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for One Piece: Truly Precious

9/23 c29 infinitearchivealpha
love the story so far please continue
9/13 c6 15Kiki1770
This is the opposite of Overpowered. The crew is ridiculously underpowered. Luffy beat Blueno and Lucci with Gear Second and Gear Third. He got a 300,000 Bounty after that. You really think he needs gear second and third just for Arlong? He destroyed a huge chuck on Noah's Ship with Elephant Gattling, but all it does here is break a tiny piece of land? This fight doesn't warrant Gear Second or Gear Third, let alone Haki. I can't read on. This is insulting.
9/13 c4 Kiki1770
Hyakuhachi Pound Ho really should do more damange than just a few slashes and broken bodies. The buildings should have been destroyed.
9/8 c21 NibberWithAHardR
So ur making is so Crocodile isn't a fucking scrub? Wack
9/8 c13 NibberWithAHardR
Oh that was Mihawk's dagger. I'm an idiot
9/8 c12 NibberWithAHardR
What the fuck was that
8/27 c29 sharingankakashi007
If this was a fight in new world, that would have made sense
The whole premise of time travel is having an unfair advantage
Both in knowledge and experience
But if that's almost negated from the start itself
What's the use of travelling back

As they travel and make changes, yes things are going to be different
But it's a bit early for that my friend

This is the very beginning ,you know that right
Like in canon we are only starting to see just how strong people can become
And Croc was an absolute monster
He had to be weakened multiple times with water before Luffy defeated him
At this point he's even stronger than lucci with his logia fruit and being in the desert

What I'm trying to say is, if you keep upping the power
The power creep is going to be insane and won't make sense

Am hoping you'll see some way you can make it work
If you just wait for the war of the best, there's no need to increase any power levels
We get the really strong enemies
Even earlier with all the changes they make, like at Jaya
Water 7 etc
Not skypea (they are not gonna be affected by what ever is done down here)
8/27 c25 sharingankakashi007
At this point Luffy gotta realize
Even with all his memories he's not strong
And the enemies are ramping up faster than expected

He really have to go all in with his training
And maybe even learn those roushinki techniques
Or use them if he already knows them
Cos a fight with an Admiral is coming up very quickly
And Luffy is just not strong enough
8/27 c22 sharingankakashi007
Am not a fan of the making enemies stronger without any reason thing
If crocodile had Haki I would understand he is a new world veteran
But the rest, not at this point, them growing into it makes sense
Not this
Don't make them stronger just for artificial tension
Just focus on the crew and their interactions man
There are enemies in the future who are always going to be enough of a challenge
Like even if Luffy was at his peak, we saw that still he could be challenged (one Luffy Vs three admirals)

Already one character who you introduced can be an interesting fight for them
DRAKE(he won't win but he can have some gimmicks that can be threatening)

All I'm saying is, you have more options to make this interesting
You don't need to make the enemy stronger
Just introduce other strong characters as a natural part of plot progression

If you are going to do it, then do it in places were it could happen naturally as the plot progresses
They are already going to meet an Admiral very very soon
And after that CP9, with the reputation they would have got by that time
I see the Navy escalating like hell

Just sharing my thoughts
8/24 c29 1Sakihinata
8/23 c1 blackscreen
This is cool. You should upload this in Webnovel as well.
8/19 c1 Yamajiji
You know, I actually like the fact that you made the One Piece a wish granter. It’s something I at least haven’t seen in One Piece time travel fics.
8/18 c6 k-ardillo2
It really is weird for me to read OP fics with additional crew members that is non-con. It makes me feel uncomfortable, like how it disrupts the flow of the crew or something? Idk its just i feel like the strawhats are perfect enough with just 10 members. Tho i'm not really opposed to additionals like Carrot, Pedro or Law. Characters that have really great chemistry with the crew for having the chance to fight or be with them canonically makes more sense when they're added to the crew. Anyway, just sharing a thought! Amazing work tho and i really love the revised chapters! I see that its more in tune with the latest updates on One Piece.
8/18 c29 xxPercyRoxxx
Can't wait to read more. It'll be a surprise when Boa gets her memories back. Hope you can update soon
8/17 c18 1Haru Hanabishi
Maybe switch the person who asked about Haki to Gin or the hunter duo? Nojiko already asked that a few chapters earlier.
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