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for Huntresses of a Shattered Dimension

5/11/2023 c9 Yuu igdrasil
nice Gurren laggan reference
4/8/2021 c44 Guest DCDGojira
To author
When is the next chapter coming out?
2/10/2021 c44 MaxHD2490
You may not know right now but Original Generations got a fanmade English patch since December, OGs pretty much added new story content as well the Stork airship from Divine Wars and the Armorlion which exclusive to OGs onwards in the OG games and Grungust unit 2 (red color instead and it has a lion head) and the OG2 part of OGs has alot more stages thanks to R originals being included. Leona's Seigerlion is also part of the new addition and Gespenst Type RV for Gilliam (during OG2). The best part the wild raubtier can be used in OG2 along with Armorlion. Anyway I'll still wait for the next chapter.
12/16/2020 c44 Guest
I think R-1 would get the T-Link Sword, but I'm not sure
10/27/2020 c44 MaxHD2490
It was a long wait but that was a good chapter. Weiss in a Valsion Custom? Gotta see the next chapter for that but we're close to the moment in OG1 well since U only know Divine wars version but I could be wrong.
8/11/2020 c43 bowham123
Nice story. Keep on the good work on your story
7/2/2020 c43 ranjira1988
I'm SO glad to see this get updated, there are scant few Stories of this length AND quality this are still being worked on, and having re-read everything up to the point I had before then the new chapters I can say I'm still hooked. i hope to see more soon.
4/18/2020 c4 SuperTasty
as long as you dont abandon this you are golden my dude. theres so few srw content in this site
4/15/2020 c43 MaxHD2490
I'm glad this story still around. As for the Valsion Custom could be anyone but for Team Rwby its either Weiss or Yang although I'm inclined towards Yang piloting the Valsion Custom but up to you how that plays out.
3/31/2020 c43 silentstrixe
Great to see more of this fic again! It is one of my favorites on this site and I have read it at least ten times now.

As always, I will continue to anticipate more of this excellent story.
8/14/2019 c42 MaxHD2490
Very good chapter with Sangar at the end. I'm not sure about the Valsion Custom Shine is in repairable shape (since it was a secret unit) but GEIM system destroyed is safe to assume it doesn't need it. Can't wait for the next chapter even I have to wait longer.
5/1/2019 c41 8Switch 4 Life
Or even better, we might get to see them piloting new prototypes.
4/30/2019 c41 ranjira1988
okay this story had me so hooked I binge read all current chapters in a day, I just finished whats been written so far and now its an hour & 10 minutes from midnight where I am and all I can think about is Whats next?! Please continue this soon! its REALLY good (there are far too few Team RWBY
piloting Mecha Cross over Stories in my opinion )
3/15/2019 c41 Guest
Well thanks for the chapter. Hope to see Ruby's teammates get their own custom mechs next time.
2/22/2019 c41 mega1987
GAIM system...
The damn thing that cause such mess even during OG2...

And the only pilot who's capable of being sane under it didn't live to have her own happy ending... Unlike her 3 beloved underclassmates...

I'll probably wait till OG2 arc came in before actually wishing that she lives.
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