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for Harry Potter and the Elves Most Fabulous

10/4 c16 38Mystic the Kitsune
This hilarity has to continue, cant wait to see Harry get cucked more and more lol
10/2 c16 major wallace
Nice work
7/6 c1 Rose
OC Harry Potter, like literally. Don't waste your time if you don't like dumbassery
6/11 c16 1diggerboy4
Amazing story! Please release more!
6/10 c7 Silverwingzz
Don’t really like how you have Harry acting in your story, you don’t really portray his character right.
5/31 c16 Ibskib
I'm just wondering why the locator pointed at Angie... mighty suspicious. ;-)
5/19 c1 1Fairy King Oberon
Oh jeez, that last bit with the name killed me! Haha!
4/30 c16 1huongdaoroma
Ah shit, the kids have it!
4/28 c1 Homarid
Wow Harry is ornery. I love it.
4/27 c15 1BlueMoonChaos
I absolutely love this story and love that I laugh to tears almost every chapter. Hoping for a new chapter soon(ish), but understand Real Life dictates our lives and not the love of reading and imagination. Which sucks and should be corrected post haste.
4/27 c2 BlueMoonChaos
I love this fic and I love you for sharing this fic. Marry me 3

P.S. I about died reading "Harry's Combine Harvester." It is so damn true!
4/27 c1 BlueMoonChaos
Harry: "I hereby dub thee henceforth 'Legless the Fabulous'."
Legolas: "That's... not my name, Little One."
Harry: "Tough shit, pretty boy."
4/26 c16 George1892
This is a fun fic and I enjoyed the joke even if you consider it a low point. Being forced to take GCSE Latin by overambitious parents forces you to appreciate jokes of that nature. :-)
4/20 c16 AmunRa02
Hahahaha! I literally laughed out loud and properly snorted when I read your notes! Can’t wait to read more. Thanks for the laughs!
3/14 c16 ironhair
Please write more!
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