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for The Dementor and the Mind Game

12/26/2020 c5 31Unlimited Power
I really enjoyed this Ender-insert. Having such a highly-intelligent character take Harry's place is interesting to read about. However, his assessment that everyone else is an idiot unworthy of his time (well, to be fair, it's not that inaccurate to canon) makes the story lose tension. What's an intelligent character that can't play off others? It seems like he has no obstacles.

I loved the idea for Ender's boggart and the Peter-Voldemort parallel, that was spot on. XD
11/29/2020 c5 Awesome
Love the characterisations here! Looking forward to the rest once you outline the plot for the rest of it.
9/28/2020 c5 21Duchess67
I wholeheartedly agree with you about Snape, the man is a colossal monster and should NEVER have been allowed to be near children, much less "teach" them! What he does cannot possibly be construed as teaching, either!

As for this fic, I'm so very disappointed that I've reached the end of what's available, but I still hope to see more someday!
9/28/2020 c4 Duchess67
This story is AMAZING! The wizarding world is gona get BLITZED by the fantastic mind of Ender Wiggin. *giggle fit*

I have NEVER seen this done before and am really hoping there's another story after this one! :D
8/31/2020 c5 lara.niric
This is amazing so far. It's a real shame that it stoped so soon. I hope this story will one day be updated again.
8/30/2020 c5 Schorl
More please
7/20/2020 c5 PantherTO
Looking at this for the first time, since I first read it in 2015. I can only say I hope you get back to this and complete it. You have a excellent grasp of Ender, and to this point a very good merging of the 2 story lines.

Please Continue.
4/23/2020 c5 Bytogix
Awesome story dude , sad it's dead though
1/30/2020 c5 gginsc
Where is the rest of the story?
10/15/2019 c5 2EndlessHax
What you’ve done here is actually really interesting, to me, you have pretty effectively used Ender and I think your portrayal of him is nice, too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fic where another person takes over Harry’s mind completely, apart from this Naruto fic but even then Harry is still there. I really like the scene after Harry is Kissed, it honestly seems really reasonable in that situation and I think Dumbledore’s reaction to Ender is brilliant. Honestly, though, I would love it if Ender just came out with his self, Harry had died just before, after all. If Ender didn’t have Harry’s memories, I think it’d be interesting.
10/9/2019 c4 Guest
I don't follow your reasoning over the two diminutives for mathematics. Mathematics ends in an S and was originally treated as a plural word - hence 'maths', altho' both are now treated as singular. American English has quite a few words that have different meanings in UK English; I've discovered some through reading fan fiction! eg (1)'tabled' has opposite meanings on either side of the pond: in England something 'tabled' is to be discussed immediately whereas, if I read the stories correctly, in the US it means 'put off for discussion at a later date (in England that would be 'shelved') and (2) 'nonplussed' seems to mean the opposite in US stories as opposed to UK stories where UK meaning is perplexed, stymied and the US meaning (it seems to me) is 'takes calmly, unperturbed' and finally (3) 'bomb' in the US means something was a disaster, whereas in the UK when we say 'it went down a bomb' we mean it was a huge success. Having just re-watched Enders Game I'm enjoying your story, tho' sad to see it's not finished. Hope you come back to it one day as it's fascinating to put such an extraordinary person in a new context.
10/9/2019 c1 Guest
I can't believe you killed harry! That poor lad.
7/13/2019 c5 yupgoodbye
Ahhhhhh I love this whole thing so much! It’s so well written and it’s AMAZING!
3/2/2019 c4 RonRR
"...Dammit, Britain! First "u", now "s"? What's next?!"

In all fairness, the u has been around much longer than the change in aluminum. The USA dropped the u in a desire to be different or perhaps just laziness. The Commonwealth still uses the u and not just for colour or as a matter of honour. :-)

Thank you for writing,

1/27/2019 c5 7Fantasia Komix
Please continue this story! I am so into the plot right now, and I want to see what might happen to Ender if someone finds out his identity other than the hat.
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