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for For a Reason: The 42nd Hunger Games

3/8/2016 c51 SpaceAgeDino
A fantastic conclusion to an amazing SYOT. You pulled off an impressive feat. I look forward to future stories set in your version of the HG universe and will definitely submit a tribute to your next SYOT.
3/7/2016 c52 inhumanity
good shit go౦ԁ sHit thats some goodshit rightthere rightthere if i do ƽaү so my self i say so thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ Good shit

Another great story completed. I'm actually pretty satisfied with Imalia as the victor. Thanks for the ride.
3/1/2016 c51 4bobothebear
imalia is a qt it has been decided

the nice thing about imalia is that she feels natural and fits the persona that i picture in my head, even after the games and after losing indira and whatnot. she's careful of her words (preeetty important for this state of panem) and she remembers who she was and can live up to that girl even if she's not the same person anymore.

imaliafull qt
2/7/2016 c50 bobothebear
i really enjoyed the look into Victor life, not only from our pov but also from eldred and his family's. ellery and rylee and millicent put the view of the games in everyday capitolites (not malicious ppl or anything just like regular folks) and it's always nice to see the social aspect of life in different verses.

the quick perspectives throughout the fight made the action seem constant and seamless, so props for a super intriguing and exciting sequence there. personally i was rooting for indira, but imalia was my second choice. i've really liked the changing dynamic between these two throughout the games, and im actually really pleased that it came down to the two of them after all this time.

definitely some standout moments took place in this chapter. for one, the line where imalia admitted to herself that she cared for indira and thought of her as not an ally but a friend played the heartstrings, and when imalia dropped the shale bomb ... rip indira

all in all this has been a long ride from start to end, but as always, i loved your writing and plot throughout, and im excited for fif! see you soon (:
2/7/2016 c50 alliecat42
And so the games draw to a close. I'll admit, I am pretty disappointed that Indira didn't win, but Imalia makes for a decent victor. The victors this chapter were fantastic, as well as the Brand family. Ellery in particular was a wonderful addition, especially in going with the theme of the Capitol and the districts being more similar than either would care to admit.
As for the actual battle, it was pretty obvious from the outset that Domingo was screwed. He put up a great fight though, but even his brains weren't quite enough to best Imalia and Indira.
Their fight is definitely one of my favorite scenes in this entire story, along with Shale's death and the battle at the barracks. I predicted two chapters ago that whoever won would come out of it emotionally scarred, and it looks like I'll be right on target given Imalia's brief reaction to murdering her friend. Indira's death was fantastically written as well. I was tearing up during her last segment.
Now that we have Imalia as the victor, I'm extremely interested in how she will react to the games as a whole and what she may do for her victory tour. I expect some drama there from various sources, so I look forward to reading about whatever it is she does.
2/7/2016 c50 Lazy Owl10
And there we have it, gotta say it's been a hell of a ride. I was rooting for either Indira or Domingo the two were , I dunno, more heroic I guess. Though I do agree that it's logical sense Imalia won; she had more skill, the will and the initiative to win such as betraying Jarlan and Shale. I loved it when Imalia revealed that she ordered Delvin to kill Jarlan and Shale and the reaction gained from it was amazing

I look forward to the highlights of the games and seeing Imalia's reaction also the victory tour. Gonna be interesting. I liked the ending with Rylee; to see Capitol citizen see the true horrors of the games is quite refreshing from the usual admiration and joy people get from it.

I guess with this basically finished (with only a couple more chapters left) that you will focus on 'forged in Flames' which I can't wait for future updates. You have a done great job Elim, I really enjoyed reading this story
2/4/2016 c49 SpaceAgeDino
The final three appears to promise an exciting event rife with physical and emotional conflicting. I suspect Imalia and Indira will attempt to tag-team Domingo, unless they turn on each other if takes too long to find Domingo or one of them gets injured en route, who'll probably try to lay traps or stall Indira and Imalia based on his previous strategy. I'm hoping to see the relationship between Imalia and Indira become strained in addition to Domingo showing strength under adversity. At any rate, they're all great candidates for victor. I prefer Domingo or Imalia because of their character arcs and the symbolism either one would bring as victor, but Indira's appealing as well given her strength, resilience, and determination.
1/26/2016 c48 alliecat42
There goes my tribute. I honestly never expected her to make it this far, or to accomplish what she did. The way she went out was very symbolic in my eyes, a she sort of passed her confidence in being able to get home to Indira. Even though Indira did kill Adelia, I'm hoping for her to win, since she has become a deeper and more likable character than I ever expected. The whole situation was heartbreaking to me; this was a girl who has lost all of the friends she had, and out of desperation let herself fall into a trap she may have avoided if not for grief. And soon, the two friends who killed her will be at each other's throats or have to watch the other die. I have the strangest feeling that whichever tribute makes it out of this arena will be emotionally broken as well as physically damaged. That's how the games operate, I suppose.

