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for Illimitable - The Child of the Sannin

5/17 c6 wolfievv
gatta live how duct tape transends words
5/16 c5 wolfievv
fuinjutsu with bullets?
5/12 c22 maridus
This entire thing is lame AF.

Starting from the leaf whirlwind move that he shouldn't know about, and then arrogantly saying only he could win this battle, and even onto believing that Orochimaru has the means to augment chakra production. This is essentially an SI with knowledge of the show, which was suppose to not be the case.

Honestly, I see no problem with the guns, and in fact I love how they're invalidating the existence of lower tier ninjas with how deadly they are. But I have no reason to like how they were reinvented and widely distributed by anyone but himself. Because that makes this more of an AU fic than an SI fic, and that means it's entirely pointless to read about for the SI factor. For if the SI is not the only reason why the world has changed, then there is no reason to care about the differences in the timeline setting they're in compared to canon timeline setting, which is the main point of SI fics in the first place, to see the changes they alone were responsible for, directly or indirectly.

In other words, in your attempt to make the MC more special, all you did was make him more of a plot device to write scenes you want as opposed to an actual believable character, and that makes him unworthy of my attention. Unless you actually showed how he gained knowledge to use the skills and means he has no right to know of, then he is nothing but a caricature than a person.
5/6 c2 Guest
The MC is a bonafide idiot.

Even if he does not know about Naruto. Imagine finding yourself reincarnated in a new world. Then finding out they have shinobi with supernatural powers. And what do you do?

Well, this MC apparently decided to make a damn journal with things from Earth despite knowing his 'caretakers' were not just simple normal people.

You'd have to be a certified brain-dead moron to do what this MC did.
1/12 c4 1Deadauthorsreturn
I'm confused as to how your brain works every chunin and up could dodge bullets like their out of style, that's literally their expertise!

Like just a question have you ever read or even watched the material? no one can touch joinin or even see them until their high chunin yet somehow this kid just jumps off a tree not even a genin yet and kills one!? Wtf

I have the capacity to hear someone climbing a tree let alone supernaturally enhanced ninjas!
9/16/2023 c6 musadak.khalid
Ok i stopped at chapter 6. Please do rewrite and get this gun out of the story. It’s just wrong !
9/16/2023 c4 musadak.khalid
Guns … just no
5/19/2023 c13 LongSongSilver
guns and eagles and the land of the eagles called "Amerigen" okay there bud, it's OC but some things are too on the nose.
5/19/2023 c4 LongSongSilver
As long as it remains both a very small part of the story and also not very powerful outside of specific circumstances then It's fine to have guns. Heck as bad as it is Boruto at least introduces the fact that people are making technical progress and are inventing new weapons and I sort of get that same feeling here. Not to mention it's going to be a long time before he gets anything significantly advanced (beyond musket/blackpowder guns) and its not a wide spread thing.
4/10/2023 c12 Enigma
This fic is very long.
2/6/2023 c10 1OoOXylionOoO
2/4/2023 c7 OoOXylionOoO
At last real training.
2/4/2023 c4 OoOXylionOoO
I hope they will start his real training now.
2/4/2023 c3 OoOXylionOoO
Wake up call?
2/4/2023 c2 OoOXylionOoO
So... A damn scientist not knowing anything about Naruto manga. Yeah, I call bullshit.
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