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11/29/2019 c63 1Arctech
oooh whata cliffhangar
11/29/2019 c63 2seabo76
Oof that did not end well...
Shep's still got this though. I've got faith!
Way to keep up the suspense.
11/29/2019 c63 SomeDudeThatReads
There is at least one really solid heart "owie" this chapter. Like real solid. Still loving this story.
10/21/2019 c62 seabo76
Well this is an interesting spin...
You ain't dying yet get out of here!
That theory makes a lot of sense. The Reapers are basically just following the same patterns and routines they have done for ages.
Dumb giant cyborg shrimps...
Looking forward to more!
9/20/2019 c62 16MrFredCDobbs
"You're just like a VI. A really, really advanced VI, but still just a VI," she snorted. "No wonder you missed indoctrinating Legion. He's an AI now. He learns."

Ohhhh, burn!
6/22/2019 c61 2seabo76
Well that sucks.
Dang Reaper sneakiness...
4/27/2019 c60 seabo76
Welcome back!
3/9/2019 c59 seabo76
Yaaay update!
Interested to see who these 'others' are.
12/26/2018 c58 1Arctech
Nice chapter friendo!
12/24/2018 c58 SomeDudeThatReads
I am loving this story. It sucks that Ngandu, may be the proper spelling, went out the way he did. However it makes sense that not everyone can go out in some glorious way.

I'm curious if after this story ends you can do a chapter that's just a casualty report with a one-word, or one-line, summary of their cause of death. Maybe even find a way to worm it into a normal chapter in some way. That being said it's far from nessacary, but just something that I thought was neat.
10/8/2018 c20 darkangel19870
I did tread this before and would have liked the sex scene. I think yoiu should put it back or do a companion piece. Also it's about time they did the deed lol
8/26/2018 c57 SomeDudeThatReads
Not the best start to a mission, but it could've been much worse. I'm wondering if there will be, and "terrified", of any possible casualties from the not-so-soft landing.
7/30/2018 c56 2seabo76
How wonderfully sappy and light lol.
Good last goodbye before the end.
Looking forward to it!
7/28/2018 c56 Collard Greens
I remember starting this series and praying that you would follow it to the end. Your character development has been astounding. He has real, human flaws that are relatable for a person stepping into an unbelievable situation. I can’t wait to see how it all ends.
7/28/2018 c56 SomeDudeThatReads
You have some ridiculously well with the build up to the battle, and have done amazingly with the "bittersweet goodbye" moments. I am definetly looking forward to whatever else you have in store for the rest of it.
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