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for One Piece: Truly Precious

8/18 c29 xxPercyRoxxx
Can't wait to read more. It'll be a surprise when Boa gets her memories back. Hope you can update soon
8/17 c18 1Haru Hanabishi
Maybe switch the person who asked about Haki to Gin or the hunter duo? Nojiko already asked that a few chapters earlier.
8/17 c1 1Water-Fox-Raine
In chapter 18, you have Nojiko ask what Haki is, when you had zoro explain it to her already in a previous chapter. Just thought you should be aware that makes her look not fit for her role as tactician.
8/16 c1 Rice with Chest-Nuts
hmm... seems legit,
8/16 c29 17Bardic Knowledge
Just wanted to point out that Diable Jambe first appeared in Enies Lobby, so he wouldn't need the strength from Kamabaka Kingdom to do it. The sandy terrain getting in the way, however, still works.
8/16 c29 RandomCoolGuy
if Bon Clay can use Haki, then why is he serving crocodile?
8/16 c29 2Chrisfragger
Ok... Now we have low level grand liners using Haki? That's not a good sign.
8/16 c29 45Wacko12
I forget is this a harem? And the fight scene was good too.
8/15 c29 1NoxShiningAbyssal
So I know it's been over a year since this story was updated but can we hope that the sequel will arrive one day or do we have to face the evidence that this fic is abandoned?
No because I love this story and I wanted to see where it was going for future arcs (Enies Loby, Shabaody, Shichekai ...)
Especially since you had teased us that Vivi would follow the crew after Alabasta so we were hoping to see what she brings for the arcs related to the world government.
In short, if it is the blank page syndrome, then hope that it passes to you soon but if it is really abandoned, it is really a shame ...
6/8 c29 acyshadow12
I enjoyed it very much it was fun reading it and i was hoping if you can continue the story
6/6 c29 MimiDarkness
I'm loving this fanfic, I don't know if Ace already knows that Sabo is alive but I'm looking forward to the reunion (if there is one) of the brothers please update! ️
5/26 c5 Nami4Life
Sorry but luffy getting smashed through a wall by Kurobi just killed this shit for me ,it was so lame
4/14 c29 6SuperMegaNerd2
Come on let us know how the fight ends!
2/28 c29 1ShadowRealmComics
Hmmm, so you did managed to add some reaction to the time travel changes that took place. Keep it up and I cannot wait for the next chapter.
1/3 c5 HK.Newbie.Writer
Wtf op? More like shit starts
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