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5/19/2021 c14 060896
So. . . Both Gohan AND Aang can enter the Avatar State. Could they be . . . twins?
5/19/2021 c8 060896
I would SO LOVE IT, if Gohan can break the 4th wall.
5/19/2021 c3 060896
Oh, come on, Gohan. . . ! Why didn't you wake Toph?
7/30/2020 c17 dcsonic 10
Sweet! Hey have you seen the PS5 reveal and the new games for it!? If so which one was your favorite?!

Spider-Man Miles Morales if definitely my top pick for it.
7/30/2020 c3 Guest
Really awesome!
7/30/2020 c2 Guest
This is awesome! Good job!
7/30/2020 c1 Guest
That was Fantastic! Great job!
11/17/2019 c16 dcsonic 10
Awesome! The Exciting chapters of Avatar: The Last Ki Bender are back can't wait. Hey my two requests for the DBZ and PPGZ along with DBZ and Legend of Korra Crossovers are they still up for debate?!
6/5/2017 c5 Blake2020
6/5/2017 c4 Blake2020
6/5/2017 c3 Blake2020
6/5/2017 c2 Blake2020
6/5/2017 c1 Blake2020
Great start
11/16/2016 c15 dcsonic 10
keep up the good work and what are your thoughts about dragon ball super to me I think it's awesome.
9/17/2016 c1 Guest
Stop writing. This is shit
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