, and adores her speech. Those two are two peas in a pod aren't they?

And then there is Anne... poor Anne in the depths of depression, feeling uncared about by Gilbert who is clearly trying to guard his own wounded self. Half names for halved selves, pitiful flames, no longer able to hear... But of course the line that made me audibly gasp was when she said "patty's place throbs like a little brick heart heart pulsing with love. But not for me." That line made me feel so cold. But of course you contrast the gloom with her last entry, and I could feel the warmth spreading back through her body and her heart beat quickly with each word I read. Roy was so sickeningly romantic I wanted to whack him over the head with a slate of my own, but I suppose that is exactly the point. He's the anti-Gil and you have made him the very hero of Anne's dreams. And I love getting your account of her falling for him because it makes the eventual outcome, of her realizing Gil is the one she loves/needs, so much more powerful.

Oh, and I loved the touch about his roses being out of place in her room, by the way. And also green scarves and "Di and Ria." okay, have I blubbered long enough? I adore it, I adore you...
3/29/2015 c4 JennWithAPenn
An entire chapter written by Phil... Am I in heaven? You know she is my favorite to write and so she is also one of my favorites to read. And I love your Phil-ocre, rose and all. I simply love seeing the world through her uncensored eyes. The wit you give to her, the unguarded remarks, the struggle between her light and dark sides, hieing Byrney bones to bed, ashy remains, wrinkley old frumpy, just her style of writing... love love love. (And here is your creativity with language showcased at its best.) Firstly, "the end of Philippa Gordon as we know her" seemed the most perfect of remarks before meeting her not-so-handsome prince charming. I love seeing what she thinks of Jonas... "All of the goodness and none of the beauty" was right on. And I love the way her perception of him slowly changes, from nothing but ugly to a voice of laughter, smooth, supple palms, eyes that are suddenly glimmering and serene rather than just plain old green. Sure, he is still ugly, but it's funny how our perceptions of people always seem to change as we get to know their personality.

And then into Jonas himself... one of the reasons I was so excited for you to delve into him is because of course he must have been a great fellow, or else Phil never would have fallen for an ugly guy like him. And I, myself, remembered puzzling over how to make him up. And your Jo is a dream... confident and well spoken, I loved every word that came out of his thick-lipped mouth. His joke about the boat, his ability to laugh over his own ugliness, his remark about thinking of himself as an old man with no regrets, the list goes on. And I love the see stubborn, bluenose Phil falling fast. Fickle flame into fire indeed! (ever since thinking more about Jo's charms, I've been wanting to go back to SS and change the way I wrote him.)

And I lol'd at the two single beds, and Phil needing three more over notebooks. I could go on and on, I just loved this chapter and our dear Phil/Jo, to pieces.
3/29/2015 c5 7DianaStorm09
I really liked how you portrayed Roy. Making fun at his expense would simply not have felt true to his character, as he was after all the romantic ideal that Anne had always dreamt off, not a rich and handsome version of Charlie Sloane. It's a tight rope to walk on to write a Roy that makes us understand why Anne fell in love with him while still showing his "shortcomings", for lack of a better term.
This was a really beautiful chapter, and I sure am interested in how you'll build up the "relationship" between Gilbert and Christine!
3/29/2015 c5 14mountainrivergirl
Roy is hilariously ridiculous, bravo! And holy crap, how could anyone handle that in real life? It makes me really wonder who he married and how they turned out.

It was a nice touch to have flowers that didn't belong in Anne's room as a nod to that metaphor later on in the book.
3/29/2015 c5 7wishwars
I have been too long away from my computer and away from your story, but it's made catching up that much more wonderful! I'm so excited you are planning to finish off this series!
Roy's POV absolute BRILLIANCE, especially how soon he falls again and reevaluates love. He always did feel rather fickle, but we never get to see enough of it from Anne's POV in the books. I especially love how he forgets that she was actually discussing Tennyson, not Wordsworth, and can't give her any details about her specific arguments. Oh Roy... As I believe you've intended, your portrayal of Roy throws Anne's own writing at this moment into a whole new light, showing her own emotions to be a bit fickle and shallow as well. Beautifully done!
Also, in your previous chapters I really enjoyed reading the many letters sent to Gil and am greatly anticipating the arrival of Christine! I also greatly appreciated your interpretation of the relationship between Priss and Stella. As you said, "love is love" and I think you represented it wonderfully.
Just one question: when are you going to torment my soul with Gil's despondency?!
I look forward to your next update!
3/29/2015 c5 27librarylexicon
I do believe "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" was written by William Wordsworth, not Tennyson. But your Romeo and Juliet references are hilarious. I never liked the Roy chapters of Anne of the Island, but there's no denying what they do for Anne's character development and further her realisation that she's fallen in love with an ideal, not a man. Great chapter! (I almost choked at the diarrhoea joke.)
3/28/2015 c3 kbmjp
“I am curious about why these characters do what they do.” – from your profile

