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11/22 c5 jimmy.oz
good thing it doesn't stop him from ageing and all since it would suck to be immortal and have to watch all your loved ones die while you remain young. then again he will still live longer than most with his magic.
11/22 c4 jimmy.oz
Well alliances usually are made with marriage involved so either he will get more women or his children may be asked to marry for that. then again there are other ways as well for an alliance but usually marriage is the best bet.
11/22 c3 jimmy.oz
Too be honest i am alright with him having just Val but feel like he should have a northern woman as well that way the free folk and the Northman can start to mend the bridges.
11/18 c14 SLappYNano
not particularly fond of how you made harrys magic pretty much useless when near a white walker
i can understand powering up the white walkers, but adding the hard nerf to harrys magic when hes near one is abit much
11/8 c23 vqv4a3
Welcome back, glad you updated
11/8 c23 Maverick
great story, please update!
10/27 c22 iceman0871
glad you continued the story
10/23 c23 Joe02
Started reading this story awhile ago, but thought it was dead, and was pleasantly surprised to see it was recently updated. The story is really great and hope you continue to write. I look forward to reading your future chapters and great job.
10/13 c15 courteney.eaden
if Harry's magic doesn't work as effectively directly against the White walkers why doesn't he use magic infused with ruins like bombs and things like that
10/13 c15 courteney.eaden
why is it no one ever thinks to just break Harry's wand
10/10 c6 courteney.eaden
why is it no one ever thinks to just break Harry's wand
10/9 c1 ariffiskandar075
this a great start
10/9 c23 Sozin's Flame
Can't wait for more!
10/8 c15 Ascension of the Peverells
You’ve disgustingly de-powered fiendfyre. Come on man, even a weak wizard-like Goyle managed to produce a much more powerful fiendfyre. Not to mention Harry Potter, a descendant of the Peverell brother, has the elder wand, which according to my educated guess only reveals its true potential for a being with Peverell blood running through their veins.
10/6 c23 1Poseidon93
I am exited thos was updated again! It took me some time untill I managed read trough it all again, but it is as good as I remember! Love the story!
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