As for the bear fight, it didn't go the way I expected at all, nor the way I wanted it to go. But Imalia was very clever in her strategy unless she was lying to try and save face, and was really just frozen in terror. Killing a bear with a crowbar is no easy feat. I expect either Imalia or Indira to be the victor at this rate.

I feel bad for Myrah, the last member of her alliance of "normal people". If Thane gets to her then I think she won't win, but I'll never discount a tribute who made it this far. After Indira, she's my choice for victory.

Thane is still somehow boring to me after nearly 50 chapters. I hope that he's not long for this earth, either by Myrah's hand or the 10 and 4 alliance. He could still surprise me but I'm doubting it more and more.

Goodbye to Philus as well, the true underdog of the final eight. I'm happy he got a peaceful death, the poor little kid. Or as peaceful as it gets in the games. He did some terrible things, but no more than anyone else in his position would have.

Lastly for the tributes, Domingo. He's far away from the action so I think he's safe for next chapter as long as he doesn't get eaten by mutts or anything.

Poor Lander and Carolina, losing six tributes in a year must be incredibly taxing on top of looking after Kit. I like that Lander is calling in Vester. The first victor and the most recent victor interacting will make for some great dramatic scenes. I only hope he can persuade Avery to do the right thing.

Finally, I love the page quote as a pretty huge Lost fan. The sentence beforehand makes it even more relevant to both of the deceased tributes: "I ask no forgiveness father, for I have not sinned. I have only done what was necessary to survive. I am not sorry for this, I am proud of this."
Please update soon, I can hardly wait for the finale!
1/18/2016 c48 SpaceAgeDino
Seeing as Adelia and Philus werent among my favorites, I'll reserve this discussion for the final five tributes. But first, the bear fight. It was great and proved interesting thanks to the unsavory motivations of Imalia and Indira. Now onto the tributes.

Myrah - I really like her personality and character, but feel that her arc thus far isn't very exciting even with her alliance drama.

Indira & Imalia - Both are strong and likeable characters, but I think Imalia has the edge. She's more well-rounded, has an interesting character arc, and is connected to D4 which has played a big part in terms of sub-plot.

Thane - I want to like him, but his character arc has been a boring yawnfest save for his battle with Evander.

Domingo - I'm rooting for him. His storyline hasn't been as interesting as Imalia's, but his plot arc of gradually building up strength through adversity appeals to me.


1st - Indira
2nd - Domingo
3rd - Myrah
4th - Thane
5th - Imalia


1st - Domingo
2nd - Imalia
3rd - Myrah
4th - Thane
5th - Indira
1/16/2016 c48 Guest
This may sound awful but i trie to soothe my guilt by saying it are just fictional characters. So here it goes: I AM SO GLAD ADELIA IS DEAD I just couldn't stand her and certainly not after killing Brevin. But Philus is dead, but i'm glad he got a relativly easy death. I'm rooting for Thane now... OH NO shouldn't have said that... please don't kill him off :(
1/14/2016 c47 alliecat42
It probably goes without saying at this point, but I loved this chapter. The families give a unique insight into the remaining tributes that we may not have seen since the interviews. It reinforces that all of these people, whether you like them or not, have loved ones who want them back, and especially at this late stage of the games there's not one tribute who deserves victory any more than the others. I also liked that there was a linkage between the families of the peoe who are or were in alliances. For example, both Adelia and Myrah's fathers both drumming their fingers. It was an interesting detail that I really liked.
For Imalia and Indira, it looks like their alliance will soon be at an end one way or another. It seems to me like Imalia is the one on the way out, but they are right next to a river... So anything can happen.
Adelia may end up caught in that mess just by virtue of proximity, and I doubt she can hold her own against either girl with just one arm. But again, anything can happen, and she has a rapidly rising river between them and her.
Myrah and Aleron was very well done. Alerons classic case of hubris, thinking he could just easily get rid of Myrah, was his undoing as I thought it always should be. Farewell to the little demon, but congrats to Myrah for the kill. She's really developing into a practical contender, although I suspect she'll have a run-in with Thane if Evanders compass still points towards District 9.
Thane didn't really do much, and he's always been kind of bland for me, but I think he'll run into some action next chapter, so he may do something to impress me yet.
Domingo is heading towards both Philus and the origin of the black smoke, if the map is to be believed. Both are bad combinations, but I think he's resourceful enough to pull through.
Philus is another on the way out, especially if he doesn't get moving soon. Playing the audience is the most important towards the finale, and he may just turn into another stepping stone at this rate.
Chapter 48 ought to be very intense, what with three tributes in the vicinity of danger and another two headed that way. Can't wait to read it!
1/4/2016 c46 Guest
I'm depressed now. Everytime I start to like a tribute you kill him/her off, but i'm an optimist and root for another tribute that's not too bad (since all my favorites are killed off) and then you let them die too :( I liked Presley, India, Shale and Sepitimus. Eleanor and Barry were grewing on me too they were becoming my favorite alliance. After they all died I thought, well Naella isn't to bad and Evander might be a little soft, but was likeable and he somehow intrigued me. Brevin became my new favourite, i actually liked he wasn't the typical career, sometimes he was just this normal chill guy but smart enough and strong enough to survive on his own. It would have been cool if he had won: the last D4-career in the history of the games won, although he wasn't even supposed to be there (with the extra tributes and all). Then you kill all 3 off in one chapter...
Adelia- god I hate her never liked her to begin with...
Aleron - smart but hate him Adelia is still first on my to kill-list
Philus - Well i think i want him to win now, killing Melody was unexpected but smart
Domingo- neutral
Thane- he seems so empty
Imalia- i don't like her "ow i'm going soft" evolution
Myrah - Domingo is better but also neutral

