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9/24/2017 c32 Kamencolin
Keep up the good work
6/12/2017 c36 silentstrixe
Glad to see another chapter of this story!

I found some amusement with the timing of this new chapter because just last week I had decided to start putting some work in to start my own RWBY/SRW fic due to being inspired by this story of yours as well as the 'Harry Potter and the Super Robot Wars' fic by Fanboyimus Prime.

Though my story will be a crossover with SRW V which I am in the process of playing right now and am nearly done my first play through. I plan on completely playing out all the branching paths and taking notes on characters and plot points starting on my second play through to help me with my own story.

With that being said it might not be until the end of summer before I post my first chapter up.

Here's to hoping that your story continues to do well.
6/12/2017 c36 mega1987
why i got a sinking feeling that Excellen will be throwing around PUNs after a once hell of a bonding season with Yang...

we're screwed, no?
6/12/2017 c36 AXL999
I have A.C.E:R trust me you should try it its a good game even though I can't understand most of the things being said on a side note you can add your own sound track to the game.
4/6/2017 c35 ReaperOfShadows125
This is everything that I want in a Super Robot Wars fic. Reasoning behind different choices, tactics, noting of absurd things, and variation from cannon.
4/1/2017 c35 mega1987
and looks like someone have gone to remnant...
i wonder who is she?
4/1/2017 c35 hornofdesolation
Another good chapter.
3/19/2017 c34 1Hirowolfgang
Hope your still writing for this fanfic. Being one of the only RWBY/SRW ones I found. Keep it up, I appreciate your writing it out.
3/19/2017 c34 MechaSniper51
The game is already far ahead with the release of SRW OG moon dwellers, can your story keep up?
2/24/2017 c34 MaxHD2490
While I'm ok with team rwby in SRW OGs story kinda wonder if they get thrown in ACE R's plot (it does involve kyosuke, Ryusei, and Masaki) or recently SRW V which for somereason involves dimensional travel and interdimensional space time quakes.

Still waiting for the next chapter.
2/20/2017 c34 Lance Eterna
update please
1/7/2017 c34 7The Hotblooded Author
Good to see that you're still alive, m8.
12/23/2016 c34 mega1987
i wonder if Team RWBY can still use their team name...

and Blake can distinguish Eis and Will? wow.
12/23/2016 c34 hornofdesolation
Another good addition to the story.
12/22/2016 c34 2AuthorNCS
I can't wait until we get to the point in the story where they manage to find a Cross Gate that links them back to Remnant. It will be a total stomp against the Grimm with their new mechs and techs.
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