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5/10/2015 c7 mega1987
next chapter: the Gravity demon makes it's epic entrance...
and the start of the Divine Wars...

and not to mention, Weiss might see Blake and Yang in the battlefield, afaik, this is the part where ATX team kick ass while the newly mint SRX team kinda sidelined...
4/29/2015 c6 12SanguisAnima
Regisseur... That name's familiar. Wait, I think I remember now... Will we be seeing Alfimi and Team ATX (especially Excellen/WR and Kyosuke/AE) sometime along the way?

Oh yeah, nice job on Weiss' alter-egos. Will (who lacks it) and Eis, who retained the original Weiss' "Eis-sy" demeanor *snicker*

mega1987 voiced my idea: will we be seeing Ruby in a prototype Fairlion with a mechanized version of Crescent Rose, built by B. Zoldark and S. Shirakawa? Oh man, I can tell, THIS WILL BE GOOD. *rubs hands in anticipation*

- Sanguis
4/29/2015 c6 mega1987
Does anyone, beside me that excellen will sooner or later get Weiss into a playboy bunnygirl costume? Hehehehe...

And that guy is the root cause of their transport?
Looks like Vale is under his sights and want to gain more info about the native's capabilities from Team RWBY if they have fallen to his hands...
We should thank cobray for that intervention...
4/24/2015 c5 mega1987
Can we have ruby pilot the prototype or an early version of THE fairlions?
Equipped with an enlarged version of crescent rose. XD
4/22/2015 c5 SanguisAnima
Annnnnnd cut.

Since Yang and Blake are gonna be working with the SRX Team, are they gonna be piloting complementary mechs? Something like the WeissRitter/AltEisen, or the Strega/Ganadour teamups? Y'know, working off of their Checkmate teamup synergy like in RWBY Vol2 Ch4...?

And Ruby... Is that... An Altairlion? And for some reason I can't shake the feeling that she just met WeissRitter's Oxtongue Rifle...

Let's see what we can get for Weiss' split personalities, basing off of Rim's book. Cliana Rimskaya has two personas: the energetic and bubbly Chris, and the calm and stoic Liana. Weiss would have her own personality split, her normal snarky yet analytical side, and her timid and (probably) friendly side. If Cliana had C(hris)Liana, then we can probably give Weiss her split something along the lines of W(eiss)[anything you can think of that uses the letters 'eis', preferably in reverse order]. I'll need extra time to think up a name that follows that, yet still keeps the color-inducing scheme introduced by the RWBYGod Monty Oum (God bless that dude).

Anyway, that's all I have for now...

- Sanguis
4/17/2015 c4 SanguisAnima
Well... I can imagine Ruby giving Ibis and Masaki a run for their money, in terms of pure speed... That's if she gets one mech that's sticking strictly to the Lion's streamlines. A Valsione copy would do her justice as well. Maybe a Gestelben Kai...?

Yang? In a Gespenst MkII or MkIII? You bet she's gonna make things BURN.

I guess I can see why Weiss got to handle Chris/Liana... She's probably the only member of Team RWBY sane and mature enough to handle multiple personalities. That's just my opinion though. Speaking of which, will Rim still pilot the Blanche Neige, Josh gets the Aile Chevalier, and Weiss gets something like... Idunno, what's a fast moving medium ranged unit with light armor and high accuracy? (NOT the Weiss Ritter, that's owned by Excellen..., although the name similarity can't be ignored...)

As for Blakey... Hmm.. I can't think of a good unit for her...

Please update soon, you reignited my interest in the SRW franchise (although I only have the GBA and the emulators...)

- Sanguis
4/15/2015 c4 mega1987
that means we got another misplaced Ruina meister... XD
what's Weiss New name after this mess up?
But I wonder once the 2nd OG plot is done... er. I'm think WAY ahead...

as expected, Ruby go nerdgasm at the sight of the PT.
Wait a moment... are we going to see another valsione? specifically made for Ruby? Armed with a oversized Crescent Rose? *cue Ryuusie go nerdgasm followed by Rob.*

um... why they haven't realized that Blake is not FULLY human? they haven't taken her x-rays yet nor her ribbon off her head?

Kai and Yang will be one hell of a bash Brother-Sister... if they ever team up and beat the aerogaters by their machine's fists... XD
3/23/2015 c1 mega1987
Weiss ends up with Josh and Rim... now it's either Weiss or Rim ends up getting the secon personality.
Ruby with Kyosuke... Yang should be worried of Ruby being "Corrupted" by Excellen. but having more Ms fanservice, we win. :P
Yang with our resident mecha otaku Ryuusie and the future dragon lady Kusuha. Can she stomach Kusuha's "Health" drink?
and Blake... she once again got the short end of the stick... ending up with Shu first before being sent to DC. Adler's going to have a field day examining her due to her nature and training her as a boosted child...

and judging the time they appear... they're mostly pre-SRW:OG anime timeline... can't say pre-OG1 game as the raptor test occurred at Kyosuke's route in OG1.
3/23/2015 c1 AXL999
Oh this going to be fun... anyone have popcorn?
3/22/2015 c1 MonkeyDGabry
well the writing seems fine but i'm not going to read this one beacuse it's very confusing since i never heard of super robot wars
3/22/2015 c1 3PersonaQeminod1
I wonder how Team RWBY react to Dark Phantom and the other robots?
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