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for Huntresses of a Shattered Dimension

2/21/2019 c41 3Crimson Grave
So happy to see another chapter of this again.
Thank you.
2/21/2019 c41 MaxHD2490
Another good chapter as usual. Looks like we have to save Shine in the next chapter and hopefully figure out what to do with Valsion custom.
12/9/2018 c40 Guest
Are you still writing the story? So when did this story take place, cuz I never played SRW OG, so...
9/8/2018 c40 Guest
Still. I was hoping you could write some specifications for Weiss's and Yang's Gespensts, and Blake's Huckebein.
8/28/2018 c40 mega1987
btw... on your stat sheet... have you thought about each of their "Ace Bonus"?

the one you get once your character gets 50 kills in-game?
and you're basing their skill at the OG1/GO2 games? coz by the after OGG, some skills such as infight, attacker and SP regen are now unbuyable skills from the kill menu...
8/28/2018 c40 12SanguisAnima
I'm actually humming the 8-bit OG2 Intermission theme from the GBA while reading this.
6/25/2018 c2 Guest
Like the story, pal! While I'm not good at reading the SRW OG story, (they're written in Japanese until the Moon Dwellers), I'm a HUGE fan of the Originals Mechas. Guess I'm a weapons enthusiast like Ruby Rose.

Hopefully you'll still continue the SRW OG X RWBY storyline. Can't wait to see the looks on team RWBY's faces when they meet Fighter Roar.

After all, they've already met battle-hardened Real Robot pilots, a Wind Elemental Masou Kishin, a Samurai themed Super Robot, a Super Robot with a human face. But what about, a GENUINE SUPER ROBOT? Ya know, from the old mecha shows?
6/13/2018 c39 MaxHD2490
We're almost to the Aerogator arc but only left along probably after Aerogators show up is Shine being kidnapped and the mass produced Valsions and maybe a captured one for one of Team RWBY members to pilot. Don't think Ruby and Yang would use one and Blake is too comfortable with Huckebien 009 and Weiss? Well up to you how you interpret the captured Valsion Custom.
6/8/2018 c39 3Crimson Grave
I am just super glad that it continues.
This fic is quite honestly my favorite SRX crossover, hands down. And my second favorite SRX fic in general. So knowing that it is alive is more than enough for me.
Thank you.

6/8/2018 c39 hornofdesolation
A good chapter. I understand not being able to elaborate on the Full Armor Plan that was used to customize a Lion into the Armorlion.
2/6/2018 c38 Guest
At this point, I think you should add Laodecia and the dreaded Zfylud to make your fic unique in the crowd of typical OG crossovers where writers just thrust the characters from other series into the OGverse
2/5/2018 c38 Crimson Grave
No worries mate, it was an enjoyable read.
Sometimes you just have to post what you have, so that you can get to what you want, and sometimes it really isn't that good, but we overlook these chapters from the authors, because we understand that shit happens, not everything can be gold, and that we have to stomach some shit to get to the gold later on.
This is NOT one of those times. The chapter is good. Could be better? Possibly. Could be worse? Definitely.
So don't worry and just keep on doing your thing.

2/3/2018 c38 hornofdesolation
I didn't spot anything wrong with the chapter. It seems decent to me.
2/3/2018 c38 Guest
Have Ring transfer the 008L to Ruby for testing purpose and we have a game breaker, literally.
11/1/2017 c37 Crimson Grave
I much prefer 'Blade of the Boisterous Dance' over 'Dancing Blade'. So I am completely happy. XD
I am also happy that we got a new chapter, considering I simply don't have another SRW Fic that is as good as this one anywhere else. XD
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