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7/10/2017 c11 3UnLike Us
This was wonderfully written and the story was great. Not so much for the FFVII elements but all the original stuff. Really, this was great!
1/14/2017 c11 5Sephiroth'sGhost
*flails* So beautiful! TwT 3 3
9/2/2015 c2 lunareclipse
first time reviewinnnngggggggggggggg okay first am in love with this fic x) ! second to answer your question i guess the title of the fic came from one of the two movies " FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE 1963 based on novel with the same name ( i read the nvel and i have a copy x)"" or "" from paris with love 2010 ( i watched this one ) keep on the hard work will be waitin for your update
4/5/2015 c11 2tenebreyami
Ti be true, in the beginning I was not sure to read you story... the summary is not really what make me want to read it, but I did, and you know what, it was worth!
This story is so beautifull! I read all of it today, and it make me cry many time... you are a pervers to do that, poor Cloud, poor Sephiroth, it's hard for them! but it's so wonderfull in the same time! I love it, I love what you did, and I hope you will still write story so beautifull in the future!

thank you very much for this story, and good luck for you and your future
3/31/2015 c11 Marxou
Okay. I'm kind of picky but this was a good chapter. I assume this is the ending? Either way this is great. I don't like unhappy endings so I had hoped you'd do something to make up for the first death haha.
3/31/2015 c11 Froid Glacial
Beautiful, bittersweet little tale.
3/30/2015 c8 1Sephiroth Crescent-Valentine
The fuck!? I come back from a nice vacation, even though I didn't have internet, expecting more chapters to one of my favorite stories and I find out that Cloud was fucking murdered!?
3/30/2015 c11 7CryptCreeperX
(sniffles) This story was both depressing and beautiful at the same time. I'm definitely glad Sephiroth embraced Cloud's love and was honest with his feelings before things went downhill. Cloud's death definitely took me by surprise; I didn't expect that at all. To have Sephiroth experience love and lost within this life cycle was something he needed. But it's almost like the Lifestream is punishing Sephiroth for the sins he committed in past life cycles. Through this new cycle, the Lifestream grants Sephiroth an opportunity to love and be loved (something he didn't have before) with his greatest nemesis. The ailments, hard upbringing, Cloud's affections, all teach Sephiroth the capacity to *feel*. Of course, the Lifestream quickly robs Sephiroth of love and casts an incurable cancer on his body. I could suggest this is karma; his punishment for past deeds. On the other hand, Cloud's inclusion in each of these life's cycles suggests the Lifestream isn't deaf or indifferent to Sephiroth's own dreams and sufferings. So while he's learning the hardships of living from different perspectives of each cycle, he has one constant to at least keep him sustained.

I'm a HUUUUGE fan of Sephiroth. I love pairing him up with Cloud because everything in the series revolves around these two forces of nature. And while canon will dictate that Cloud is with Tifa, it's evident that Cloud will never feel whole because of his strong attachment to Sephiroth. It's awesome that you created a story that accents the attachment they share. Even when Sephiroth gets the opportunity to move on and love again with Reno, he's unable to push ahead without his other half. That the disease quickly kills him off within 10 years could be considered almost a mixed blessing. He dies a painful decaying death, but is given the opportunity to see Cloud soon.
3/28/2015 c9 fallowell
Such a cute and sad story. Enjoying it
3/26/2015 c8 GretchenBlue
:0...I did not expect that..next chap plz...
3/24/2015 c6 CryptCreeperX
Graaaaw, Sephiroth! Such a stubborn fellow. Be a man! By, er, being *with* your man! OK?! (angrily shakes fist at Sephiroth for not hooking up with Cloud) Seriously. Tap that booty. Don't be afraid. That booty wants you too, dork. :c
3/23/2015 c6 GretchenBlue
Im lovin the growing intimacy between them.. Thx for update! :d

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