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4/12 c23 Gian Lucca
4/12 c23 generalramkota
3/22 c23 1jiromanawari
this adult Harry Potter who has the elder wand seems so weak... he "supposedly" learned a lot of different magics from different countries, but he can't use fire spells properly like for example what Dumbledore used in the Inferi cave. His weakness and idiocy even managed to destroy The elder wand.

to the people who read this comment, don't bother reading about an extremely nerfed wizard
3/20 c22 1BlueMoonChaos
Can’t wait for next chapter! Is Harry gonna be gifted the gold dragon egg? He could name it Aurumis (aurum is Latin for gold). The “-is” just makes it sound more… exotic? Unique I guess. Great story! So happy I checked my fanfic account to see how this story was doing!
3/20 c18 9Uraharaisgod
What I dont get, is why Harry hasn't attempted stockpiling Bezoars in this story? Considering poison is a mainstay means of killing in this world and bezoars, while rare, are one of the very few methods that can be attained in this world with relative ease (basically goat gallstones, just rare that any are suitable) and are broad spectrum antidotes, him not prioritising gathering them is weird.
3/9 c23 1Raven of the Whiplash
Its gonna be years between updates aint it?
3/4 c23 Guest
Fantastic, keep going
2/6 c2 Unknownlion
On the other hand the dude was married and had a new born son And a daughter to look after and protect from his father which he failed completely. besides not doing so he went f another girl to make a bastard which disrespect his wife and her family as a whole. Along the way just created chaos without thinking but with his second head alond the female stark not knowing her place in not sleeping with married men and not thinking things through with logic instead just chasing after someone who was married. she should consider herself lucky that tge rightful wife and family didn't declare war with her family to kill them all off. there thing was mostly base on lust and not love.
2/3 c23 3Seshsquasher
Beautiful story! I love the whole whole building element and Harry being a part of the free folk! First story ive read of its kind!

I hope you continue with the story, its really a work of art!
1/25 c1 LennyFaceSupplier
httpsdiscord. gg/aCtqGer5
1/22 c23 tammgrogan
This is Truly a fantastic store, that I've read about 4 or 5 times so far. i really wish that you would PLEASE up date sometime soon. Until then Take care
1/15 c23 Guest
Has the author abandoned this story?
1/16 c23 1WOLF-GOST
looking forward to more
1/6 c22 Jibberflex
Please don't tell me that cave that Dany and Arya found is gonna be left a lone and used by the other wildlings to attack... If so thats gonna be a pretty lame plot hole.
1/5 c4 Jibberflex
so he travels the magical world for 12 years and he doesn't bother to learn warding any better?
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