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for Taking Offense

1/30/2017 c6 9idadri
very interessant!
i like it!
11/28/2016 c6 6FairyRave
Okay, this fic has an amazing storyline and the written here is brilliant. I especially love the details you put into the story while adding some quotes from the original book from earlier chapters. The small questions that effect the big picture so to speak. Anyways, from what I read from your profile, I can understand about real life events that prevents you from doing things you like to do such as writing. Stars knows how RL been affecting my free time. Anyways, I could wait however long it takes to read this great piece of written literature.
4/3/2016 c6 Yuuki Heartfilia-Dragneel
wow nice story really interesting hope to read more soon!
3/30/2016 c6 1293 Diagon Alley
This story is SO excellent thus far.
Somehow or another, somewhere along the way, Gideon, Fabian and Regulus managed to become some of my favorite minor characters...so to discover a story featuring them (and Madam Longbottom; she's such a freaking badass!) is just so flippin' exciting.
I LOVE this so far. I can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work! :)
11/28/2015 c6 1Faraway-R
Sooo. Means Dumbledore had a hand in that particular non-relationship as well...

I am only mildly surprised.
11/28/2015 c5 Faraway-R
IIRC Dursleys were silenced with a charm. Was that one removed?
11/5/2015 c6 atymer
The alliance is growing and Dumpy's blind followers are surely going to be more disappointed when all come to light. I hope the group are prepared for his guaranteed despicable actions to discredit and steal Harry away. And because Harry is not blinded by false gratitude, he will be no supporter of Dumpy as well. I can't wait to see how the 2 year will be handled and hopefully Harry will know the need for venom. ;-)
It's nice to read a fic where the Prewitt's are still alive! Reggie and them make a formidable team.
10/28/2015 c6 Guest
I found this a while ago and I hope you continue it. I've never seen this type of story line before and I would like to learn more.
10/21/2015 c6 PurpleBullet
I really like this story.
10/20/2015 c6 Guest
This is a really good story. You are a great writer, and I can't wait to read more!
10/14/2015 c4 3DGfleetfox
Dumbledore deserves to be immobilized, and forced to watch as wild dogs eat his entrails... then die in some horrific manner, but not before seeing all that he hopes for turn to ash. : )
10/14/2015 c2 DGfleetfox
I truly hate Dumbledore, I've always felt that way, the way he manipulates, controls, is a total hypocrite - pretending to be some saintly old man when really he's a liar/deceiver. I dislike him way more that Voldemort even... for true.
10/12/2015 c6 blinddivinity
Love it
10/6/2015 c6 1Flying Chrissy
Cool story! Look forward To the next update. :)
9/27/2015 c6 9Dream Bound Nightmare
Wow, Dumbledore is a DICK. Sorry I haven't reviewed the other chapters, I was caught up in the story and you know how it goes, right? Anyway, I really enjoy how well written this story is, despite of few grammatical errors, but hey, we can't always be perfect... but that is why a team (half a dozen or so) of betas are a must. Please update soon? I really love how you have written everyone.
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