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8/14/2016 c33 7Spiceracksargent001
I'll be honest, I just discovered this story, and so far, I am really enjoying it. As a mecha fanatic and a bit of a RWBY fan, I have to say that this is a pretty good story so far. I kind of find it humorous that Weiss is now the type of crazy that has voices in her head. Also, my respect to Ruby. Her dedication to Bian Zoldark and his wishes is truly commendable.

ATX team and Sanger are badasses as usual. Ruby geeking out over all the Real and Super Robots has been adorable. Yang turned her Gespenst into basically a mecha version of Ember Celica and proven to still be a master of punching all the things. Overall a very enjoyable story that I very much look forward to more of. Keep up the good work, sir.
8/12/2016 c33 hornofdesolation
It's good to see this story continuing.
8/11/2016 c33 7The Hotblooded Author
In times like these, I wonder what would happen if you were to read the ATX manga. If you were using THOSE fights as the base instead of the moving sprite battles in the game, we would probably wet ourselves...
...and/or die from waiting. Also, wonder how you're gonna connect D stuff with lpha stuff...
8/10/2016 c32 Mooniecat
Egads! Used the wrong word in the last review and hit submit by mistake. Just what I get for posting from my phone. *discerning~ disturbing Anyway, that's the only thing that stands out to me. Keep up the good work.
8/10/2016 c33 Mooniecat
So far it has been pretty interesting and the fact I lacked any knowledge of Robot Wars did not impede my enjoyment. What did cause a small stumble in reading was the use of "exited" , meaning "has left" instead of the proper word " excited", meaning " a state of intense enthusiasm". Example: He exited the car onto the red carpet while his excited fans took pictures to show friends that they were there to see him at the Grammy's. Again use of the wrong word had been a bit like rumble strips on the road. Not really damaging but a little discerning.
8/9/2016 c33 MaxHD2490
Chapter is ok but the next chapter when Yang meets Excellen in person along Ruby and Blake meeting her.

The Aerogators I'm sure they will show up soon.
7/17/2016 c32 MapW
Funny story, I kind of expected this to be an endless frontier cross when I first saw it.

The mystery unit is Jumorah. The only other purple originals I can recall are Guest units (none of which have tails or horns); Solgady, which doesn't really fit the description, maybe if you squint?; Zelvoid, which, again, lacks horns (plus, it'd be out of place chronologically); Zyflud, which doesn't match the description, and Geminia, which has no tail and lacks shoulder thrusters and probably doesn't exist I the original generation timeline anyways.
Oh wait there's that one from UX too but it doesn't fit either so whatever.

Jumorah's enough of a threat as is. Thing's way advanced for this point in the timeline, but I guess that's what Cobray is for.
And if the balmar proper are getting involved, I wonder if we won't be seeing a certain bike lane at some point?
7/14/2016 c32 The Hotblooded Author
There's close to 100 Originals. It's like finding a needle in multiple haystacks stitched together.
6/30/2016 c32 MaxHD2490
On a sidenote will RWBY might get into Another Century Episode R arc, Second OG and Moon Dwellers later on?
6/30/2016 c32 2GGFBank
I know this won't reach og2 plot any soon, but I want see RWBY cast do the fairy-dang-sing lol
6/29/2016 c32 MaxHD2490
Chapter is pretty good as usual.

As for last chapter, well closest answer I got is possibly Chaos Lemures with The Edel but other then that since it does have a tail and a vaguely humanoid shape and the colors gold, black, and purple.
6/29/2016 c32 silentstrixe
I don't think this battle was hype enough to deserve the same attention to detail as Bian's last stand. I am actually quite happy with this one. I can't believe that I had actually forgotten about Princess Shine since I loved her character so much back when I was playing the games. I am also loving the dynamics that you have started up between Weiss and Shine. I am really looking forward to seeing how this goes.
6/29/2016 c32 Dragolord09
Is the thing that came out of the Crossgate last chapter either Black Judecca or Jumorah? that I think about it, does the mystery mech even belong to the Balmary Empire?
6/29/2016 c32 mega1987
Cobray Gordon and the Dis astranagat?
6/24/2016 c31 1Ant Crown
Kinda surprised that you're not using the Anime's incarnation of Events than the Video Game. Yeah ATX got screwed over in that regard but above all else it did provide some scenes like Rai and his father's last words to each other and bonding between Ryuusei and Rai later.
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