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1/8/2019 c1 karam
what can he change in to?
4/23/2015 c6 7LuminereLucifer
Aha, so it was a Shapeshifter! But not Dax. In retrospect that was a stupid theory. Peregrines are too small to carry a fully grown fox. Anyway, I wonder who she is! Surely not... Catherine? She's not a buzzard though she was just, a weird bird...
Or a member of the new triplets? I wonder
what their powers are. Maybe... They correspond to Dax's? I'm looking forward to finding out!
4/22/2015 c5 LuminereLucifer
Woah- now that's a cliffhanger! I hope Shan is okay... I guess he will be, but that'd be quite a trick, for something seriously bad to happen to the main character so few chapters in... I'm also kinda wondering... If Dax is the bird? But Dax is a falcon. Could Shan not know much about birds? Or am I just being stupid... Hm...
3/23/2015 c4 LuminereLucifer
So, Shan is a fox too? I wonder how Dax will react to that. I think he'll be uncomfortable with it, even if he doesn't say it... Never mind that, how will Shan react? I wonder...
3/22/2015 c3 LuminereLucifer
Woah! These two chapters were really good (albeit, a little short- they did leave me wanting more though!) The description was nice, I particularly liked the "jungle-like" foliage. I'm intrigued by Shan so far, and I'm looking forward to learning more about him... I wonder what his father does? I look forward to the next update!
3/18/2015 c1 LuminereLucifer
Interesting start. I am always wary of stories with OCs that add another Shapeshifter into the mix, but I'm hopeful, and interested in what the correlation is between both sets of triplets. If I could criticize, your descriptive language here is a little sparse- the dialogue is good, but it's hard to imagine how the characters are acting. Otherwise, I eagerly await an update!

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