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for Not Everything is a Fairytale

7/21/2015 c13 Guest
Your story is awesome!
7/19/2015 c25 641-800fangirl
Hee hee, cliffhanger! A sequel may be in order. Anyways, the ending was a combination of awesome and tear - jerking. You wrapped it up nicely. I hope to see more from you! Also, this entire story was so creative. I think that concludes my review! :D :D :D
7/19/2015 c24 1-800fangirl
The ending was kind of sad. The fighting was absolutely amazing. The details were great. And combing Raven and Musa to make Operetta was pure genius. I'm about to read the next chapter! :D
6/4/2015 c23 1-800fangirl
Awesome! I was on the edge of my seat for the entire chapter, especially the battle scenes. I like how the Trix got new powers, and the names of the spells (Frozen Data, etc.) were very cool. And then Robin kissed Darcy... *Bursts out laughing.* That was hilarious! To back up to the beginning of the chapter, I never thought about Raven's powers or Raven that way, so that gave me an interesting and different insight on her. :D
5/10/2015 c1 Guest
Awesome! I love your story! I totally love how you make the Winx seems to get used to the harsh reality!
5/11/2015 c22 5Wolfslick
0.0 oh snap
4/29/2015 c21 641-800fangirl
Ooh... cliffie! Awesome chapter, and nice in-depthness (not exactly a word there... ;-p) with the characters. What happens next? I really want to know!
4/27/2015 c20 1-800fangirl
This was a rather heavy chapter. It showed the darker sides of them, and it definitely had me on the edge of my seat. Great job!
4/27/2015 c19 1-800fangirl
Whoa. Nice fight scene! Sorry for the late review. I'm about to read chapter 20!
4/23/2015 c18 TwilightLifemain
Wow!:) I love this story good plots and I hope techna and red X get the stone also DERP means like trying to make speech sound stupid like "I want some chicken. Derp" she said as she stocked her tongue out by her chin to make her look stupid
4/23/2015 c18 Guest
I like your story! I totally loved it when Raven beat the Winx! They are weak girls! Can't wait for your next update!
4/22/2015 c18 1-800fangirl
... Whoa. Intense. Awesome! This story has been a mixture of lighthearted and serious chapters, and this rather fierce chapter balanced out the previous ones, which have been cheerful. The Trix were exactly like they are in the television show. I like how you gave the Trix power over Tecna, which was an interesting mini plot twist. Great chapter, and I'm psyched for the next one! :D
4/20/2015 c17 1-800fangirl
Nice chapter! Absolutely amazing! I'm glad the Titans and Winx aren't 'enemies' anymore. Great details, and very interactive fight scene. I can't wait for your next update!
4/18/2015 c16 Twilightlifemain
DERP!XD funny more:p
4/18/2015 c16 1-800fangirl
LOL Stella needs a reality check. RobStar forever! Anyways, great chapter. I'm glad the Winx got in touch with Tecna. Nice job with characterization, and good TitanxWinx communication. Update soon!
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