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10/16/2017 c30 1Arizeri
I just love that someone else realized Melkor is in fact responsible for the existence of rainbows on this world XD
5/29/2017 c30 1LittleWesties9
That was awesome.
What a great Fanfic, I'm glad I stuck with it :D
4/3/2017 c31 Legolasle
(SOB)I loved it,one of the lines you used was Frome the Bible,wasnt it?I love the Lord with all of my heart!and I can't wait to read the sequel!going to read it in one...two...theeeeeee!
3/11/2017 c30 5DeLacus
*jumps and dances excitedly* Yassss, I finally caught up~! LOL, I'm sorry, I took a huge hiatus from all of fanfiction, and have only recently begun to catch up on the past updates of a ton of stories . . . x) But I finally finished yours, so yay! \(*0*)/

Anyways . . . I've been liking and greatly enjoying these last few chapters. One of the best things about this story is definitely how you write Caladiel's relationships to many of the canon characters and your OCs - my favorite ones being the Caladiel-Sauron father-daughter thing and the tight Caladiel-Esgalnoron friendship, SO FABULOUS~ \(*0*)/ I found the Caladiel-Ancalagon relationship intriguing, and it was growing on me bit by bit with each chapter.

And oh my Melkor. Melkor. MY PRECIOUS, FABULOUS MEL-MEL. He and Morgoth separated and ahhhhhhhh *fangirls hard* THAT WAS EPIC. Melkor had always been my favorite Vala, so YAAAAAAY~! (~*O*)~

I literally let out a sudden "NO!" when Caladiel came back to Earth and became Celine again . . . And then the ending happened and I felt hope again~ xD LOL, yes Celine, you have a LOT to tell your mother! xDDD

Congrats of the completion of this story, and I wish you all the best in your future writing endeavours~! \(*0*)/ *procures many cakes and pies and other sweets*
11/30/2016 c32 CodenameAgentC
Wow. Wow. Wow. Just...wow.

How do I even start? What to say about something like this? I can't really give a coherent review, all I can think to say is this:


-Agent C.
9/26/2016 c2 1MaiWishes
She is kinda cliched with her hyperactive immature teenager personality But then I started to like her at the part where she was like who am I kidding, I wanna see the Dark Lord.
8/13/2016 c32 NightlyRowenTree
8/12/2016 c31 4Nightfeather18
Yes yes yes yes yyyyyyeeeesssss! Sequel please!
8/12/2016 c31 6Lady Silverfrost
I dont know why it's even a question :) of course you should write a sequel! :)
8/12/2016 c31 Gwestiel
Omg! Yes please! This story really hooked me and has become my favorite! I really want to read what happens next :D Plus Kal *shoots a death glare at the annoying dragon* keeps bugging me about it and saying that the dragons need to be in the story more *rolls eyes and grins* dragons...
I hope you decide to continue this story and if you do then I can't wait to read it !
8/11/2016 c31 7AbigailPeters
I think you should totally do a sequel
8/11/2016 c31 2Nienna14
8/11/2016 c31 4KikiB18
Fuck yes i want a sequal!
8/11/2016 c31 Tibblets
Sure, why not. If you feel up to it, I will certainly read it.
8/11/2016 c31 NightlyRowenTree
Yep it would be awesome if you could make sequel because I want to know what happens after that last chapter ends really badly
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