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3/25/2015 c4 7DianaStorm09
Let's start off with my disclosure that I was never particularly fond of Phil. It's not that I disliked her, but among of all of Anne's friends that LMM created, I somehow always liked Phil the least (I sure did like that she mailed Gilbert a letter to give it one more try, but let's not get ahead of ourselves ;)) And now here you come with this special gift of making me fall in love with Phil's character, from the beginning (I laughed when she imagined her own funeral), to the fishing trip (genius idea!) all the way to the end back at Patty's place. And Jonas is such a genuine guy, love the quiet, humble yet humorous voice you have him- it fits perfectly to how Phil described him in LMM's work. Thank you very much for a great chapter!
3/25/2015 c4 Erika
3/25/2015 c4 14mountainrivergirl
Totally don't have an issue with the Pris and Stella thing-I just wanted to chime in that I always thought it was like Diana. I.e. That they think of her and Gilbert as belonging to each other, so it doesn't occur to them anymore to think of him otherwise.

I have always loved Jonas Blake. Such a good heart, and he brings out the best in Phil that we always knew was there. But Maud really did have a gift for describing physically ugly people, didn't she? Moody, Charlie, Jonas, etc.
3/25/2015 c3 2KatherineBrooke
I'm sorry for my late review of this chapter… my family has been sick so I haven't spent much time over in Anne world. You continue to impress me with your originality and continuity of character. The Priss/Stella bit was very interesting and enlightening. Diana sounded just so, so - Diana. And yes, I caught the "I seen" too. So, well done on that. Altogether a very well done chapter. Sorry this is short, not feeling well.
3/23/2015 c3 5JennWithAPenn
Well this was a treat to read from start to finish, Katherine! I read it once this morning and again now (and am on my phone but I shall try to do it justice.) firstly, I wasn't sure how you would really reveal the Priss/Stella relationship and what you have done is wonderful. Just perfectly brought about. The scene was set so perfectly in Priss' first paragraph (sun and moon no longer on speaking terms... Swoom). And I could hear the zip of the locket in the background. And the most chilling line of all was "there's never any next for people like me." you've brought that about so powerfully with the story of Mags. That, and the comment that everyone might just assume they were two chums missing their beaus... It brought home to me how difficult it was, and still is, for people who love differently. Then when Stella fled and Priss came after her soon after, the way nothing mattered but the heavy door, that promise made at the end... just lovely writing there. And then of course there was that paradox they spoke of with Anne and Gil... if he loved her he would have waited, but if you love someone it fills you up until you have to act, but yet you are supposed to have the other person's best interests in mind, but do you live a lie in return. So what is right? I am convinced there is no right.

And then on to the other half... I adore your Diana. She is so true to the Diana of canon but also very much your own. And she is the sweetest and truest friend, even if she doesn't quite know how to help Anne, or know what Anne is going on about, which you have really captured here. I.e: tramping all over the valley looking for some mythical tree Anne can't even find. (by the way, can I mention how symbolic the was to me? She needs direction on life, she can't find the tree... They tie both literally and figuratively to Gil.) We all know Anne and Diana drifted apart a big after Diana got married and you have done a wonderful job bringing that about in a way we can understand and sympathize with. Anne, and the way she wants to freeze time and have nothing change... Diana and her feelings that Anne can't possibly understand... the new things Diana is going through that she can't share with Anne because Anne isn't in that place. And of course Diana's last line, about Anne rather living in books because they never change, was spot on. And that really is what I senses in Anne's entry as well. That need for sameness. She feels she is losing Diana, wishes Fred weren't there, wishes for days of old. I think a lot of that ties to the absence of direction she feels, being so off kilter and all. But also I can relate to the feeling, when either you or a friend enters a new phase of life (marriage, babies, etc) and all of a sudden things can never be quite the same. But still that fear of change is something I have always sensed in Anne (which you have brought out) and I think it ties back to the fact that her first eleven years were fraught with difficulty. Finally she found her home, her normal, and now things are transforming again. The unknown sure is a scary thing. Have i missed anything? Probably, but either way, this was a wonderful chapter, I could sense a quiet music throughout it. Thank you!
3/23/2015 c3 14mountainrivergirl
I love how you've nailed the Diana/Anne friendship. Because though they are at different points in their lives and have opposing desires, Diana still gets where Anne is coming from, better than Anne herself.
3/23/2015 c3 Astrakelly
Hi, cool so far, as far as Stella and Pris go we really know next to nothing about them so who's to say what their sexual orientation even is. Besides you can read subtext in anything and everything even Anne of Green Gables! I look forward to reading more and hope you don't get hassle for the Priss/Stella pairing:) can't wait to see how you write Jonas
3/23/2015 c3 Guest
You take me back to simplicity and some poignant undescribable feeling ... It feels a bit like a memory of the time Lucy Maud Montgomery taught me
"O dreams and fantasy you are my treasury, stay with me always, for reality is mere and can always disappear" .
I was wondering what does Fred mean when he looks at Anne just. That's probably an obtuse question but I really do want to know.
And will you ever try your hand at writing a Miss Lavender and Paul? I would love to hear whimsical blue bells and high tea, the rock people and worn out dreams.
3/23/2015 c3 19Alinyaalethia
Oh by degrees she's becoming Miss. Mallory. One day we're going to get an entry, aren't we, that isn't a letter to her at all? Priss and Stella were very gently and skilfully done. There were some lovely lines here too, I especially liked Priss's line about the clock and the sun no longer being on speaking terms. Also the cautiousness of that conversation in the sand, and the crickets and the zipping of that locket, the image of the kestrel (suddenly I was back in the wonderful, barren land of Kes, so right for Stella) -and later (and I know this was Stella writing but I love her entries to) the stress on Stella's smallness. I could just picture her defeated by the door and overwhelmed by the stags' heads.

