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for The Vanishing Cabinet Of Time

3/31 c5 WindbornesWord
Brilliant chapter, please do update this soon, it’s a great Fic.
3/27 c41 Wildcatatheart
ugh! please continue!
3/27 c26 Wildcatatheart
ya know Dora is Harry's cousin
3/26 c36 14Freddie Rindklip
Liking how this fic is going.
3/22 c22 Freddie Rindklip
About half way into it. Thank you for the good read.
3/20 c41 crusader345
are you still doing this? please finish
3/18 c41 keitaropurple69
I love this story and it is very original, however i was wondering if you were going to be adding anymore chapters to this story or not?
3/13 c41 SS5 Connor
Nice. Only thing I would change is more sexy time.
3/3 c41 WindbornesWord
So far so good but I really hope you can update this soon, it’s a terrible cliffhanger.
3/3 c29 WindbornesWord
Great Fic so far I hope you update this soon, it’s been on hiatus so long and it’s really quite good so far.
3/3 c15 WindbornesWord
Never figured that Harry would really want to be an Auror. After his life he’d be sick of fighting.
2/25 c41 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
I really do hope that you're going to come back to this someday.
I'm a Harmony/Lunar-Harmony fan, but your picks for the other 'Betrotheds' are fine; just so long as you don't bring Ginevra into it. ;D
Now that I know your AO3 pseud, I can add these to my over 1000 bookmarks over there! Lol!
Take care!
MelJ :D
2/24 c39 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Hi! Re-reading this...again...and it just occurred to me: Why didn't at least Harry and Hermione wear the basilisk armor made for them by the Goblins? Not as if they're going to battle, but just as protection against the unforeseen? Their metamorph jewelry would have disguised it anyway.
Just a thought. ;D
I look forward to you returning to this story, someday. :D
Take care!
MelJ :D
2/20 c41 10SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Ok, so this was super interesting. Shame you haven't updated in years but that might change. Faving regardless. I have a few issues with certain details like a bit too much repetition of info, too much detail of events or things that feels like padding keeping me away from the juicy stuff of relevance where things get accomplished, what seem like minor continuity errors, etc. that are all part of my personal preferences. I loved the idea of magic jewelry disguises, Hermione and Harry's suppose-to-be childhood friends past, Snape being rather reasonable and logical, and such. I'm concerned for WHY no one has checked to see if that mob was bewitched to act that way when they should know and Amelia herself be refreshed in memory that doing such IS a thing certain people will do and history has shown that the public don't bother with such actions when it comes to articles and are far more inclined to believe it. Why isn't Amelia building a case against Fudge and why is no one comprehending the fact that letting Dumbledore go free with no restrictions for a year when he has clearly done several criminal things in the past and present and likely even more than that...just to look good to the foreign public for an event will likely blow up in their face and make them look worse than they otherwise would've for once again selecting who the laws apply to and risking the safety of the public for frivolous reasons. As I have no doubt Harry will make sure the truth gets out for WHY Dumbles was pardoned right before he was to be arrested. Plus its weird how Harry and Hermione have made all these changes already yet still try to operate as though certain events they WANT to utilize will still happen as they had or at all. Also wondering why you have Harry so hung up on killing, specifically killing known murderous racists and high society torturers when he canonically had his 1st official kill(that he remembers) at 11 years old. And on top of that, he's a kid who's known little love but plenty about survival and doing what he deems he must for his continued survival and the well being of these new ppl he now cares about without flinching and staying focused on the tasks...is...idk...it's just odd to me lol. I like how chill everyone is about the harem Harry is contractually obligated to fulfill and how the ones involved are adamant on having a healthy, emotionally open and communicative relationship with each other. Hopefully it all works out. And I think a nice middle ground between Remus' idea and Sirius' could work. Go to the meeting disguised, kill the hosts and any early birds, set up traps for the incoming targets to get them unconscious or killed, illusions in place to fool the new arrivals that everything is fine, once all targets have been acquired set up their bodies and surroundings to look like a meeting gone wrong. Could even move their 1st Death Eater kills over to the gathering to include them with the set up since the tracking charms are still active. Hope you're still having fun writing things!
2/20 c41 Baelorfan
I loved this story and regret that it was never finished.

What I particularly liked was that we have Harry contracted to marry four witches but still being Harry - polite, respectful, even bashful - rather than a sex fiend who's full of himself. Yup, I'm not fond of PWP.

His emotional attachment to Hermione is a beautiful thing. Susan was right about Harry's feelings for Hermione being the strongest. I can see Harry developing feelings for all his wives, especially if he shares children with them.

Again, I'm sorry (for myself) that this story has apparently been abandoned.
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