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7/13/2023 c4 tinman543
i am sry but HP magic would wipe the floor with 99.99999999% of problems in GOT
7/11/2023 c10 3The.Gkee of Tobii
what if , just What if Varamyr is actually Sirius Black in amnesia
7/10/2023 c7 et-reader97
I absolutely love that you put a timeline of events. It gets a little hard to remember some details when a story of this quality gets longer and it’s nice to have it to head back to for a refresher. Keep up the great work.
7/9/2023 c23 The.Gkee of Tobii
will Harry travel to old valyria, i don't know , maybe find some dragon eggs and hatch them since his going to be called king by the southerners ?
6/29/2023 c23 Darren Smith1
Please update your story soon am looking forward to where you take it from here
6/18/2023 c2 7PrimeNumber93
A dumb comedy.
6/14/2023 c23 polagomezrod
Are you going to continue this story ?
6/12/2023 c6 Onion-00
blonde with a twinge of red?
you fanfiction authors acc need to relax, hair color doesn't mix like this. unless you have the actual condition.
it's not a natural thing
6/4/2023 c23 Guest
Looks like you wrote your self into a corner At this point if you need an easy out, I got to point out that one you could have Harry go to the ruins of old Valeria and find himself something to use a new wand or less is extreme measure I have to point out that there is no way that she did not go sideways back where Harry was from or that Hermione would not have stopped at anything to get him back or come to him add her into the mix and holy crap the story possibilities take this suggestion with a grain of salt Hope you are well. And then you continue this wonderful story.
5/27/2023 c23 Robert and 43
love your story
5/26/2023 c23 didyousaytim
Abandoned or just here? Doesn't matter. Great job and wit and ability to bring so many characters back to life in you AU. So many plot lines. Even with Bungle in the Jungle HP/LL/DG series, I have recently found your stories and just couldnt stop reading. Elder snapped? This is abput the only beef.. only because it is soooo out of character. Aside from not putting always on one way mirrors is listening (spy) mode , with the massive integration of runes and runic arrays, how can Harry not have set up a perimeter where any of his wandsust stay within X feet of him/auto summon back? But that is a niche. I have hoped the Children would reveal magical cores that Harry could use (a Leaf hair willingly given like Fleur's grandmother). Like "Irish" as portkey charm activation words.
5/26/2023 c7 Reaper1990
Most powerful wizard not dark lord.
5/20/2023 c1 TheOneBear
These are just nitpicking of an kinda old fic, but I spotted some stuff I'd like to point out. First, if Harry was going to learn ice magic, it wouldn't be from Iceland, because Ironically the place isn't actually icy. It would likely be from one of the Poles, or Greenland, or maybe even Canada. Another thing is that they're Native Americans, not Indians. They're called that because Colombus thought he had found India, when he had not. Overall however I found the writing a bit vague and the dialogue stitled and unnatural. Hope the writing gets better as the story does. Anyway, sorry for the long comment, but I wanted to try and help out by pointing out mistakes, if the fic is even still active lol
5/21/2023 c23 Leorus
Awesome chapter
5/15/2023 c21 dicksonrita75
why not make guns with dragonsteel bullets?
you could pass it off as Harry knowing about the basics during one of his travels and he trying things out to know if it works.
would give them an upper hand.
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