You captured that widening gulf between Anne and Diana so well. I begin to understand why we heard less and less about Diana as Anne put down roots elsewhere. Of course there's always a difference when you leave home and then try to mix with the people you mixed with before you left, for one thing you no longer share the same experiences, and that's exactly what's happening here. Anne has it just right, their dreams are no longer the same. I was weirdly pleased that Anne didn't tell Diana right away about Gil's proposal. And when she did we could see why she hadn't before -it didn't intuitively make sense to Diana, who is caught up in centrepieces and wedding colours and bridesmaid's dresses. But she's still Diana an she did understand, it was lovely to see that too -she even articulated better than anyone (except Stella I think) why Anne couldn't have accepted all at once. Change is terrifying, especially if like Anne, your life was once full of it. Please let her go back soon to those solid, reassuring constants of Patty's Place, won't you -only not before you've enlightened me about Jo!
3/23/2015 c3 J
I am amazed by how you create each character's tone so distinctly and then keep them consistent throughout. Anne is perfect, I love that she's lost the tree and desperate to find it. Diana's funny spelling foibles and 'I seen' - beautiful! ;) And Fred ready to boil over ha! As for Stella and Priss, well it all makes sense now, doesn't it? Genius again, well done. Jonas & Phil next - huzzah! I can't wait.
3/23/2015 c3 Erika
Love this. I probably would not have imagined a Priss/Stella romance myself, but you have done so quite sweetly and believably. And great entries from Di and Anne too. Poor Anne. She's still more child than woman in so many ways.
3/23/2015 c3 Noirin Rose
I loved this chapter, well done! I never thought about how sad Anne would have / should have been post proposal, rebuilding her world without Gilbert in it. But you have conveyed it perfectly. Thank you.
3/22/2015 c3 4Bertha Willis
I'll start with the Priscilla and Stella stuff - I like it! Neither of them got much for storylines in the book, and it feels right for them to have their little secret. And, I'm fairly certain there was no mention of Stella ever marrying in any of the books. There was another Stella in Anne of Ingleside, but the last mention of Stella Maynard was that she was teaching in Vancouver at the beginning of Anne's House of Dreams. Soooooo ... completely believable, to me at least, for someone in that time period.
I'm so glad you covered how Anne told Diana. It was so lovely and sad. The vision of Anne desperately searching for that tree just broke my heart, as did her breakdown into finally telling Diana. And Diana's reaction was perfect, too, to feel bad for Gilbert before she realizes what it means for Anne and being angry at Gilbert in loyalty to Anne.
I feel so bad for Anne as I read her entry, feeling like she's living a lie and being so uncomfortable. The line that broke me was "When April seems like yesterday."
Oh, and the Diana and Fred bit, awesome, as your writing on such matters always is ;) I love Diana making such realizations.
3/22/2015 c3 Edkchestnut
Yay, another update so soon. Thank-you! As always, you have done a remarkable job. I love the part about Anne searching for her and Gil's tree and how Diana thinks that she made it up. I also love the part about Diana and Fred's rendezvous in the rain. You also managed to catch Diana's always sort of condescending tone when she talks about her and Fred and how Anne just doesn't understand. I love Diana but I always hated the way she acted so superior to Anne when she was engaged and then married before Anne. I hope to hear from Anne and Gilbert, soon, and I can't wait to meet Jo. Keep up the good work!
3/22/2015 c3 7DianaStorm09
Wow, this chapter has blown me away. Love's such a mysterious thing, and as you can tell by just a few of these characters, each of them look at and experience love somewhat differently. I really admire what you have built for Stella and Priscilla. Yes, they did get married to their respective husbands down the road, but here they followed their feelings, what a brave thing for them to do, and though it may be controversial to some readers, I applaud you for including a lesbian relationship in your fanfiction.
As so often, your Diana strikes me as the sweetest friend Anne could have, I simply love her, and that little comment if Anne was planning on wearing a black dress to the wedding made me smile.
Lastly, the deep sadness and loneliness of Anne's continues to touch me deeply. An awesome job, my dear!
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