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for A World Full of Monsters

11/14 c14 1Wreck Hell
The best fic I've read in this whole fandom and this website, I will gladly proclaim this as the best work, I love the gritty challenges, the whole character development, the interaction of the whole world with its inhabitants is so cohesive yk? And lets not forget the friendship that the two main characters have which is actually quite good and a bit toxic but that makes it all the better. The reality slaps you give the mc whenever he is on a megalomaniacal plan assuming from canon is just cruelly good, I loved it.

The last bit about hating the world is just painful to read from her perspective but kudos, good work man! Thanks for publishing it.
11/11 c11 Necromancer96
I like this chapter, i really like it, wow, this whole chapter was amazing because it opened my eyes to the truth that I didn't want to see. I don't know if you will read this comment author but thanks for this story.
11/9 c4 a
im pretty sure hinata and nejis mom is named hitomi hyuuga
11/8 c3 Indra
Since your gonna die if I dont tell u and i sure as hell dont want that to happen, this fic is now in my top3 favorite fanfictions on any platform I have read. and excuse my puncuation and grammar. im too lazy for that shit
11/3 c14 80-Master of Awe-0
Fuck man why is it so good
10/31 c3 Guest
god this fanfic is so good. really wished to see more.
10/31 c14 Dias of All Final
Ok. I can completly see Naruto going yandere in this.
10/25 c2 meronepal12364262
this is the criginest shit ever written. why the fuck would you do things you did after claiming not to.. this is so stupid. this looks like written by a woman on her period.
10/20 c5 Guest
Shit this was Fucking Genius
9/27 c3 Lyxi
Chapter 1: Don't worry, the mc won't be heartless.
Chapter 3: Time to murder a traumatized 7 year old!

I'm not sure you understand what having a heart means, mr. author. In fact, I'm quite confident you lack a heart completely.
9/27 c14 Guest
Cooooooooooooome back to usssssssssssssss!
9/26 c1 17Child of Dreams
If Jiraiya's female in this, why would she even need to peep into the women's hot springs when she could just go inside herself?
9/21 c13 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Sucks you were too stupid to finish this story.
9/18 c9 theeelderman5
hear me out Mera Mera no mi in avatar
9/18 c5 theeelderman5
this is bullshit... wow my life
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