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for Taking Offense

9/23/2015 c6 KariAnn
I am enjoying this story very much. It is nice to have new canon characters to have life breathed into them.
9/23/2015 c6 Guest
very nice - enjoyed this tremendously. A more intelligent set of Prewitt twins and a very lovely Regulus :) Can't wait to see how the story continues
9/23/2015 c6 1davycrockett100
9/23/2015 c6 1Coru 32
love it thank you
9/23/2015 c6 2history
I continue to love your story!
Tss Dumbledor really need to be looked at by doctor because he needs to see the reality...
9/23/2015 c6 2INQ8448
And you are too late Dumbles. :D Oh how sad for juh. Can't wait for more! Especially all the holy magical wrath that the Prewetts and Reggie- *dodges a stinging hex* -will rain down on 'poor' Dumble's head.
9/22/2015 c6 1geetac
I enjoy reading the chapters very much.
8/24/2015 c5 12Publicola
An extraordinarily promising start. It's great to see a fic put the Prewitt twins at center stage, not to mention keeping Regulus alive to form the heart of the Gray-aligned faction. Excellent work, and I look forward to seeing where the story goes from here. Keep it up!
4/22/2015 c5 2history
I continue to love your story:).
4/22/2015 c4 55HallowRain8587
This is one of the best, most entertaining stories in FanFic. I love how you are weaving a web with the minor characters from the books taking the forefront. Definitely a must follow, fav and read.
4/11/2015 c4 1AnyMoreBrightIdeasGenius
This is so coooool. I love it, and the Prewitt twins are awesome! Thank you for sharing your writing! I am really looking forward to the next chapter!
4/10/2015 c4 2history
I continue to love your story and thank you for updating so often!
Yay for the pureblood meeting Ms Anthony:).
4/10/2015 c4 28Shae Vizla
Regulus prepare a jailbreak while the Prewett twins fond more about Harry's situation. THe discovery of the horcruxes was shoking but the Healers didn't understand that it really means and are tied by their oaths. I think Harry is going to benefit greatly of the health care and soul leech removing. The news in the will is shocking for the boy but in the long way, i would help to clear Sirius and leave the Dursley. Dumbledore lost all possibilities to win him and will perhaps lost Severus too, because he had gone against Lily's express last will and the donation show she pardonned him.

Meeting his godfather and others magical children of his age will be very good for him (and Neville). And I think Ms Anthony could very well change Regulus' opinion about Muggle. She seems to be a great Lady and managed to work around Dumbledores schemes for Harry.
4/10/2015 c4 7Dovahkiin1503
Today i've read a story were the mother of Hermione befriended Lily and James and actually killed Voldemort with a shotgun. Any chance of this happening with Ms. Anthony killing Dumbles? Even if it is in the end of the last chapter of this story.
4/9/2015 c3 13foxchick1
Can't wait for more and to see more of the mystery
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