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11/28 c16 evattude
This is great! I do feel for the poor woman though
11/28 c15 evattude
Great chapter!
11/28 c14 evattude
He can't imagine why they banned Howard, lol
11/28 c13 evattude
Great chapter! I love him so much, he's hilarious
11/28 c12 evattude
Great chapter! Poor Harry, lol
11/28 c11 evattude
Great chapter
11/28 c10 evattude
I love this more and more. The reasons he find Rivendell better is hilarious
11/28 c9 evattude
Great chapter! Poor legolas. I wanna see him galadriel cause that would likely be hilarious
11/28 c8 evattude
I love the late of course. And the you need another hobby harry
11/28 c7 evattude
Love this
11/28 c6 evattude
Tauriel has to be thinking what the hell is happening by now
11/28 c5 evattude
This is fantastic
11/28 c4 evattude
Great chapter! I love how tauriel is just following along like well at least I get some adventure. I'd love to see the elven kingdoms reactions to harry
11/28 c3 evattude
I love the whole the plans stupid so naturally I will go with them
11/28 c2 evattude
Great chapter! I find this harry absolutely hilarious. I can only imagine by elf standards how old he so I imagine he's gonna get tired of this fast
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