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for One Piece: Truly Precious

5/5/2019 c3 Nikkless
if zoro fights against mihawk in baratie hope you wont kill him
4/30/2019 c29 1Iamsunny9
You are a shitty writer.
Bon clay with haki even their boss crocodile doesn't have haki.
You said it is a time travel fic
You should have just said it was a AU fic.
4/27/2019 c29 Uzushiogakure
Nice go Sanji, though Bon Clay having Haki is surprising.
4/27/2019 c29 blasterdog
Story is sick man, having Gin join the crew was a phenomenal move, great story
4/24/2019 c29 Requiescat1nPace
Buffing enemies to give the straw hats adversity is an utterly horrible move. Is this an alternate dimension? I doubt it.
4/24/2019 c29 3The Patient One
...As much as I can appreciate trying to make it a more even fight, it's kind of straining on the suspension of disbelief that Bentham knows how to use Haki. More changes from canon are welcome, sure, and having him pose as Kohza to try to take Vivi as a hostage is a fantastic idea. But still, I'm not sure how I feel about this.
4/24/2019 c29 1yuzukikuran476
Good Luck Sanji knock some sense into Bon Clay and I hope that Ace Joins Luffy and his crew for a bit.
4/24/2019 c1 elixirmaster
I don't get why people use japanese in english writing, feels unnecessary to not have translated names for stuff.
4/24/2019 c29 5Power of Magic
Lets hope that Sanji doesn't have too hard a time against Mr 2
4/24/2019 c29 8CRUDEN
Bon clay! Press F for bon-chan
4/23/2019 c29 chimera629
Well tjat was a surprise bit it makes sense that the officers would have haki
4/23/2019 c29 MiseryWolf97
I'm surprised you have them learning haki, especially since crocodile would consider it a threat since they could potentially hurt him with it, but it does add something new to the arc so looking forward to it
4/23/2019 c29 Dawning Finally
Sanji was able to use Diable Jambe in Enies Lobby (pre time-skip) and he has been actually training harder than the last time when the crew was in Paradise. Also, as Ace is a famous pirate from the New World, him calling one of the Seven Warlords 'that Crocodile Person' doesn't make sense since he knows exactly who he is and what he represents.
4/23/2019 c29 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can’t wait for more please update soon
4/23/2019 c29 10Rogue Deity Master
it may be short but it is a nice chapter, I like that you are putting some effort into your creations
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