Like your story though!
1/3/2016 c46 alliecat42
I really appreciated the tighter focus on certain characters this chapter. Giving multiple POVs to a smaller number of tributes made each of them feel extremely important, which gives a nice lead-in to the final 8.
Naella and Domingo was a surprising fight. Domingo seems to be becoming adept at letting the gamemakers do most of the fighting for him. It's a clever and legitimate strategy, but if he ever faces an equal in terms of strength, I'm not sure they'll continue to fight his battles for him.
On the other hand, Evander versus Thane went exactly how I thought it would. Thane just had too many advantages, and Evander was too unwilling to play the game to make the final 8. Still, I respected his character and I'm glad he seemed to go out with some dignity.
And as much as the last two fights were one sided (Domingo against Naella with a broken spine, Thane against someone who didn't want to kill) the fight between Adelia and Brevin was brutal and incredibly close. This was probably the most bloody fight so far, with both tributes coming out covered in each other's blood. I'm glad Adelia came out the winner here, since it was a sort of retread of the fight between Jediah and Kendall. I had also been wondering what happened to Jediah and Nadine's knives; it was good to see that pay off. In the end I think Brevin's death was a little ironic. His whole strategy in training was to be the least intimidating member of the careers so he wouldn't be targeted. In the end, he got himself noticed and therefore got a target painted on him. It will be interesting to see how things go from here for Adelia. Having an arm you can't use, but also can't feel, could be a blessing or a curse.
I'm pretty sure the next chapter will focus on the remaining tributes we didn't see this chapter. I think something will go down with Aleron and Myrah at least; they haven't done much the last few chapters. Now that we're down to the final 8, things are going to get extra competitive and bloody. I look forward to seeing it.
1/1/2016 c46 SpaceAgeDino
Silas - Very interesting scene and a great change of pace. Although they may averted the endless cycle of oppression and retribution, the dramatic statement made by the rebels will undoubtedly inspire future uprisings.

Naella & Domingo - HA! That's what Naella gets for murdering Jaime. It's rather fitting to see the black smoke target a career. Definitely a defining moment for Domingo who prevailed through adversity with a little help.

Thane & Evander - A unique unique and interesting battle. Thane's finally become an active part of the Games.

Brevin & Adelia - Shame, I liked Brevin, but Adelia handled the fight well. The parachute will help Adelia, but I don't think it'll spare her life.

Avery - Don't give up Avery. Don't give-up. Her death would destroy D3, particularly her fellow mentors.
12/30/2015 c46 Lazy Owl10
Hey sorry I haven't reviewed anything for the past few chapters, I've been reading every chapter tough.

Well Delvin is gone can't say I'm shocked he died though you know what,I'm actually surprised he made it this long he was my first SYOT tribute and I'm really happy he made it passed the half way point let alone 14th place out of 46 that's damn good in my books. You made a really interesting character out of him so thanks very much! Any way the fact he killed Baylor took me off guard, from the things were going I thought he would've lasted longer, I guess not.

You know it's now beginning to question if Philus will be this years victor, if not him then Domingo or Myrah or Adelia and forbid it be Aleron. The point being that these are characters that either didn't shine to begin with or we thought they(not all of them though) would die early on. I mean Evander is gone who was very popular(though popularity doesn't mean your a victor), all but one of careers are dead and heck even Philus who is deaf has now killed two tributes.

Finally I'm enjoying the D6 storyline very much, Phoebe, I thought was just different from other Capitol citizens, but wouldn't have guessed her as a rebel just a character who had more to her that met the eye. made a return which was nice wondered who he was and to see the confrontation between him and Nicodemus was great. I wonder if the 18 or 19 year old boy on the screen with was Lenitsky or if he might return later. I thought it was too much of coincidence that rebellions start after Delvin dies and back during the interviews Lenitsky was tasked to say 'remember Bryon'

Great chapters and two interesting stories at same time(the games and the D6 rebellion) Keep it up
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