You have hit the jackpot, the central mystery of Anne, seen in Diana’s diary entry, so obvious once explained “as everything fell into place at last” (spoiler alert): even though she is twenty, Anne hasn’t started to “like boys.” She is friends with Gilbert as she would have been at age twelve, if they had been speaking. Even Anne’s soon-to-come enchantment with her romantic ideal is like playing house with Diana at Idlewild in AoGG.

And to explain Anne in the same chapter that you bring Stellla and Priss together, so much food for thought about how we grow up, just brilliant. And then having Anne declare that she loves Diana – you do provoke.

Anne of the Island is not the same after your diaries – it is so much richer. Thank you so much. Now if you can explain how Gilbert resigns himself to a life of loneliness.
3/28/2015 c4 4Bertha Willis
I loved watching the transformation in Phil, not quite complete but so profound. How she kept conjuring up Anne. How long she went without the Ochre Notebook.
Other delightful parts: Aunt Jimsie swiping the candies from Phil's admirers, Phil's unknowingly unwanted gesture to Stella and Priscilla, and Phil seeing how well Jonas understands her.
I'm looking forward to cringing over the next chapter, and I can't wait to see what you do with Roy!
3/28/2015 c4 bunnybee
Love this! You've added depth to Phil and while we all know in AotI that something in her truly changed after she met Jonas, you've really explored that here and captured it so well. I laughed out loud at Phil's "good deed" for Stella and Priss! Very funny :)
3/26/2015 c4 19Alinyaalethia
Phil's absolutely right. I have never met a theologean ( and I've met lots here) who boasts any familiarity with the language of flowers. Proper experts on the symbolism of fish though, and what the church Fathers say about...well seemingly everything. I loved getting to know Jonas through Phil, not a little because he reminds me of oseveral people I know (refer back to the theologians).The descriptions of Prospect Point, the lake, the Mosquitos, the pines, all very Canadian and all very reminiscent of my summers there. And the fishing, in spite of Phil being Phil about fish I was thinking of Yeats 'I caught a little silver fish...' and I don't really believe that was an accident. That ending was an excellent touch -she's just as disgruntled to be back at Patty's Place as she was at the start of that holiday -and Patty's Place can't even boast cabbage-esque roses.
3/26/2015 c4 J
Thank you for yet another update & so quickly! You really are marvellous. If you're a saddo for all the details you include in your stories then I must be a giant saddo too - those details from Maud's books woven so seamlessly into your stories are the reason I'm such a massive fan of your work! Don't think that they go unnoticed, I love watching for them. And this chapter is, of course, no exception.
I was so looking forward to finding out more about Jonas & I knew you'd do something great. You came up trumps again. Just so you know, I really am feeling a little in love with Jonas now, thanks to you, although I never was before. I was just curious about the lovely fellow that won 'Miss Phil' even though she thought him so ugly. Now I know about his 'chuckling, rumbling, hazelnut flavoured voice' ooh la la!
I am of course excited to meet your Roy next. I still refuse to believe Anne would hang out with a complete dullard for that long, no matter how handsome he was! He must have been a bit interesting (at least, for a while), but of course not as delicious as our Gilbert.
Thanks again for fearlessly diving into the complicated third (&, I hope, the fourth) year for us :)
3/26/2015 c4 Edkchestnut
Very cute. I am excited for the upcoming chapters. Maybe now we can finally see what everyone really felt for good ol' Roy and Christine. I don't believe that everyone was as fond of those two as they pretended to be. I am still loving your story. Keep it up!
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