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1/6 c16 taxzombie
Warning! Do not read this tale while drinking milk or coke, it will cost you. (When you shoot said drink out your nose.) Heh. Love the way this going, a great crack fic. Very enjoyable. Much appreciated.
1/5 c16 fanreader18
Wow. Just. Hahahahahahahaha! Thank you for this! Looking forward to Harry visiting his wrath upon the stupid little shits.
1/4 c16 1BlueMoonChaos
Hahaha! Love the Latin wordplay! Like life pulled a prank on Harry. ROFL!
1/3 c16 karmakrosvik1
Great story. LMFAO
1/2 c16 6Eriyum
Best boi Howard, Worst Boi Harry.
1/2 c16 11reinforced hell
My word! While I must admit I didn't get the joke at first, once it was explained to me I had a right chuckle, I did.
12/30/2020 c16 AosUnderSol
Hahahaha! Jeez, let him get laid Steel! Advanced Blue Balls! Hahaha! Classic
12/30/2020 c16 ffntfy456
I'm glad you explained the pun because I sure didn't catch it.
12/29/2020 c16 16Emperor Vanquest
This is definitely the only LOTR crossover I look forward to reading more of.
12/29/2020 c14 Emperor Vanquest
How in the fuck did I miss this entertaining bit. Please add a few gay elves enamored with Harry as the new queen bee or as sassy bitchy hedonist friends to help him keep everyone on edge. Lol
12/29/2020 c16 Strolling Along
Your bunny trail is entertaining .. given that a simple point-me works, as well as the simpler "accio" would work just fine over such distances .. seems like false drama.

Oh for a mokeskin pouch . . .
12/29/2020 c16 AmWRAZ
Thank you for the giftsand it worth more than u think for some people.. TY
12/28/2020 c16 184Virodeil
Eh. I didn't get the joke till you explained it... Truth be told, I skipped about half of the chapter. But then, I'm sure you know by now my opinion towards this story, which is based on my own taste and not about the fic at all. :)
The loss of the ring was alarming. Hopefully Harry could get it back and before anything bad happens...
12/28/2020 c16 Guest
Harry: "I'm so awesome at dealing with cursed magic things. There's no way something like a ring could get the best of me."

Ring: "I'm the most significant portion of the second most evil and conniving bastard ever created by God himself, and you're running around trying to get laid. Prepare for a wake up call."


Harry: "So funny story, Glorfy. I'm blaming your lot for this, because I've gotten far too used to not having to worry about pickpockets while living with you guys, but we need to find some easily impressionable kids who've taken that soul corrupting ring. Also, the ring hides people from everything. Would have been nice to know that earlier, FYI."
12/28/2020 c1 averageschmoe
we. want. moaaar!
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