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3/10 c16 Erinnyes01
This story is one of the funniest things I've read in quite some time. Absolutely excellent, and I can't wait for more.
2/22 c16 darkn1ghts
I love this fanfic more than I should ngl. Harry's character is just so hilarious I ended up in a coughing fit twice from laughing so hard.
2/18 c16 7ianramos22
Lol the pain of not being laid.
2/15 c16 GriffonSpade
I was a bit confused about the spell pointing to seemingly random places but the reveal about the Latin wordplay was hilarious! Just the sort of thing you'd expect from magic.
2/11 c16 miguce
Amazing story. Looking forward to reading future chapters
2/10 c16 12Banner
I just found this story today, and I've spent the afternoon and evening reading it straight through. I've been smiling so much, my face hurts.
Nothing but fun!

Thank you!
2/9 c6 MushroomGloomCorner
How creative
2/7 c16 Guest
good sor
2/5 c4 ColonialHeavy798
I wish there was a way to favorite a story twice. Enjoying this greatly.
1/31 c16 Distortionist
I appreciate your wordplay.
1/29 c16 3jdboss1
lost all that gold
1/28 c2 Ghouest
Seems like a boring old man ahahaha
1/27 c16 didyousaytim
28 yr old madter auror,mzster of death, meets a story land of all time that was desperate for a new hero. liked the latin word play. completely off the charts potential... imagine what Harry saying " fetch howard" to retrieve the ring would do
1/27 c13 didyousaytim
weird. nio fiendfyre? end of story
1/25 c16 12Lady Logos
Well I hope Harry manages to find his lost things... and maybe a bit more with the right brain next chapter. at least there are summoning charms xD
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