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for Bring The Pain

7/12 c6 sally rally
Funny, funny, funny. Well done. Thank you.
1/26 c5 Dreamer
Great story ! I love how you describe them together in this!
1/19 c5 Mr Winter
So keen to read a new Rizzles from you. Maybe one where Jane will be a teacher who finds her job as a teacher boring and want a change in life and that will upsetting her wife Maura...
1/12 c5 Guest
Please come back to updating! Can’t wait for your writing
1/5 c5 River P
I want this story to drag as long as « fun/ laughing » is possible it’s so good to laugh when reading for once. Thanks.
12/23/2019 c5 Vanilla
Wish you would write more stories about this pair. You’re an excellent writer.
12/9/2019 c5 Soccer lady
I loved this chapter. I’m really enjoying this story and I can’t wait to read the next chapter.
12/1/2019 c1 sally rally
Oh my gosh! I laughed my ass off. Oh! Dang, it's still there. Well crap. I hope the rest is as funny.
11/20/2019 c5 Diego 22
I enjoyed this story so, so,much. It works so well for me.
11/13/2019 c5 Sunshine
Cute sometimes à a awkward way
11/10/2019 c5 Vbbneighbor
Loved it!
11/6/2019 c5 Bovary
Excellent chapter. I can,t wait to see what’s in surprise for me next chapter ;)
10/29/2019 c5 malexfaith
Interesting read, thanks heaps for sharing
10/25/2019 c5 Scoundrel73
Yes.. I've been about four years late to the party with this one, but catching up. I love how you write them. Know that life gets in the way, but I hope you are inspired to write more. Not within Bring The Pain, perhaps another tantalizing tale involving our luscious ladies enjoying time with each other! Until then...
10/22/2019 c5 20MarCor3
Well I'm confused as fuck, what were Jane and Maura binge-watching again - ugh?!
Anyway, loved as always Jane's sarcasm - thanks!
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