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2/7/2022 c11 Kal
Dang this chapter is amazing, he is such an icon. Can't believe i actually got persuaded by Danzo though..
2/6/2022 c14 akqle
Honestly this was a pretty good chapter even if it was just a interlude. I wish this story was still getting updated.
2/4/2022 c9 Kal
Oh fuck, no, god, hell nah. Shit.
1/27/2022 c12 Nwcleear
oh yeah, i forgot to leave it in a review.

I love your danzo, you gave him the little bit more depth that he deserved. Kishimoto really fucked up on writing danzo as such
1/26/2022 c3 Nwcleear
I dont think i get it, but i also think i do. You want to write him as someone clearly not alright. Killing sasuke was heartless, everyone knows that hes just a kid. But by doing it anyway you solidify it. Thats foundations for a character arc, there CAN be development there. (well, at the cost of sasuke and the entirety of his storyline). Then an orochimaruish OC is FANTASTIC. hes not power greedy.. HES BATSHIT INSANE!
1/20/2022 c3 2Surfing cipher
you use like flip roo much, and this seems so edgy. did congratz to him he really did become a mc with how he stood here and ranted
1/14/2022 c2 Rairi Valelira
poem? Im just confused.
1/14/2022 c1 Rairi Valelira
WTF am i reading? Confusing as heck to start with. an mc that is just ridiculous, and would rather commit suicide of a stupid gender and seems to hate the gender or genderswap at least.

Yeah can tell this oc is going to be real likeable...
1/12/2022 c3 nifahs
Holy shit. You weren't kidding.
1/9/2022 c12 Orion B
hiruzen was informed about the wave situation a week ago but hikaru was given essentially the same info 2 weeks ago? sussy baka danzo

though not necessarily treacherous
1/9/2022 c8 Orion B
oh i see, hikaru is kaguyas reincarnation

tbf he could be a reincarnation of a person that has kaguya below him in the family tree because indra calls him ancestor and not grandparent, but the pararel of two sons killing him made me believe that the former is more likely
1/4/2022 c14 2Gerhman Remington
this is super fucking good a lot of good takes that I've never seen (or remembered to have seen) before and I love it hope this updates someday. stay safe and healthy and I hope you've had a good new year.
1/3/2022 c14 1kyuubi7
Naruto in canon: "I never go back on my word, that's my nindo, my ninja way!"
Naruto in WFM: "I never go back on my Hikaru."

I hope to see more of this, it has so much promise it hurts. It's so hard to find a good Narufic where the mc is a Hyuga, I'm hoping to see this continue. Sasuke getting clapped and Tora being what she has become is also pretty hilarious and made me snicker multiple times. I hope you eventually come back to this fic to continue and finish it, but if you don't then thank you for what you've given us. Hope you're doing well.
1/3/2022 c9 kyuubi7
Okay, but that's only visual genjutsu. Illusions can effect more than just the sense of sight and I imagine that's what happened here. There are four other senses that can be used for genjutsu and I imagine that it was sound, his hearing, that was the first to be affected by Danzo's genjutsu. Hikaru should actually try and learn some, hearing and smell specifically would be really good ways to use genjutsu.
12/28/2021 c13 mickeysofine
I dislike the fanon that Uzumaki were intrinsically good at sealing.
It's more likely that they had a cache of knowledge.
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