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7/15/2018 c55 SomeDudeThatReads
This is hitting almost, if not, as hard as the final goodbye moments during the game. Mostly because no-one is guaranteed to survive, and at least in the game I know they will live because I always get the "Galactic Readiness" as high as possible before that point.
7/9/2018 c54 2seabo76
Interesting twist!
And the way you laid it out makes perfect sense. Gotta love the loopholes!
Great story and looking forwards to seeing how it ends!
5/19/2018 c53 seabo76
Interesting take on the betrayal by Tevos. Makes sense actually when you think about it.
Only breaks down when you choose to blow them up and still end up being a meteor over Alchera
5/11/2018 c53 SomeDudeThatReads
It's always good to see this get updated, and I have to apologize for not having/just saying more with this comment.
4/3/2018 c52 seabo76
Lol never doubted her for a minute!
Okay, maybe a minute.
Great chapter!
No matter how bad things are there's always hope.
Please continue!
3/12/2018 c51 SomeDudeThatReads
I cant even try to use the argument for curing the genophage that I do with the game here. Which is normally something along the lines of "Surely the Krogan horde is worth more than a few Salarian ships, and ground assets." because there is no Krogan horde, so tactically stopping the genophage is the right move. Morally however it is definitely the wrong move, especially considering the current circumstances. The Krogan were already a dying race because of the genophage, but now their end, ignoring the Reapers, has been flashed forwarded at least a millennium or two. On top of that of her friend dying wish was for her to watch over his people, and once again all she's doing with this is signing their death warrant. Sadly I feel like she almost has to go through with this whether she wants to or not because she needs the manpower. Maybe she could go to the councillor to see if she could get anything from them, but I feel like even at that point the Dalatrass would still find some way to mess that up. She may even view this as an opportunity to push Nathan away, but maybe this good move of his will pay off.
3/12/2018 c51 SomeDudeThatReads
I feel like I definetly made a mistake by reading some comments before reading this chapter. Most of them have me very scared for Mordin, and the likability of this Shepard. Like playing Mass Effect 3, even before playing the other, I couldn't force myself to shoot him. The closest I got was implying that he shouldn't do it, I think that's one of the options during that moment, and the fire/passion in his voice made it impossible to follow through with it.
3/3/2018 c1 gruntsbreeder
Good chapter interesting story
3/2/2018 c51 seabo76
Wtf Shep!
Totally turning into full blown Renegade in deed if not by mind if she follows through with this.
Ends do not always justify the means...
3/2/2018 c51 Griezz
I have to say first of all that this IS your story; you have written, and will continue to write, it the way that you see fit. That being said, Shepard killing Mordin feels to me like the stupidest decision ever. Say Shepard does what Linron blackmailed her to do. What exactly is there to guarantee that the Salarian ships will be there for Earth? After all, no one else heard their conversation, nor is there a record. Because Lnron? If Shepard threw away her word to Wrex to look after his people, why the bloody hell should a supposedly intelligent woman expect a known liar and schemer to sacrifice the Salarian ships to help her?
As it is, I bet I know how this scene will go, even if it feels like it would be a complete waste.
1/27/2018 c50 Griezz
Could she do it? Yes. Should she do it? There is no way in all the galaxy that she should! It is quite simple. The Krogan were with you almost since the beginning. They were with you just for the promise of a cure, not even waiting on delivery. In contrast, the Salarians have blocked you at almost every turn. They blocked you in the hunt for Saren. They refused to help in the fight against the Collectors. They repeatedly ignore your requests for help during the Reaper Invasion. NOW, the gorram fly-eaters say that they will help, but only as long as you murder one friend and betray many more; in return for your honor and self-respect, you will get some ships that would likely turn tail at the first opportunity, or leave you hanging at the convenience of the dalatrass. That would leave you with no Krogans, no Salarians and no hope. In short, there is no way that Shepard can afford to allow the Salarian dalatrass her little bit of petty vengeance.
1/27/2018 c50 seabo76
And another tough choice looms. Hoping she won't go through with it but your Shep falls a whee bit in the red on the renegade meter so we'll see where that goes.
The little doomsday device was a nice twist. Always thought TIM was way to blase about the whole 4 billion credits thing.
Please continue!
1/27/2018 c50 SomeDudeThatReads
I'm interested to see whether or not she goes through with the Salarian plan, or if she or someone else can talk her out of it. Maybe she won't inform anyone of what she plans on doing, and then I'm looking forward to the reactions to that. If it gets to this point I wonder if she'll own up to what she did, or if she'll tell everyone else he died in action.
1/6/2018 c49 seabo76
Some nice development and ownership on Nathan's part there.
Please continue!
12/30/2017 c49 Collard Greens
I'm so glad we're getting consistent updates again. I had forgotten how spectacular your world building and character developments were. Every new chapter just sucks me back in to your story and I can’t wait for an update.
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